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Speedy is a superhero and a member of the Titans East.


Speedy traveled to Jump City and made a reservation to a new restaurant so he can go out with Starfire. However, Robin kidnapped him and swapped clothes so he can take his place on the date. Speedy easily escaped and disguised himself as Robin. He was defeated and knocked unconscious before telling Starfire the truth.[1]

Speedy was shown in a flashback to be at the Titans East Annual Dance Party. He, along with his fellow teammates, were horrified when Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg ruined the party. Because of the Titans's behavior last year, Speedy and the rest of the Titans East chose not to reinvite them to the next dance party, only inviting Starfire. While not seen, he presumably attended.[2]


Speedy seems to be competitive and self obsessed as shown when he beat Robin to asking Starfire out on a date. This was shown again when the two duel it out for Starfire's love.[1]

Physical appearance

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Speedy and Robin

Speedy looks just like Robin, only he has bright orange hair and has the same shirt as Robin, only there's an "s" instead of an "r", plus he has no sleeves. He's also wearing red gloves and has a skin belt. He wears yellow boots and red pants and wears the same mask as just like Robin and wears a yellow quiver (only with arrows).


Speedy has no superpowers, but is skilled in archery as he can hit targets with deadly accuracy. He states that he enjoys using Robin's staff. Robin can also skillfully use Speedy's equipment as well.



Speedy is shown to have taken an interest in Starfire, as seen that he had asked her out on a date. Starfire stated that she noticed the similarities between him and Robin, which is why she accepted his offer.[1]


Robin and Speedy both want to win Starfire's heart, they seem to not like each other that much. Robin was furious when Starfire decided to go out on a date with Speedy, rather than himself. To make Starfire think Speedy wasn't a good person, he framed him by tying him up and dressing up as him. Speedy finally escaped and dressed up as Robin, confronting Robin and Starfire at their date. The two fight, and Speedy leaves by taking back his own clothes and weapon.[1]


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