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--Criminals have secrets and it's our job to ferret them out through surveillance.[[Robin to Starfire.|[src]]]

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"I See You" is the fifth episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go!, and the fifty-seventh episode overall. It first aired on 24 July 2014 on Cartoon Network.


Robin brings Starfire on a fake stakeout in an attempt to get a kiss, while Cyborg and Beast Boy hold their own stakeout to discover Raven's dark secret.[1]


Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg are playing a video game while Raven reads a book beside them. Robin enters through the roof, and declares that crime is afoot, spurring Beast Boy and Cyborg into replacing foot with various body parts. They make way to high-five, but Robin angrily intervenes as Raven chuckles at Cyborg's version of the word. Robin resumes speaking, and announces the rise of criminal activity in Jump City which he decrees can only be stopped through a stakeout. Starfire inquires about a stakeout which Cyborg decrees as the best form of crime-fighting as he and Beast Boy explain through a song. Robin interrupts them and explains to Starfire the real meaning of a stakeout is to uncover secrets. Raven nervously wonders who has secrets before burying her face in her book.

Robin reveals his plans for a two-man team, and describes himself and Starfire as the candidates only for Beast Boy and Cyborg to declare that they'll be going as well. Robin declines, stating that they're horrible at stakeouts, recalling a moment where the two repeatedly told a sandwich-eating Brother Blood that they can see him. Robin reveals that there won't really be a stakeout as the whole thing is a ploy to get a kiss from Starfire. Cyborg advises for him to just ask her out on a date, but he recalls a previous attempt which ended with Starfire declining. He activates a smoke grenade to mask his escape and appears beside Starfire, revealing that she has been chosen due to her keen observational skills and strawberry scent, and the two disembark to their mission. Beast Boy asks Cyborg if they're really bad at stakeouts which Raven agrees with before she heads to her room. The green-skinned Titan asks her where's she going and she tells him it's not of his business before leaving. Beast Boy calmly states that she has many secrets, and he and Cyborg plan a stakeout to find out what it is.

Inside the T-Car, Robin explains the rules of a stakeout to Starfire. He begins by telling her to locate a center of criminal activity though the two are parked on the peak of a mountain. Starfire questions what crime would occur, but Robin quips that crimes of passion would. He moves on to rule two which is to use mirrors, windows, or his eyes to look for clues before rapidly telling Starfire he loves her as rule three. Starfire asks him to repeat the rule, but Robin nervously tells her that it's concealment before telling her to look at his eyes. As the two lean closer, a twinkle appears on Robin's mask which Starfire reports though Robin misinterprets this as a possible future. Starfire declines and flies to the nearby bushes where she pulls out a crystal and asks if it is a clue. Robin immediately throws it to the side and tells her to go back to looking at his eyes.

Back at Titans Tower, Raven exits a portal to her room where she begins writing a book, but she begins to grunt in pain as her hand turns red. She decrees it to be happening again and worries what would happen if the others discovered her secret before exiting the room through a portal. Behind her bed, Beast Boy and Cyborg reveal themselves and decree that a horribly embarrassing secret must be none other than a secret crush, with Beast Boy as a possible option. They head to the diary where Beast Boy mocks what Raven would have wrote about him. He opens the book only for the words to shoot themselves into his mouth and come out as bees. Cyborg reveals he was holding it upside down before flipping it over and opening it, unleashing a bright beam of light onto his face while Beast Boy runs around as bees protrude from his mouth.

In an outdoor steakhouse, Starfire remarks never knowing that they were made for stakeouts while Robin adds they were also created for make-outs. Starfire asks what and Robin nervously denies saying anything. She questions if them being at the restaurant breaks rule three but Robin reassures that they're hiding in plain sight, but adds that he understands she wants to be alone with him. Starfire agrees, but excuses herself to put on her face. Robin celebrates his rising chances of getting a kiss, but Starfire returns in a mask of an old man named Jeff which she is using for concealment. She drags Robin to a nearby bush where she spotted another crystal and later leads him to discover the connection between the crystals and criminal activity.

In the kitchen, Beast Boy burps out a few more bees before lamenting that they never discovered Raven's secret crush on him, but Cyborg reassures they just have to warm up their stakeout techniques. On the couch, Silkie warily consumes a video game controller, but is spotted by Beast Boy and Cyborg. The two watch from behind the kitchen and cheer when the toaster pops out two slices of toast. Outside, Beast Boy and Cyborg spot themselves on a stakeout which Cyborg deduces to mean that they're ready to try uncovering Raven's secret again.

Meanwhile, behind an alley, Robin taps a stick on the ground as Starfire (still wearing her Jeff mask) discovers a crystal buried underneath corn chowder. Robin questions what he's done with Starfire as her strawberry scent has vanished. Starfire remarks that they must be getting closer to uncovering the trail of the crystals as Robin attempts to tell the truth about the purpose of their stakeout. However, she spots a gleam in his eyes and opens a doorway, revealing Doctor Light. The villain invites them in as Robin questions his villainous plan, but he remarks that he's only building crystal chandeliers as a habit of his. Starfire titles the project as chandeliers of death, but Doctor Light opts to show them how it's an art in the form of light. As he shows them his various chandeliers, Starfire uncovers a plan to utilize the chandeliers as death rays. She immediately punches Doctor Light aside and uses her eye-beams to cut loose one of his projects which lands on top of the villain, who swears revenge on Jeff.

Raven approaches a mirror and remarks that the world must never see the hidden side of her. Underneath the bed, Beast Boy wonders why Raven doesn't want anyone to know about her crush on him which Cyborg answers as having it bad for him. Raven uncovers her hood, revealing red skin, four yellow eyes, white hair, and four horns, resembling Trigon, and begins a cleansing process which causes Beast Boy to be unable to see and Cyborg unable to hear. One by one, Raven's demonic features disappear and she is donned in a white cloak. Beast Boy and Cyborg attempt to save their stakeout by crawling from under the bed to discover Raven's secret, but are accidentally sucked into a portal. In a ledge on a demonic dimension, Beast Boy laments missing the secret, but Cyborg reveals that he snapped a picture. However, the picture turns out to be one of Beast Boy being sucked into the portal yet the two mistakenly assume this to be valid proof of Raven's crush on Beast Boy and dance in celebration.

Back on the ledge, Starfire cheers for the successful outcome of her first stakeout. Robin reveals that despite initially bringing her to get a kiss (which receives an enraged response from Starfire), he is proud of her use of the three classic stakeout rules to complete one successfully and deems her a real detective. Starfire tells Robin that she couldn't have done it without him, but dons on her Jeff disguise once more and tells him to never mess with Jeff again.



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  • This is the first time when Raven's true form, red skin, white hair, four red eyes and four horns, is seen.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Grandma Voice".


  • Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Starfire are playing the same video game from "Más y Menos".
  • Robin explaining that he's already tried to ask out Starfire on a date references the episode, "The Date".
  • Second episode where Raven's cloak turns white ("Breakfast Cheese").
  • Fourth episode to have two intertwined plots ("Hey Pizza!", "Starliar", "Legs").
  • Seventh episode where Raven is seen without her hood ("Laundry Day", "Meatball Party", "Power Moves", "Legs", "Brain Food", "Pirates").
  • Second time Raven accidentally banishes Beast Boy to another dimension ("Be Mine"), but for the first time with Cyborg.


  • At the beginning of the episode, the Titans are playing a game using the characters Superman, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter.
  • Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo appears in the Mystery Machine during Beast Boy and Cyborg's song.
  • Beast Boy and Cyborg entering the portal could reference them entering Raven's mind in 2003 Teen Titans episode, "Nevermore".


  • Raven was shown with headphones at the beginning of the episode, but she later appears without then for the remainder of the opening scene.


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