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--Ever since Cyborg's computer matched us, he's convinced we're meant to be together.[[Raven to Starfire about Beast Boy.|[src]]]

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"Matched" is the twenty-fourth episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go! and the twenty-fourth episode overall. It first aired on 11 September 2013 on Cartoon Network.


Cyborg's Love Matcher 5000 program pairs Raven with Beast Boy and Starfire with Aquaman. While Beast Boy does everything he can to get Raven to love him, Robin tries to be more like Aquaman to win Starfire's heart.[1]


Raven and Beast Boy are playing chess but the game is interrupted when Beast Boy declares the game boring. Realizing her mistake, Raven proceeds to meditate but is constantly interrupted by Beast Boy's animal transformations. She snaps and prepares to banish him until the others arrive. Cyborg reveals that he created the Love Matcher 5000, a computer program to match superheroes with their ideal dates. Raven asks Cyborg why he would waste his time building the program and the robotic Titan reveals that Robin wanted to prove he's the perfect match for Starfire. Robin decides to start and picks Starfire's icon yet she is skeptic of having a computer choose her match. He pleads for the Love Matcher 5000 to match her with him, but she is matched with Aquaman. Angered, Robin uses his staff and batarang to destroy Cyborg, but the program manages to survive.

Beast Boy walks over to his friend's remains and picks his icon as the program matches him with Raven much to everyone's surprise. He reveals that the program has changed his view of her and offers to give their relationship a chance, but Raven slams his head on the ground and teleports away. She heads to the kitchen to make cereal, but is flirted on by Beast Boy, annoying her. In the living room, Cyborg approaches Starfire who is reading an Aquaman magazine and comments on his muscles when Robin, wearing nothing but a black speedo, interrupts. Cyborg yells that he can see everything while Starfire awkwardly realizes that Robin isn't wearing a shirt or pants. Robin tries to show off his physique, but Starfire uses an excuse to flee.

In Raven's room, she is interrupted from reading by Beast Boy, who recites a poem for her. She traps Beast Boy in her book as Beast Boy comments that he spent the whole day working on the poem. Raven remarks that she'll need a whole day to forget it as Beast Boy offers a romantic horse ride. In Robin's room, Robin studies Aquman-related material and creates a suit matching the aquatic superhero's from actual fish. Cyborg walks by as Robin exits his room and remarks that the smell is causing him to vomit and runs away. Starfire floats by and greets Robin but she faints upon smelling the fish pheromones when one of his fishes falls on her head.

Raven continues meditating when a knock on the door interrupts her. She tells Beast Boy to go away, but the Titan enters her room by transforming into a snake. He informs Raven that two people make a relationship work as Raven reveals that they don't have a relationship. He tells her that he'll walk away if she can tell him one reason they're not meant to be together. As a result, Raven gives him a list of things she hates about him, but Beast Boy interprets this as her knowing him well. He leans in for a kiss, but she slaps him away. Back in his room, Robin decides to communicate with fish in order to impress Starfire. He places a shark tank in the living room and informs Starfire and Cyborg upon his entry that he and the fishes are compatible. At that moment, the sharks attack and leave him chewed up.

Starfire enters the kitchen when Raven follows through a portal and uses her magic to seal off the doors and window. She realizes that Beast Boy won't leave Raven around and the two discuss his romantic pursuit with Raven revealing she wants someone who resembles her. Beast Boy, tied to a string to float and wearing a purple bathrobe, enters the kitchen and greets them in a stoic manner. Raven realizes Beast Boy's plan and yells at him that she wants nothing to do with him. He looks up at her with puppy dog eyes, causing Raven to remember the various things he did to win her affections. Touched, Raven informs Beast Boy of her change of mind and he asks her to marry him.

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At the wedding on top of the Titans Tower, Raven realizes that she and Beast Boy where meant to be as Robin glares angrily at Starfire and her date, Aquaman. Raven walks down the aisle to Beast Boy where Silkie prepares to wed them. They lean in to kiss until Cyborg reveals there was a glitch in the Love Matcher 5000 and the program matches Beast Boy with a scratching post. Raven criticizes this, but Beast Boy becomes smitten with the post. Robin realizes that Starfire's match may be him after all, but the program matches Starfire with the scratching post as well much to her delight and Aquaman's disappointment. Cyborg remarks that the glitch may have been more than just minor as Starfire and Beast Boy battle for the scratching post. Cyborg attempts to fix the program as Aquaman and Robin lament their loss. Beast Boy turns into a t-rex much to Starfire's horror as Raven wonders why she even tries.



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  • The plot for this episode was revealed on Time Warner Cable On Demand systems. The episode itself, however, was not broadcast.
  • This is the first episode to air on a Wednesday following the show's switch from Tuesday.
  • Second episode about Beast Boy and Raven's relationship ("Terra-ized") and about Robin's crush on Starfire ("The Date").
  • Sixth episode with a one word title ("Ghostboy", "Gorilla", "Parasite", "Starliar", "Terra-ized").
  • Running Gags: Robin impersonating Aquaman. Beast Boy trying to flirt with Raven, each ending with Raven turning him down.
  • Food Content: Beast Boy put root beer in Raven's chamomile tea. Raven is serving herself cereal when she is interrupted by Beast Boy. Raven remarks that Beast Boy's clothes are always covered with pizza stains.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Tower Power".



  • When Cyborg introduces the Love Matcher 5000, icons of Batman, The Flash, and Aquaman appear.
  • Batman and Aquaman also appear in pages of Starfire's comic book series, Aquaman Annual.


  • When Raven and Beast are playing chess, one of Raven's chess moves is not possible.
  • Aquaman is shown to be attracted to Starfire despite having a wife and a son and being an adult.
  • When Starfire and Beast Boy are fighting, Silkie is gone.
  • The Love Matcher 5000 pairs Beast Boy and Starfire to a scratching post despite it only matching one to his or her's superhero mate.


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