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Raven complaining about Myron

Myron the Mildly Irritating is Raven's uncle and Trigon's brother. He bears quite a resemblence to Trigon, except he's fatter, has blonde hair instead of white, and has a mustache. While not nearly as big a threat to the world as his brother Trigon, Myron is a menace in his own way.

In Teen Titans -- Ghost! Part 2, he claims he is dropping by to visit his niece Raven, but his antics are a constant annoyance to both the Titans and the members of Mystery Incorporated, who were previously called in to investigate a haunting at Titans Tower. It turns out that Myron's trying to drive the Titans out of Titans Tower so he can turn it into a resort getaway for the netherworld. However, when the Titans and Mystery Inc. turn the tables by being annoying to him, he decides his idea would never work and leaves to check out how things are in the Fifth Dimension.

He's only made one appearance since, in Family Plan, attending Trigon's family reunion.

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