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Killer Croc is a transformed supervillain and an enemy of Batman.


In Robin's dream

Killer Croc, alongside Control Freak, Kyd Wykkyd, and Plasmus, terrorized Starfire and transformed into a muscular version of himself. When confronted, Killer Croc became confused and was soon blown into a balloon by Robin and left to float away.[1]


Teen Titans Go!


  • Killer Croc has yet to make an actual appearance as his only appearance in the series so far was in Robin's dream.
  • Killer Croc is the first non-Titans villain to appear on the show as he is originally from the Batman comics.
  • Killer Croc's likeness appears on a punching bag in Robin's room.
  • A silhouette in Killer Croc's likeness appeared in the sewer when the girls chased the boys around Jump City.[2]


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