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"In and Out" is the forty-fourth episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go! and the forty-fourth episode overall. It first aired on 12 March 2014 on Cartoon Network.


Robin dresses up as Red X to infiltrate the H.I.V.E. Five and blow up their headquarters but the plan changes once Robin discovers how awesome it is there. Soon, all of the Titans want to get into the H.I.V.E.[1]


Cyborg wakes up for the day, but finds himself bombarded by various mishaps around Titans Tower. He first breaks the handle off the fridge and then attempted to microwave breakfast but ends up exploding. The robotic Titan lands on the couch next to Raven and Beast Boy, and attempts to turn on the TV only for it to collapse. Raven warns him not to go inside the bathroom as Starfire enters, screaming as a result. The floor breaks, and takes the Titans with them, but they manage to successfully escape and agree that their living conditions are horrible.

Robin enters the room and - while distracted by the mess - reveals that the H.I.V.E. Five are planning on turning the H.I.V.E. Tower into a deadly space station. However, the control panel he utilizes breaks and he is forced to explain his plan through a flip chart which details him disguising as a villain named Red X, join the H.I.V.E., and blow up the tower before they could compete their plan. The others, however, begin to criticize Robin's costume and voice, revealing that they prefer his new alter-ego as opposed to his old one but Robin reminds them none of his changes are permanent. Raven asks how he will join the H.I.V.E. in the first place and the leader reveals he plans on proving his worthy by beating their biggest and strongest member - Mammoth. He assures the Titans that blowing up the tower will be quick and promises to be in and out.

Gizmo is discussing the space station to Jinx, Billy Numerous, and See-More when Red X enters, asking to be a part of the team. Gizmo attempts to reason with the disguised Robin as Red X asks if the evil genius thinks he isn't worthy, but Gizmo announces he can join them. Mammoth enters with a tray of food and is attacked by Red X in an attempt to prove his worth. Jinx worries over Mammoth's injuries as Gizmo intervenes by reminding Red X that he was already accepted into the team. Gizmo tells him to make himself comfy as he and the rest of the H.I.V.E. take a severely injured Mammoth away. Seeing his chance, Red X rushes to the H.I.V.E Tower reactor and plants a bomb to detonate in two minutes. He returns to the lounge where Gizmo supposedly confronts him, but instead wonders if Red X wanted pizza from their wood burning oven. Excited about eating the pizza, Red X heads to the reactor and increases the countdown to twelve minutes. During the meal, Gizmo informs Red X that he plans on making Hawaiian pizza tomorrow, prompting Robin to increase the time to twenty-four hours.

Back at Titans Tower, the Titans are distraught at their remaining food choices. Cyborg demands something to eat, but is reminded by Starfire that he has yet to fix the microwave. The robotic Titan claims it isn't his job when he is interrupted by the arrival of Red X. Raven asks if the H.I.V.E. Tower has been destroyed, but Robin lies that he's gathering information and will destroy it the next day. Starfire invites Robin to eat, but the Boy Wonder reveals he's filled with pizza from the H.I.V.E.'s wood burning oven. Intrigued by this, Cyborg comes up with a plan. The next day, the H.I.V.E. and Red X are alerted to the presence of Stone - Cyborg in disguise - who wishes to join the team and beats up Mammoth to prove his worth despite Gizmo approving his membership. Gizmo tells him to stop and orders Red X to show the newbie around as he and the rest of the H.I.V.E. comfort Mammoth. Robin interrogates Cyborg on his purpose for infiltrating the plan, but the two decide to play a game of air hockey. During the match, they review their original plan and both agree to increase the countdown as Robin loses the game.

Starfire spots Beast Boy with his hand in Silkie's mouth and wonders what he is doing. The green Titan informs he's playing "What's Inside Silkie?" due to being unable to play video games as a result of their destroyed televisions and pulls out a top hat. Red X and Stone return to inform the Titans that they're still gathering intelligence, much to their jealousy as Beast Boy pulls out a skull from within Silkie. The three don alter-egos - Beast Bob, Ravine, Saffire - and ask Gizmo for permission to be let in. He immediately agrees, but they instantly decide to prove their worth anyway by pummeling Mammoth. The H.I.V.E. sob over Mammoth's continual suffering as all of the Titans rudely enjoy the comforts of the H.I.V.E Tower. Gizmo leads all ten members to discuss the space station, but the disguised Titans spot a soda machine and decide to upgrade the countdown to forty-seven years in order to enjoy all of the flavors.

Gizmo announces that the space station is ready to take off, but Jinx tells him that they can't go up into space with the way the new recruits are acting as they're rude and annoying. Seeing no other choice, as asking them to leave would be rude, Gizmo decides to blow up the H.I.V.E. Tower with the new recruits still inside; Jinx rhetorically asks if that's all he could come up with. The H.I.V.E. Five arrive at the reactor, but notice the planted bomb. Gizmo sets the bomb to blow as the still-disguised Titans enter to stop them due to being in love with the tower. Beast Bob's sideburns fall off and Gizmo instantly recognizes him; all the Titans reveal themselves to the H.I.V.E. for combat. Beast Boy tackles Mammoth to the ground as Raven and Jinx battle one another. Starfire and Cyborg confront Billy Numerous and See-More while Gizmo and Robin lock staffs. The leaders note the bomb's timer reaching zero and gulp as the H.I.V.E. Tower explodes.

The H.I.V.E. stare angrily at the Titans among the ruins of their home and move in with them inside the still-ruined Titans Tower. They behave in a similar rude and annoying manner as the Titans did during their stay in the H.I.V.E. Tower much to the Titans' disgust. They decide to get rid of them and Robin reveals the only way will be to blow up Titans Tower. The bomb detonates, shocking the Titans.



Cast and characters

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  • This episode marks the first time Mammoth is heard making any noise, screaming in pain as a result of his multiple beatings.
  • Running Gags: The Titans prove their worth by beating up Mammoth despite already being accepted into the H.I.V.E. Five. A member of the Titans and/or the H.I.V.E. saying in and out.
  • Food Content: The Titans were fascinated by the stone oven pizza maker and soda machine.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Nose Mouth".



  • In the arcade room, there is an arcade game called Man of Steal, referencing Superman.
  • Mammoth is holding a DVD of The Dark Knight Rises and discards a Plasticman 3 DVD and an untitled DVD with pictures of Batman, Plasticman, and Superman respectively.
  • Ten question marks with the likeness of the Riddler appear during the What's Inside of Silkie? graphic.
  • There is a poster of Bizarro Superman next to the soda machine saying ME AM ♥ HIVE SODA.
  • A large Brainiac head can be seen off to the side in the room with the soda machine.
  • The Red X and Stone disguises from 2003's TV series Teen Titans are worn by Robin and Cyborg, respectively in the episode.



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