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--Oh, we l-l-l-l-l-l-love love pie![[Beast Boy and Cyborg.|[src]]]

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"Pie Bros" is the second episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go!, and the second episode overall. Alongside "Legendary Sandwich", it first aired on 23 April 2013 on Cartoon Network.


Cyborg's birthday is coming up, so Beast Boy takes a job at their favorite pie shop so he can afford an expensive gift. But when he has to work during Cyborg's party, his job threatens to come between the two pie bros.[1]


Beast Boy is drawing something while sitting on the middle of the living room floor. Raven levitates into the room, and glances at the drawing. She asks Beast Boy what he's doing, and he replies that he is drawing a present for Cyborg's birthday. The green Titan shows Raven the picture which depicts Cyborg as a dog with a Beast Boy-like robot riding him. Raven wonders if Cyborg would like the present, and Beast Boy confidently replies that he's Cyborg's best friend, and knows what the Titan wants.

File:Beast Boy's drawing.png

Beast Boy's gift to Cyborg.

Cyborg walks into the kitchen, and Beast Boy takes this as a chance to prove to Raven that he knows what Cyborg wants. He follows the robotic Titan into the kitchen and correctly guesses that Cyborg is in the mood for pie. The two Titans break into a song detailing their love of pie, and, once finish, decide to go out to get some.

At Mother Mae-Eye's Pies, the Titans are seated in a booth with pie in front of them. Robin confusedly states that Cyborg and Beast Boy love pie a lot, and Beast Boy responds with who doesn't? He notices Raven's pie and sticks his finger in it and licks it to determine the flavor to be blueberry. Disgusted, Raven proclaims she lost her appetite, and throws her pie away. Starfire compliments the pie, exclaiming Mother Mae-Eye as the best pie maker in Jump City. Robin wonders what she uses in her pies, and Raven theorizes that she bakes people into them. The titans laugh at the accusation, and Starfire states that the secret ingredient is love while Mother Mae-Eye hypnotizes an old man in the background and lures him away. Cyborg decides to change the conversation to that of his birthday. Starfire reveals she has decided to plan the party herself, and Cyborg agrees as long as the presents are cool. Beast Boy tells him that he knows what his best friend wants, and Cyborg wonders out loud if it's the new video game he's been dropping hints about. Beast Boy nervously tells him that it is the new video game, and that he can't afford it. Cyborg doesn't get the hint, and tells Beast Boy that's why he's his best friend.

Beast Boy travels to Game Bear, where he looks at the video game, Bubble Bots, sadly. He glances at his pockets and kangaroo pouch, but finds no money. He reminiscences about his times with Cyborg and sees a hallucination of Cyborg on the Bubble Bot standee, exclaiming Beast Boy to be his best friend. Beast Boy sadly tells him that he doesn't have any money to buy the video game, and the hallucination tells him to get a job.

File:Surgeon scratched off.png

Beast Boy crosses dream jobs off his list on his quest for a job.

The next day, at Chemical Bear, Beast Boy pours two chemicals into another and laughs at the bubbles until it explodes, and shoots him out the building as he cross chemist off his list of dream jobs. Beast Boy gets a job as lawyer and accidentally finds his defendant guilty. Ed glares at him as he is taken into jail causing Beast Boy to cross lawyer off his list. At the operating room, Beast Boy pokes the insides of a man, and faints. The titan is thrown out the hospital and crosses surgeon off his list.

Back at the pie shop, the Titans (excluding Cyborg) discuss Starfire's plans for the birthday. Raven compliments Starfire's choice to hold the party at the pie shop. Starfire reveals she made balloon animals (with actual animals inside the balloons), and pulls out a spike for pin the tail on the donkey, causing an actual donkey to bray in fear. Robin asks Beast Boy what's wrong, and he states he can't buy the gift Cyborg wants. Robin reassures him that friends don't care about how much money was spent, but the thought. Cyborg enters the pie shop and Robin gives him his present early, which was the soda he was drinking. Robin tells Beast Boy that they need to stick together while Mother Mae-Eye hypnotizes a worker and brings him into a room before placing a help wanted sign which Beast Boy spots.

File:Beast Boy employed at Mother Mae-Eye's Pies.png

Beast Boy is employed at Mother Mae-Eye's Pies.

Beast Boy is hired as an employee and is tasked to clean the leftover pies from the counter. He transforms into an octopus to triple the speed of making pies, and into a dog to lick the plates clean. The titan vomits into his cleaning bucket when he sees how dirty the toilets in the male restroom are. In the middle of wiping the counter, Cyborg enters and laughs upon seeing his best friend in the uniform. Beast Boy tells him he's trying to earn more money for something important while Cyborg continues to laugh at the hat. The robotic Titan regains his composure and tells him he wanted to make sure that Beast Boy will be attending the party. Beast Boy tells Cyborg he can't go to the party, because he will be working that night, angering Cyborg who believes that Beast Boy prefers to save money then be with his best friend and leaves. The Titan looks at his drawing and sheds a single tear which falls under the Beast Boy-like robot's eye.

The day of Cyborg's birthday party arrives with Starfire delivering ducks to Cyborg and Raven and a goose to Robin. The goose attacks Robin, who quickly flees. Raven tells Starfire that she plays Duck Duck Goose the same way Starfire does before banishing her duck into another dimension. Cyborg gets the female Titans' attention by tapping a glass cup with a fork. He thanks his friends for taking time off work to celebrate his birthday, purposely directing the message to Beast Boy, who is wiping the counter in shame. The robotic Titan drops his glass on purpose and mocks Beast Boy as he arrives to clean it up. He continues to taunt his best friend by spilling pies from the counter until the green Titan retaliates and throws a pie at Cyborg. Beast Boy explains he's only working at the pie shop to earn money so he can buy Cyborg an expensive gift, but Cyborg counters by stating he never told him to get a job. The two throw pies at each other as Beast Boy reveals a hallucination told him to and that the real Cyborg made fun of his pie suit.

File:Cyborg shoots pies at Beast Boy.png

After the two get in a fight, Cyborg attacks Beast Boy with his Pie Cannon.

Wiping the pies off his face, Cyborg loads his cannons and shoots pies at Beast Boy. The green Titan takes shelter behind a counter and transforms into a hippo, storing the projectiles in his mouth and shooting them back at Cyborg. The robotic Titan floats past the other Titans, who are sitting in their booth when pies impale them. Robin wonders if they should stop them, but Raven declines stating she's actually enjoying a birthday party for once. Starfire cheers as her festivities worked. The three continue to watch the pie war as Mother Mae-Eye walks up to them and opens her eyes, hypnotizing the three Titans. Cyborg uses a table as a shield and then shoots more pies at Beast Boy as Mother Mae-Eye leads the others into the back room in the background.

File:Hypnotized Titans.png

The Teen Titans are hypnotized by Mother Mae-Eye.

Beast Boy transforms into an octopus and catches a pie on each tentacle before throwing them back at Cyborg. In the bakery, Mother Mae-Eye maniacally laughs as a device lowers Robin, Starfire, and Raven into pie batter ready to be heated by an oven. Beast Boy puts his picture in a pie and throws it at Cyborg, proclaiming it to be his original gift. Cyborg angrily states he loves the picture as it's well-drawn and thoughtful before throwing a pie at Beast Boy. Beast Boy states that he knew he will love it and throws another pie at Cyborg until the two realize what they said. Licking the pie off his face, Beast Boy asks about face pie, which Cyborg states is the best kind of pie.

File:Robin, Raven, and Starfire watch Beast Boy and Cyborg eat titan pies.png

After defeating Mother Mae-Eye, Robin, Raven, and Starfire watch Beast Boy and Cyborg eat pies made from their clothes and hair.

The two sing their song about pies in celebration of their renewed status as pie bros. Beast Boy and Cyborg glance around the ruined shop and come to the conclusion that the others left before ordering more pie. Mother Mae-Eye delivers three pies which suspiciously look like Robin, Starfire, and Raven. Cyborg responds that he now knows what the pie maker uses in her pies before biting into the Starfire-like pie. The two agree that the secret ingredient is love as they eat the pies, throwing away Starfire's hair and Robin's insignia. After escaping their predicament, Robin, Starfire, and Raven tie up Mother Mae-Eye and glare angrily at Beast Boy and Cyborg, but the two confusedly respond with what.



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  • Mother Mae-Eye is the first villain from 2003's Teen Titans to appear on Teen Titans Go!.
  • This is the first episode where Silkie is absent.
  • This is the first episode to feature a song.
  • Music from the game, Tower Lockdown, is used at the beginning of the episode.
  • Running Gag: Beast Boy getting fired from a job and crossing it off his list of dream jobs.
  • Deaths: For a short period of time, Robin, Raven, and Starfire are thought to have been baked into pies.
  • Food Content: The episode is set at a pie shop, the main location of the episode as Beast Boy and Cyborg's love of pies is a major part in establishing their friendship. They eventually have a Pie War which renews their friendship.


  • First episode where Robin doesn't say, "Titans, Go!".
  • Second time Starfire's hair is cut ("Legendary Sandwich").
  • Beast Boy is fired three times in this episode. Ironically, the running gag is continued in "You're Fired!" where he is fired from the Teen Titans.
  • Cyborg's birthday is revealed to be on June 29, 1996 in "Halloween" and "Body Adventure".


  • Stuffed animals of various superheroes are displayed on Game Bear. They include Batman, Batgirl, Superman, Catwoman, Darkseid, Nightwing, The Joker. Images of Metallo, Nite Owl and Steel can also be seen on display.
  • A birthday card from Batman and Superman are on display at Cyborg's birthday party.
  • Beast Boy's drawing parodies the Powerpuff Girls villain, Mojo Dojo, and Nyan Cat.
  • Mother Mae-Eye baking people into pies could reference the 1973 science fiction film, Soylent Green.
  • Mega Man is referenced.
  • Ace Attorney is parodied in the court scene where Beast Boy was dressed similar to Apollo Justice, had the attitude of Phoenix Wright, and prosecutes his defendant as Miles Edgeworth.


  • The fork Cyborg uses to tap on the glass cup disappears.
  • Beast Boy catches seven pies while in octopus form, but in the next scene, he has eight.
  • The first pie that Cyborg throws at Beast Boy's face was seen splattered all over his face. However, the stain was not seen afterwards.


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