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--That is why I'm here: to teach you the importance of 'istoree.[[Robin.|[src]]]

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"History Lesson" is the thirty-seventh episode of Season 3 of Teen Titans Go! and the one hundred and forty-first episode overall. It first aired on 9 June 2016 on Cartoon Network.


Robin tries to teach the Titans valuable history lessons, but the other co-opt his stories and spin them into their own twisted yarns.


Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven and Starfire are dancing along with Beat Box and Birdarang when Robin, dressed as Napoleon Bonaparte, crushes Beat Box with his staff. He introduces himself yet the Titans are unable to recognize him. Robin explains that he is there to teach them the importance of history as things that happened in the past could be useful in the present. He starts talking about Napoleon, but Raven interrupts him as she believes Robin is using Napoleon to get back at them for calling him short. Beast Boy says that maybe it's because Robin has baby hands, but Robin reveals that Napoleon wasn't short, but average height and that some might say he was tall (and protests that he doesn't have baby hands).

In 1700 France, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven and Starfire are unable to reach a high shelf and eat the cheese and bread stored on it. Robin, as a tall Napoleon, enters and aids Beast Boy by lifting him into the air where he throws the food down to the others. He off-handly mentions that he was a general, but says that Napoleon was five foot six inches and wasn't considered short for his time. Cyborg grabs Robin's hat and says that it's short nowadays yet Robin protests that history says he isn't short.

He says that because of the Titans' ignorance, they're going to be punished by spending the rest of the day learning about history and him not being short. Cyborg says they already know it all, but Robin says they wouldn't think Napoleon had baby hands if they knew it all. Beast Boy grabs one of Robin's hands and laughs about his baby hands, but Robin slaps him and begins telling the Titans about Ancient Egypt and the construction of the pyramids.

Raven interrupts as she claims to know about them. She says that a pharaoh (portrayed by her) had a crazy idea to build a square with a pointy top. Her adviser (played by Beast Boy) says that because it is ancient times, they don't have the technology to build pyramids and only have two guys (played by Cyborg and Robin). The two guys are unable to move a stone slab when an alien (played by Starfire) arrives on Egypt. The pharaoh compliments the alien's ships while the alien compliments the pharaoh's hat. She offers it it to the alien in exchange for building the pyramid which the alien agrees to do. Robin interrupts, saying that aliens didn't build the pyramid though Raven says not by themselves. In her story, Bigfoot, riding on the Loch Ness Monster, approach them and help finish building the pyramid. The pharaoh kisses Bigfoot's cheek in appreciation and Bigfoot proposes which the pharaoh agrees to.

Robin calls Raven's version absurd, but Starfire says that history is often weird. Robin claims that history steers mankind and decides to shift topics to the sixteenth President of the United States. Starfire recognizes that it is Abraham Lincoln and pushes Robin out of the way to say that he was tall, had a beard and enjoyed the theater.

In 1800 America, Abraham Lincoln (played by Starfire) is happy to be watching a play and eating popcorn but Robin says that something terrible happened that night. Starfire agrees and says that a dark figure approached him from behind. The figure (played by Robin) introduces himself as John Milks Booth and says he came to ask Lincoln to take off his hat as he can't see the play. Abraham Lincoln impresses John Milks Booth with magic tricks and Starfire narrates that the two became friends and purchased a small log cabin together where they live to this day.

Robin says that none of that was true and that they might as well be telling him that the sun is the moon. Beast Boy and Cyborg claim to know the difference with Cyborg saying that people landed on it one time. Beast Boy says that space dudes used the Apollo Creed though Robin attempts to correct them as it was the Apollo 11, but Raven tells him not to interrupt as history is important.

In the story, two astronauts (played by Beast Boy and Cyborg) land on the moon and dance in celebration. Cyborg says he needs to take off his helmet as he's sweaty from dancing, but Beast Boy warns him about the lack of air. Cyborg claims air is everywhere and he takes off the helmet. Beast Boy follows suit and he and Cyborg smell cheese. Robin criticizes them for thinking the moon is made of cheese, but Cyborg says they know it isn't made of cheese, but it has cheese oceans. After eating too much cheese, Beast Boy and Cyborg fart into the air as their toots are too strong for the moon's low gravity. They notice a shape in the distance which Beast Boy announces is the Man on the Moon: Sticky Joe, who saves the space dudes.

Raven and Starfire are impressed by Beast Boy and Cyborg's story, but Robin says they don't know anything about history and was a waste of time. He demands his hat back, but Cyborg holds it just out of reach. Beast Boy suggests using both hands and the Titans laugh when Robin unveils his baby hands.



Cast and characters

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  • This episode is similar to "Grube's Fairytales" in which Robin tries to have the Titans learn through theatrics only for the Titans to interrupt his lessons.
  • This is one of the few episodes to take place entirely during the night.
  • Beast Boy doesn't use any of his animal transformations in this episode.
  • Running Gags: The Titans laughing like the French. Robin protesting that he isn't short and doesn't have baby hands. Starfire saying Abraham and Turkey Sandwich Lincoln.
  • Food Content: Robin as Napoleon reaches a high shelf for the other Titans to feed them. Starfire as Abraham Lincoln eats a turkey sandwich and popcorn. Robin as John Wilkes Booth is renamed John Milks Booth and he is shown drinking milk. In Beast Boy and Cyborg's version of the landing on the moon, two space dudes eat cheese from the moon's cheese oceans.


  • Beast Boy makes fun of Robin's baby hands, which were revealed in "Baby Hands".


  • Beast Boy mistakes Apollo 11 for Apollo Creed, which is the name of a character in the Rocky franchise.



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