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"Hose Water" is the thirty-first episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go! and the eighty-third episode overall. It first aired on 19 February 2015 on Cartoon Network.


When Cyborg and Starfire discover a baby bird, it awakens their inner child.[1]


Beast Boy plays a video game when Cyborg shows up, holding a chick. Beast Boy is not amused, resuming his game. At the living room, Raven is also unamused when Starfire shows her the colorful eggshell. Cy and Star put the chick into the eggshell. After testing his theory, the birds comes out. Starfire notices that the bird really came out of the eggshell, but Cyborg knows that not all chicks come out from eggs. He and Starfire start to imprison all the "birdies" in the tower.

Robin, on the other hand, taunts the egg as he is too lonely. Cyborg and Starfire break the egg carton, to Robin's confusion. Raven and Beast Boy enter the kitchen, the former asking about the "egg-citement", doing an egg pun. Robin claims that Cyborg and Starfire were "egging" each other on, and that he's the one doing puns around the tower, especially egg puns. Star and Cy find that breaking eggs are fun, even breaking everything else. They start to break everything in half, starting with the table.

The two make a fort from pillows and couch cushions, but Robin is not allowed in, until Beast Boy tells him the password: cucumber. Robin decides to talk about their behavior, and if they don't stop acting like little children, they'll de-age as bird eggs. Cyborg and Starfire ingore Robin's warning, continuing the fun outside. Later, they paint their faces until Robin takes the face paint off of them. He feels their skin, and Star and Cy's inner child had just begun. They don't belive him, and so they start to drink hose water. Robin stops them from going outside and examines them. Beast Boy and Raven enter, what with all the ruckus, and Beast Boy tells to them that they're playing a game of hide-and-seek.

Robin tells Raven and Beast Boy that, if they don't stop now, they'll continue to de-age. Suddenly, Cyborg and Starfire turned into eggs, yet making Robin's warning correct. A stork comes out of the elevator, but Raven, Robin, and Beast Boy, as a gorilla, fight him, but the Stork fights them back, making them go to sleep.

A few hours later, Robin wakes up, and Raven pours him a cup of coffee with Beast Boy. They didn't know that Cyborg and Starfire are already gone, until Robin knows what happened. The three Titans land in a peaceful land and they must destroy everything in order to re-age Cyborg and Starfire. However, Beast Boy is facinated with a big shoe. Raven continued to shoot with Robin, but she is facinated also with bugs. Robin, the only one standing, shoots more, but to find that the Stork is painting Cyborg and Starfire's eggshell faces, and Robin joins in the fun. Raven and Beast Boy come along too, and the stork wasn't "egg-specting" this, claiming that he was the egg pun guy. The episode ends with one last pun: "The EGG".



Cast and characters

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  • This episode was originally set to air on February 26th, 2015.[2]
  • This episode aired exactly one year after "Opposites".
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Real Boy Adventures".
  • Running Gags: Robin and Raven doing egg puns.
  • Food Jokes: Cyborg and Starfire smash eggs in the beginning of the episode. Robin and Raven do egg puns throughout the episode.


  • The episode shares some similarities to "Uncle Jokes":
    • Robin does many puns throughout both episodes.
      • In one scene after doing an egg pun, he says "BOOM!"
    • Raven joins Robin's routine in both episodes.
    • Cyborg and Starfire ignore Robin's warnings in this episode, whereas they and Beast Boy ignore Robin's warning about his balance in the latter.
  • Similarities from "Breakfast Cheese" are also featured: as Starfire learns the Titans about nonviolence in said episode, she turns into an egg along with Cyborg and later Beast Boy, Raven, and Robin.
    • This is an example of nonviolence, as de-aging can't hurt anyone.
  • Raven's love for Pretty Pretty Pegasus is seen again.


  • Robin taunting the egg by threatening its "egghead friends" could be an oblique nod to Egghead, a foe from the 1966 Batman series who had a motif based on eggs and egg-related puns.
  • Beast Boy mistaking the stork as the "pickle bird" refers to the Vlasic Pickles mascot, who is, indeed, a stork.
  • Big blue and yellow LEGO bricks – or DUPLO, as it is for young children – can be seen in the background when the stork paints the de-aged Titans.



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