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--So, ... what exactly gets out evil alien slime stains?[[Raven.|[src]]]

Template:Episode infobox "Laundry Day" is the eighth episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go!, and the eighth episode overall. Alongside "Dude Relax", it first aired on May 14, 2013 on Cartoon Network.


Nobody wants to wash the Titans' gross dirty uniforms. Raven volunteers, using her magic, which brings the uniforms to life and turns them against the Titans.[1]


A slime monster rampages Jump City as the Titans begin to attack it. Cyborg shoots missiles at the monster, but it ricochets them back. Raven summons weapons through her soul-self but is knocked aside as Starfire shoots at it. The slime monster swallows her attack and launches it at her. Beast Boy transforms into a gorilla to attack, but bounces off its gelatin nature. Robin throws a birdarang and successfully blows up the monster, but a block of slime imprisons the victors.

The Titans return to the Titans Tower where Raven sarcastically comments on Robin's idea to blow up the slime but the leader argues it was to save Jump City as the half-demon uses her powers to free the Titans. Starfire comments on the disgusting impact the slime has left on their clothes as Beast Boy complains about the substance entering his nose. He's informed by its status as a booger and wipes it on Cyborg prompting the robotic Titan to chase after him. When Robin remarks their clothes needed to be washed, Starfire asks who would clean them. Robin nervously states the clothes aren't as dirty as the Titans are making them out to be. Now caught by Cyborg, Beast Boy asks what difference soap would make. Cyborg sniffs him, and falls to the floor dead, causing his ghost to rise out of his body. As his ghost heads to the light, Beast Boy captures his ghost in a vacuum, and blows the ghost back into Cyborg's body, reviving him. Robin deems there's only one way to decide the Titan stuck with cleaning duty and Raven suggests by following the chores list which reveals Robin's turn to do the laundry. He quickly blends the paper and eats it before declaring the Titans to participate in a series of epic contests.

The contests soon begin and consist of: staring contests, rock, paper, scissors, and a hot dog eat contest. After Robin counts the results, he determines that Raven must do the chores. She tells Robin it was suppose to be his turn, but he pretends to be oblivious until burping out the chores list which he hastily hides behinds his back. After watching this, Raven magically strips everyone naked. Starfire squishes Silkie to her body, Robin covers up with a clipboard, Cyborg tells everyone to stop staring at his circuits, but Beast Boy casually eats out of a bowl of popcorn. Raven tells everyone to put on some clothes, prompting everyone to rush to their respective rooms and leave Robin dizzy as a result. Accidentally mistaking a door for his room, Robin enters and finds himself outside the tower. He attempts to sneak back into the tower but finds teenage fangirls blocking his path who proceed to chase him all over the island and take pictures of him in the nude. Robin continues to look for multiple entrances but finds each attempt thwarted until he is chased by bees and fangirls as he pleads to retrieve his suit.

At the laundry room, Raven attempts to clean the clothes by washing them but the washer spits them out. She then attempts to use several weaponry - a hose, sledgehammer, flamethrower, drill, and bazooka - to destroy the clothes but each attempt fails. She angrily remarks the impossibility of her situation and pins the blame on Robin, who shows up demanding to be let in. Raven bargains his entry into the tower if he agrees to do the laundry but the Boy Wonder refuses. As such, Raven closes the curtain on him as he is chased away by a fangirl but is reminded of her current situation when the slime begins to boil.

Meanwhile, Cyborg goes to his old closet to try to find something that he could walk around in. However, he deems that none of the suits in the closet suit him declares his need for his suit. Starfire tells Silkie that laundry day is an opportunity for her to try and sew. She squirts mustard and milk all over a piece of cloth, sews it up, throws it into the oven, and it comes out as a beautiful, glorious dress. However, Starfire deems it hideous which causes her to declare she needs her suit back. In the living room, Beast Boy eats and sings about tofu as he plays video games and relaxes, all while in the nude. Still outside, Robin attempts to sneak into the tower, but is interrupted by Gizmo who swears to takeover Jump City with his robot army. However, he realizes Robin is naked and reschedules his attack after Robin threatens to combat him. Robin then finds a drainage pipe and climbs it to reenter the tower.

The Titans gather outside the laundry room demanding their clothes but Raven informs them the clothes were taken over by the slime. The Titans proceed to do battle with the clothes, but the clothes put themselves on a different titan (Starfire's clothes go onto Robin, Raven's clothes go onto Starfire, Cyborg's suit inserts Beast Boy into itself, Cyborg's head goes into Beast Boy's clothes, and Raven is put into Robin's suit). The clothes then proceed to make the Titans punch and kick themselves. Robin apologizes to Raven and states that if they could get out of the situation, he would do the laundry for the next year. Raven then uses her magic to stop their clothes causing Robin to realize he was tricked. Starfire then alerts the Titans of the crime alert which depicts a monster made of fruit juice and barbecue sauce terrorizing the city. Robin, sad and dejected, determines that cleaning those stains would be messy and tells the others Titans to charge into battle, softly and quietly, while the others (still in the wrong clothes) smile happily.



Cast and characters

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  • Beast Boy is revealed to be comfortable walking around naked, even around girls.
  • Robin is revealed to have fan girls.
  • Music from "The Date" can be heard when Starfire first sees her sewn dress.
  • This is the last episode to air during the Cartoon Network black background era.
  • This is, also, the last episode to air with its partner episode until "How 'Bout Some Effort" and "Pyramid Scheme".
    • This is because Cartoon Network's shows air new episodes as a single segment and are paired with a rerun of that episode.
    • The episodes "Two Parter: Part One" and "Two Parter: Part Two" doesn't count.
  • Running Gags: Robin denying it's his turn to do the laundry.
  • Food Content: The Titans have a hot dog eating contest. Beast Boy sings and eats tofu. A creature made of fruit juice and barbecue sauce sauce attacks Jump City.
  • Deaths: Cyborg sniffs Beast Boy and dies. His ghost prepares to enter the light until Beast Boy vacuums and inserts the ghost back into the Titan.


  • This is the first episode where Cyborg's circuits are shown.
  • This is the first episode in which Robin appears completely nude.
  • This is the first episode where Beast Boy appears naked and in just his underwear.
  • Cyborg's death, transformation into a ghost sbd subsequent resurrection begins the running gag where the Titans are killed only to be returned to life later.
  • This is the third episode where Raven becomes a demon ("Driver's Ed", "Dog Hand").
  • Gizmo promises to attack Jump City with his robot army another time which he does in "The Left Leg.
  • This is the first episode where Raven is seen without her hood.


  • Aquaman, Catwoman, Superman, and Wonder Woman can be seen on a poster in the laundry room.
  • After Robin lands on the bushes, he rises with a Batman cowl made of leaves. A Batman silhouette can be seen on the emergency exit door.
  • One of the bodies Cyborg considers to change into is Brainiac's. He says "too brainy" as a subtle reference.
  • The exclamation point appearing above Robin's head possibly references Captain Marvel's lightning bolt.
  • Both Metallo variations and Steel appear on posters in Cyborg's room.
  • The theme song for Ghostbusters plays after Beast Boy returns Cyborg's ghost to his body. Also, the device Beast Boy used is a reference to the Proton Pack.
  • Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock "It Takes Two" song can be heard at one point.
  • Street Fighter is referenced at one point.
  • A smartphone is referenced at one point.
  • The "Stop Hitting Yourself" meme is referenced at one point.
  • Gizmo's Robot Army references the Japanese mecha genre, which focuses mainly on giant piloted robots.
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers MegaZord leg appears in Cyborg's room.
  • Zoobooks can be seen at one point.


  • Beast Boy participated in the Hot Dog Eating Competition despite being a vegetarian.
  • Raven's bathrobe is colored as her original robe when the camera zooms in after Robin says, "Titans, Go!".


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