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--My distributions of affection have ruined everything. I suppose not everybody deserves the love.[[Starfire learning her lesson.|[src]]]

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"Love Monsters" is the eleventh episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go! and the sixty-third episode overall. It first aired on 4 September 2014 on Cartoon Network.


Raven warns the other Titans not to go near a box containing the Twin Destroyers of Azarath. Starfire can't help it and opens the box, giving hugs and snuggles to the two tiny, adorable Destroyers ... but love only makes the Destroyers stronger.[1]


On a rainy day, Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy lament their sadness over the rain and lack of sun. Finding Silkie near the boys, Starfire notices their sorrowful attitude and proceeds to give each of them a hug, uplifting their spirits and making them happier. Starfire proceeds to explain that it is important to spread positive attitude as the clouds clear up, unveiling the sun.

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Raven enters through the floor, holding a box she almost drops due to Starfire hugging her. After freeing herself, Raven explains that the box she's holding contains the Twin Destroyers of Azarath. She further details that she has to collect spell ingredients in order to banish them back to Azarath and enlists the Titans to watch over the box without going near the monsters. The male Titans agree as Starfire expresses that she'll give them hugs and kisses. Raven berates the Tameranean, telling her that she should have learned that not everything can be solved with affection when a bomb was planted at a warehouse. Starfire attempts to limit the amount of affection she can portray, but Raven tells her no due to love making the Destroyers stronger. She gifts the box to Robin and warns them not to open it before disembarking.

The remaining Titans rest by their pool as Starfire becomes tempted to open the box as the Destroyers whine from their confinement. She asks the others if they would give love to anyone even if they're enemies, but Robin and Cyborg respond with no while Beast Boy remarks that it depends on how cute the girl is. Unable to resist her urges, Starfire lunges for the box and attempts to detain her by the male Titans fail when Beast Boy, transformed as an elephant, falls on top of the others. Starfire screeches and introduces the Twin Destroyers of Azarath to her teammates. They thank them for not sending them back to Azarath and remark that love and happiness appear on their faces. Robin is skeptical due to remembering Raven's warning, but the Titans eventually become entranced by their cuteness and spend the day with the Twin Destroyers.

After eating ice cream, going on bike rides, taking photos, and dancing, the Titans return to the tower where Robin orders the Twin Destroyers to return to the box. Starfire questions Robin's motives and Beast Boy and Cyborg claim they're performing acts of tough love due to affection making them stronger. Starfire, however, says that all creatures want affection but Robin urges her to return them to the box. Reluctantly, Starfire begins to comply, but gives them a good night kiss which summons a kaleidoscope of lights from the Destroyers. The Titans panic, but after the light show, a green egg stands in their place. The elevator dings and Robin notes that Raven is returning. Beast Boy throws the egg out the window and the Titans are ordered to act natural, but Raven accuses them of opening the box. The male Titans decline but Starfire tells her the truth causing Raven to say that they're doomed. Starfire claims otherwise, thinking that her love and affection turned them into an egg.

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Immediately, the egg hatches and the Twin Destroyers are turned into a two-headed monster that proceed to attack Jump City. Cyborg wonders if Raven can banish them, but she reveals that only the one who empowered them with love can defeat them. Starfire admits that she won't be able to combat them with meanness and Robin orders the Titans to assemble the Titan Robot. The robot confronts the monster and manage to successfully hit them with attacks. However, Starfire uses the Hammer Kick attack to nuzzle the Destroyers, making them stronger. The Destroyers successfully knock down the robot and jump on it, trapping the Titans inside their limbs as a result of their control panels being squished. Starfire, who's right leg component of the robot had been torn off, sadly admits that her belief towards affection does not affect everyone.

Robin and Raven inform Starfire that she's their only hope and to be mean to the Destroyers, but she compliments them instead. Raven suggests for Starfire to be aloof by holding her head up high and turning her back while crossing her arms. She does so and the Twin Destroyers wonder if Starfire does not like them anymore. The Tamaranean responds with no and begins to insult them, reducing the Destroyers in size until they return to their original selves. The Titans, all squished together, exit the Titan Robot's remains and compliment Starfire on being mean and cruel to the Twin Destroyers. As she orders them to get back in the box, the two remark that they'll miss her kisses. Starfire reassures them that her kisses will miss them too and prepares to give them one as the Titans shout no.



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  • This episode's stills and video clip were released a week early on August 23rd, 2014. Consequently, this resulted in a mix-up and the episode was announced to be released on August 28th, 2014 when, in actuality, the episode, "Slumber Party" aired.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Robin doesn't say, "Titans, Go!".
  • This episode contradicts "Friendship" and "Breakfast Cheese".
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Slumber Party".


  • The Titans are shown lounging by a pool at the foot of the tower. The existence of one was revealed in "La Larva de Amor".
  • The Titan Robot returns with each of the Titans stationed in their respective limbs. Robin's modifications to the Left Leg are revealed to have been kept. Once again, the Seagull hits the screen after the Titan Robot is summoned ("The Left Leg").


  • The bomb that Starfire kisses is from the Joker.



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