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--I can tell someone like you knows how to treat a beautiful woman, no?[[Sonia to Silkie.|[src]]]

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"La larva de amor" is the tenth episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go!, and the tenth episode overall. It first aired on 28 May 2013 on Cartoon Network.


While Starfire is away, the other Titans let Silkie wander away to Mexico, where he shares romantic intrigue worthy of a telenovela with a dramatic Mexican beauty and her jealous lover.[1]


File:Milk Mustache.png

Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg are sitting on the couch, using their control panel as a table for their milk and cookies. Beast Boy helps himself to a cookie and drinks a cup of milk, leaving behind a wimpy looking mustache which Robin makes fun of. He decides to show the green Titan how to create a milk mustache which Raven and Cyborg later beat. The four end up enjoying themselves as they compete one another for the best mustache. In the midst of their game, Starfire arrives carrying Silkie wondering if the four will be able to take care of her beloved pet. Robin reassures her that the four have it under control with each Titan assigned to a do a specific task. Robin pushes Starfire onto the elevator once again reminding her that everything will be fine as Silkie attempts to follow her.

Beast Boy opens a special carton of soy milk that he has been saving for ten years and sculpts a mustache out of it. Cyborg proclaims him a cheater, but Beast Boy tells him all is fair in milk and war. Using this to his advantage, Cyborg breaks the bottom half of the mustache and attempts to throw Beast Boy's words back at him. Beast Boy takes this time to squirt soy milk into the robotic Titan's mouth causing him to knock it out of his friend's hands. The carton slams into an elevator button, opening the shaft and allowing Silkie to crawl inside.

The four Titans continue with their game when Robin notices Silkie's absence. Beast Boy proclaims he thought Silkie was with Robin while Raven notes that it can't be good. Cyborg tells them to relax stating Silkie has to be somewhere around Titans Tower. The four split up to look for him with Robin exploring Starfire's room. He writes I Love Robin on a poster, steals her diary, and smells her lipstick while looking for Silkie. The giant moth worm, however, rolls onto a basketball and lands on a skateboard that sends him rolling down a hill and onto a golf course. Back at the tower, Raven channels her magic into the vents, creating a one-eye demon to look for Silkie in the walls.

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Silkie climbs a tree, and falls onto a diving board underneath it. He begins to crawl toward a pool as a bird grabs the maggot and slams into a window, alerting Robin. However, he continues to rifle through Starfire's drawers as Silkie lands back on the golf course. He rolls into a hole and passes by a tunnel that leads to an opening where he flies out and lands inside an empty bucket of fried chicken floating in the ocean. Cyborg knocks over everything in his room and rips open a piece of the wall where he spots Raven's one-eyed demon, creeping him out. Silkie is spotted by a seagull as he floats along the ocean, and is swallowed by a whale. However, the whale shoots him out of his blowhole and the maggot lands near a boat where Batman and James Gordon are fishing. Beast Boy, as a mouse, is exploring the kitchen cabinets when he finds Bat-O's, Squid Puffs, and other brands of cereal. The three Titans enter the kitchen to find the green Titan finishing the last box of cereal. Robin sighs and theorizes Silkie to be outside. Robin explores the tower walls while Raven enchants a magnifying glass to spot him. Beast Boy and Cyborg try to locate Silkie by tracking his biorhythms, but to no success. Robin wonders out loud where Silkie could have gone.

Silkie is relaxing on a lounge chair when a bartender grants him a soda courtesy of a beautiful woman named Sonia Conchita Hernández who the maggot has attracted due to his listening skills. She tells Silkie that he knows how to treat a woman right, and that her ex-fiancé, Carlos, will not like her to be talking to him. True to her word, Carlos and his henchmen are watching nearby where Carlos breaks a glass bottle. Back at the tower, Robin, Beast Boy, and Raven are wondering about Silkie's whereabouts when Beast Boy decides to pretend to be Silkie until they find the real one. Raven points out two flaws in his plans stating Starfire would wonder why Silkie was green and where Beast Boy would be the entire time. Cyborg lifts the couch off the ground and screams at spotting Silkie's molten skin. The Titans scream at the thought that Silkie could be dead, but Cyborg realizes it is a molten shell. Robin thinks of telling Starfire the truth, but Beast Boy glances at the shedded skin with a smirk.

File:Sonia and Silkie dance to Mariachi music.png

Back in Mexico, Sonia feeds Silkie tacos, breaks a piñata with him, goes on a bike ride, and dances at a night club. Carlos and his henchmen enter only to see Sonia dancing with Silkie. In a fit of rage, Carlos throws a glass of water at Silkie, and tells Sonia she belongs to him. Sonia reminds him that she left him and attempts to leave, but the henchmen stop her in her tracks. They kidnap Sonia and Silkie and chain them inside a prison cell on their hideout in the cliffs. Sonia admits that she would rather die than be with Carlos as Silkie easily slips out of his chain and through the jail bars. Silkie crawls through the hideout unknowingly hiding behind a pot as a man walks by. He rolls down the stairs and bumps into a table knocking a bust of Carlos onto his back. The henchmen quickly ignore him and Silkie abandons his disguise as he crawls under a chair. The larva arrives at a balcony where Carlos readies a knife and runs at him. The man misses by a short distance and turns only to see Silkie crawling on the railing. Carlos jumps, ready to slice Silkie with the final blow, but he turns at the last second, causing Carlos to fall down a cliff. The next day, Carlos is revealed to be hanging onto a branch, but is carried away by a bird. On the beach below, Sonia is saddened at the news that Silkie must leave. She tells him to be strong as the larva returns to his bucket of fried chicken and sails away while Sonia cries for her love to return.

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Back at the tower, Starfire returns from her trip and is greeted by the other nervous Titans. She promises to tell them of her journey after giving Silkie a hug. Cyborg tells her that Silkie is asleep, causing Starfire to change the hug into a kiss on the head. Robin, Cyborg, and Raven stop her and prepare to tell her the truth when the molted shell appears before them, operated by Beast Boy, making it talk. Starfire wonders why Silkie can now talk causing Beast Boy to give up on his scheme. Robin admits that they don't know where Silkie is causing Starfire to get angry as she repeats everything Robin said the previous day. She ruins the hallway by summoning her powers and shooting the Titans one by one. She begins to scream when the elevator dings revealing Silkie. Instantly calm, Starfire hugs Silkie and asks the other Titans if they would like to see pictures of her journey. The Titans, battered and bruised, groan in response.



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  • "La larva de amor" is in Spanish of "The Larva of Love".
  • Robin, Cyborg, and Raven break the fourth wall when they glance over to Beast Boy's side of the screen as he continues to scream.
  • Bat-O's make another appearance ("Legendary Sandwich", "Driver's Ed", "Double Trouble").
  • Food Content: Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg have a milk mustache war at the beginning of the episode.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Pie Bros."


  • Robin is reading the same Batman comic he read at the supermarket ("Legendary Sandwich").
  • Robin's inability to let Beast Boy be better at something than him is shown again ("Dude Relax").
  • Robin's massive crush on Starfire is shown again as he spends his time looking for Silkie defacing Starfire's poster, hiding her diary in his pants, and smelling her lipstick ("The Date").


  • Batman is depicted on the back of Robin's comic at the beginning of the episode.
  • Doctor Fate's sticker can be seen clearly in the Titans Tower elevator.
  • Beast Boy pulls out and throws away a Green Lantern power ring when looking for expired soy milk in the couch.
  • Robin finds Deadman's/Boston Brand's remains under Starfire's bed.
  • Green Arrow is referenced by the multiple arrows sticking out of the Titan's lawn.
    • A stuffed animal of Slade with an arrow in his stomach can be seen outside referencing his feud with Green Arrow in the DCU.
  • When Silkie rolls underground after rolling into a ball pit, he passes the tomb of Ra's al Ghul.
    • Two Batman masks and Batman jars, Catwoman's likeness on a pair of cat statues can be seen beside the tomb of Ra's al Ghul.
  • Batgirl's likeness appears on the hull of the Batboat, where Batman and James Gordon are fishing.
  • Batman's cowl can be seen in the crowd outside the night club.
  • Krypto the Superdog appears as a pinata.
  • Batman appears on a torn photo in Carlos' dungeon.
  • Bane (Original Luchador likeness) can be seen on a partly obscured poster in Carlos' dungeon.
  • A framed photo of Slade appears next to the Titans Tower elevator.
  • In a framed portrait of the Justice League from left to right: Martian Manhunter, Superman, Aquaman is referenced in the place of a goldfish, Batman with The Flash beside him to his left holding out a pair of bunny ears, Plastic Man stretching his neck in from out of the frame, and Wonder Woman.
  • The main plot of the episode is a spoof of Spanish telenovelas.
  • The following is referenced during the milk mustache war.
    • Albert Einstein
    • Mr. T: Cyborg's beard and mohawk combo resembles Mr. T.
    • Star Wars: When Beast Boy is surrounded by milk bubbles, he makes noises similar to Chewbacca and even pulls out a bowcaster (a Wookie weapon).
    • Super Mario Bros: Robin's milk mustache resembles Mario's. He is also wearing a red hat with an R and hits a gold block to appear.
    • The Lord of the Rings: Raven's last milk mustache resembles Gandalf, complete with his staff.
    • All's fair in love and war: Beast Boy parodies this by saying, "All's fair in milk and war."
  • Silkie floats in a chicken bucket similarly designed to that of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).
  • Mariachi music plays during Silkie's and Sonia's montage scene in Mexico.
  • Raven held an umbrella over herself to avoid Starfire's star bolts, alludes to the Looney Tunes character, Wile E. Coyote.


  • Beast Boy states that he's been saving the ten-year old soy milk for a special occasion. As a teen, he couldn't have been living at the tower until he became a teen only a few years ago.
  • Cyborg and Raven have switched places for the second portion of the game despite never moving.
  • The plate of cookies and two green cups are replaced with one big cup for Cyborg and Beast Boy despite never moving.
  • When Robin first enters the room, the bed does not have any stuffed animals. However, in the next frame, he is carrying them and places them back on the bed.
  • Starfire's left arm band is missing when the Titans are shown lying on the ground, beat up.


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