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--Why do you always have to force everyone to do what you think is fun?"
"Because, everybody loves meatballs.
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"Meatball Party" is the nineteenth episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go!, and the nineteenth episode overall. It first aired on 30 July 2013 on Cartoon Network.


While trying to entice Raven into joining a meatball party, Cyborg fires a half-meat, half-robot mystery meatball into her mouth, cracking her tooth and releasing the demon octopus that lives in her mouth.[1]


Robin is cleaning his staff, Beast Boy is playing video games, Starfire is petting Silkie, and Raven is reading in the living room when trumpets begin to blare, catching the attention of the Teen Titans, save for Raven. Cyborg enters the room, lolling that it's time for a meatball party. He asks the Titans which of them wants meatballs and Robin, Beast Boy, and Starfire ask for some. Raven tells them to keep the noise down as she's trying to read, but Cyborg smothers her with meatballs. Cyborg announces that it is time to see which Titan will eat the mystery meatball and randomly selects Raven. Raven asks why Cyborg always has to force people to do what he thinks is fun and he answers that it's because everyone loves meatballs.

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The Titans chant for Raven to eat the meatball, but she simply floats away. They, however, continue to try to get Raven to eat the meatball even when she's sleeping, meditating in a graveyard, bathing, and getting a drink from the refrigerator. After sitting on the couch, Raven reluctantly agrees to eat the meatball, causing the Titans to celebrate by singing a song. Cyborg hands her the mystery meatball and Raven begins to chew on it when her tooth suddenly cracks. She holds her mouth and asks Cyborg what was in the meatball. Cyborg says that it was a cyborg meatball, meaning that it was half robot.

The next day, the Titans are relaxing on the couch when Raven floats up to them with a lump on her cheek. Cyborg asks how her tooth is doing, but she doesn't respond. Robin assumes that her silence means she's giving Cyborg the silent treatment which Beast Boy decides to take advantage of. He tells Raven not to say anything if he can wear her cloak, and use spells from her spell book. Raven shakes her head, but doesn't say anything. Beast Boy steals her cloak and begins making fun of her. He attempts to transform the couch into a burrito but his first two attempts transform Cyborg into a frog and Robin into a unicorn. On his third try, he changes the Titans back to their original selves and succeeds in turning the couch into a burrito. He begins to taunt her again when Raven snaps, claiming that she's not talking, because the mystery meatball cracked her tooth.

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Tentacles coil out of her mouth and wrap around the Titans, throwing them against the Titans Tower or each other. Raven manages to close her mouth, freeing the Titans as they crash land onto the burrito. They deduce that because Raven is part demon, her cracked tooth acts as a portal where demons can escape if she opens her mouth. Beast Boy is astonished at Raven for having an octopus in her mouth and she begins to scold him, unwillingly allowing the tentacles to grab Beast Boy and slam him up and down. After several seconds, she manages to close her mouth again. Cyborg suggests taking Raven to a dentist, but she refuses as she hates the dentist. However, as she speaks, a tentacle slips out and punches Beast Boy. Raven attempts to live with a cracked tooth, but whenever she opens her mouth for certain reasons such as to brush her teeth or eat, tentacles slip out and attack Beast Boy. Eventually, as Raven is accepting popcorn from Starfire, the tentacles grab Beast Boy and drag him into her mouth. Robin, drawing the line at devouring teammates, decides to take Raven to the dentist.

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At the Dentist, Starfire, Cyborg, and Robin are sitting in the waiting room when Robin realizes that if the dentists seal Raven's cracked tooth, then Beast Boy will be trapped inside forever. Cyborg says that there's nothing they can do about it now and snaps at Starfire when she insists that there is still time after she distracts him from reading a magazine. The dentist tells Raven to open wide and, after she refuses, opens her mouth with his tool, causing the tentacles to gruesomely attack the dentist and his assistant. The Titans are oblivious to the chaos as Starfire is knitting a scarf for Silkie, Cyborg is reading a magazine, and Robin is listening to the music. Cyborg tells the Titans that a character in his magazine reminds him of Beast Boy and that it's unfortunate that they're never going to see him again. Raven's tentacles eventually hurl the dentist into the waiting room, stunning the Titans. As Raven approaches the Titans, Cyborg asks if the problem has been solved, but as she responds, tentacles wrap around Robin and drag him into Raven's mouth.

Back at the tower, Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg are sitting at the kitchen table when Starfire wonders what they're going to do. Cyborg says that there's only one thing to do and announces that it's time for a meatball party and shoots meatballs at the female Titans. Raven, enraged, opens her mouth to yell at Cyborg, but the tentacles grab Starfire and she eats her as well. In order to communicate with Cyborg without speaking, Raven summons a pencil and notepad to draw pictures. Cyborg deduces that Raven doesn't like how he forces her to have a good time as she sometimes wants to do her own thing and how she thinks he's irritating whenever he does so. Deciding to make things right, Cyborg tells Raven to open wide and she consumes him.

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Inside Raven's mouth, Starfire is attacking the Octopus Demon when she is struck by the tentacles and lands on Cyborg. Meanwhile, Raven busies herself by playing with her Pretty Pretty Pegasus toys on the couch burrito and she makes them kiss each other. Inside her mouth, Robin attacks the tentacles with his staff and pokes them with it until he is slammed into Cyborg and Starfire. Hanging on Raven's uvula, Beast Boy tells Cyborg that they've tried everything to escape and that there's no way out. Cyborg realizes that the only way out is to seal the crack and begins shooting meatballs at the demon. He uses his sonic cannon to shoot out a giant meatball that smothers the demon and seals the crack. Instantly, Raven spits out the Titans. She complains about the taste of meatballs in her mouth, and Cyborg says they’re all jealous of her because of it. He apologizes for forcing people to participate in things he likes to do and promises to never force people again. Starfire, Robin, and Beast Boy shout for a meatball party and Cyborg succumbs to temptation, launching into a short song about meatballs and using his sonic cannon to smother Raven in meatballs.



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  • Raven is revealed to be able to float in her sleep and that she hates dentists.
  • Recycled animation from "The Date" is used when Robin charges at the Octopus Demon.
  • The background music that plays before Raven gives Cyborg the silent treatment is the same that is used in "Ghostboy."
  • This episode was Storyboard Sneak Peek #2 on the Cartoon Network website.
  • This episode is featured as the game Drive-By Meatball Party in the Teen Titans Go! Arcade app.
  • Running Gag: The Octopus Demon attacked Beast Boy more than any other Titan.
  • Food Content: The entire episode is centered around a meatball party. Cyborg tries to get Raven to eat the mystery meatball. Beast Boy turns a couch into a burrito.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Hey Pizza!."



  • Beast Boy is reading a Superman comic with Darkseid uttering a speech bubble containing a heart.
  • Batman is on the cover of the magazine Vigilante Daily which Robin is reading.
  • The Titans are consumed by the demon in the same order as 2003's Teen Titans episode, "Fear Itself".
  • Star Wars character Darth Vader appears as a drawing when Raven wrote notes to communicate with Cyborg.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Beast Boy is seen playing what it appears to be a Nintendo 3DS, a handheld console with 3D effects that has similarities to the original Nintendo DS.


  • Starfire, Robin, and Cyborg are sitting in the dentist's office, but Silkie magically appears with them following the scene with Raven and the dentists.
  • Beast Boy states he is a vegetarian, but he participated in the hot dog eating contest in "Laundry Day", and is shown eating Squid Puffs in the episode.
  • During the song, "She's Gonna Eat It", Starfire uses a contraction.


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