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--You see, rain is actually just the tears of all the clouds in the sky. When they get sad, they cry. Which causes it to rain on earth. Once they start crying ... the only way to cheer them up is by staying inside and doing rainy day activities.[[Robin to the Teen Titans.|[src]]]

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"I'm the Sauce" is the sixth episode of Season 3 of Teen Titans Go! and the one hundred and tenth episode overall. It first aired on 3 September 2015 on Cartoon Network.


Stuck inside because of bad weather, the Titans play rainy day games after Robin convinces them that indoor activities will cheer up the clouds and make the rain stop.[1]


Cyborg, Starfire, Ann, Raven, and Beast Boy are reading books when Robin chides them for staying indoors when it's a beautiful day and demands they go outside. Starfire asks if they could finish reading their chapters, but Robin uses a flamethrower to burn the books and activates a bomb to launch them out of Titans Tower and onto the lawn. Dressed in his trunks, Robin applies sunscreen and prepares to lie on a lawn chair when he feels a raindrop land on his face. He throws another bomb that propels the Titans back into the tower and follows after, wearing his uniform again. After the Titans recover, Raven tells Robin that they're going back to reading as it is raining. Robin says that since it's raining, they have to do rainy day activities which Beast Boy claims aren't any fun.

Robin explains that they perform the activities because it is their duty and waits for one of the Titans to ask why. When none of them do, he takes out a staff and attacks Beast Boy until he says why. He thanks Beast Boy for asking and asks the Titans if they know where rain comes from. Raven explains how water evaporates and attaches itself to tiny particles in the air that become droplets big enough to be affected by gravity, causing it to rain. While Ann applauds, Robin scoffs at her explanation and claims that rain is the tears of all the clouds in the sky and that the only way to cheer them up is by performing rainy day activities. The other Titans accept this explanation and readily agree to do whatever it takes to cheer the Titans up. Robin plays a record and tells the Titans they have to perform the Spaghetti Dance, but Raven explains that they refuse to cheer up the clouds at the expense of their dignity. He goads them with cartons of chocolate milk and the Titans agree to perform the rainy day activities.

Beast Boy and Cyborg construct a Popsicle stick house while Raven and Ann make a baking soda volcano that explodes in Robin's face. Robin and Beast Boy attempt to play Hangman, but Beast Boy is unable to guess the last letter. The Titans then play hide and seek and Starfire finds Robin hidden in a kitchen drawer. Cyborg, Ann, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven, having changed their mind on the rainy day activities, gather around the couch which is littered with chocolate milk cartons. Starfire notices that the clouds are still crying and Robin uses an app on his tablet to gauge the clouds' feelings, determining that they'll have to perform the Spaghetti Dance. He begins dancing, but Cyborg tells him to stop as there's no way he'd do the Spaghetti Dance. Robin relents and says that the only way to cheer up the clouds is by playing Heads Up-Seven Up, shocking the Titans.

Starfire, Ann, Raven, and Beast Boy are shocked by the proposition and Cyborg points out that they don't have enough people. Robin gathers many of their villains into a warehouse in Jump City and explains the rules of the game. Seven tappers will choose seven people in the crowd who then have to guess who picked them. If they guess correctly, they win, but if not, they die. None of the villains respond to his proposal, and he goads them with chocolate milk cartons. The game begins with Cyborg, Gizmo, Raven, Jinx, Mother Mae-Eye, and See-More as the tappers. They choose Terra, Starfire, Doctor Light, Billy Numerous, Plasmus, and Trigon respectively. After the tappers finish picking, the six and Beast Boy stand up. Starfire, Billy Numerous, and Plasmus guess correctly while the others fail to identify the tappers. After the game, Robin checks the clouds' feelings and Starfire reports that the rain has stopped, causing the participants in the game to cheer.

Back at Titans Tower, Cyborg admits that he misses the rain and Beast Boy says that he doesn't miss the rain, but the activities. Raven and Starfire propose building a Popsicle stick house and a baking soda volcano, but Robin tells them that the rainy day activities aren't supposed to be fun, but to cheer up sad clouds. Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, Ann and Beast Boy jump onto the tower roof and begin making fun of a nearby cloud to upset it which Robin warns against. However, their taunts only anger the cloud and it strikes Beast Boy with a thunderbolt. Starfire dissipates the cloud, but it reforms and shoots a hailstorm. Raven defends Beast Boy by making a shield with her soul-self and forms a force field around the Titans as the cloud attacks from the outside.

Cyborg notes that they can't fight it, and Raven reminds him that it's a cloud. Robin claims that there's only one way to cheer it up and begins dancing the Spaghetti Dance. He urges the Titans to join him as one noodle won't be enough and Beast Boy reluctantly begins dancing with Robin, calling himself a piece of pasta. Starfire joins them, saying that she's also a noodle. Raven declares herself the sauce and joins the others in dancing. The force field disbands and the cloud notices that the Titans are dancing with Ann joining as the cheese. Robin and Beast Boy try to persuade Cyborg into joining them, but he refuses. Robin tells the others that no matter what happens, he wants them to know that they've produced the finest bowl of spaghetti ever served. Cyborg joins the Titans and declares himself the meatball, detaching his head to roll around the others' shoulders. The cloud begins laughing and bursts into a rainbow. Robin congratulates the Titans for putting aside their dignity for the greater good and they continue to perform the spaghetti dance.



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  • The episode's title refers to Raven's line "And I'm the Sauce" when the Titans perform the Spaghetti Dance at the end of the episode.
  • The tappers in the Heads Up-Seven Up game were Cyborg, Gizmo, Jinx, Mother Mae-Eye, Raven, and See-More. They chose Terra, Starfire, Billy Numerous, Plasmus, Doctor Light, and Trigon respectively. The seventh tapper was presumably Robin, but he wasn't seen choosing Beast Boy even though he stood with the others and wasn't seen guessing.
  • This is the first episode in which Terra appears and doesn't get sent to the Trash Hole at the end.
  • This episode aired two years after "Burger vs. Burrito".
  • Running Gags: Robin attempting to get the Titans to perform the Spaghetti Dance.
  • Food Content: Robin goads the Titans and villains into performing rainy day activities with chocolate milk.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Spice Game".


  • The Titans' love of reading is seen again which was first established in "Books".
    • Cyborg is reading HideyTown which is the magazine he read at the Dentist in "Meatball Party".
    • Starfire is reading Tamaranian Tales which is the book she read to Silkie in "Missing".
  • Robin's flamethrower from "Croissant" is seen again.
  • Robin's record collection and record player from "Baby Hands" is seen again.


  • The book Beast Boy is reading at the beginning of the episode is Hop on Pop as he cries over the hopping on Pop.
  • Lex Luthor, LexCorp, and the Riddler are mentioned in a scrawl similar to news stations when Raven explains the process of precipitation.
  • Robin's track, "Is It Still Raining in Gotham?", has a likeness of Batman and references their hometown of Gotham City.
  • Beast Boy and Robin play a game of Hangman.
    • Robin drew the likeness of Slade during the game.



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