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--Don't you get it, Starfire? He's all wrong for you![[Robin to Starfire about Speedy.|[src]]]

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"The Date" is the sixth episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go!, and the sixth episode overall. Alongside "Double Trouble", it first aired on 7 May 2013 on Cartoon Network.


Robin gets up the courage to ask Starfire on a date, only to find that she has already agreed to go out with Speedy, Robin's archrival ... so Robin kidnaps Speedy![1]


Beast Boy walks by Robin's room and attempts to see what he is giggling about, but is thwarted at every attempt until Cyborg steals the object, revealing it to be a fortune teller. Beast Boy and Cyborg make fun at Robin for playing with kiddie games and agree to return it once they finish getting their fortunes told. Beast Boy goes first and wishes to be a millionaire until the fortune teller reveals he will marry Starfire. Cyborg takes his turn and is foretold to have seven children with Starfire. Questioning the Starfire-related fortunes, Robin reveals that the fortunes are solely for him due to having a crush on her. Robin looks away when a voice narrates that Robin's crush for Starfire makes him crazy enough to hear voices in his head. Shaking the voice away, Robin tells Beast Boy and Cyborg that he wants to take Starfire on a date to a new restaurant she wanted to go to, but doesn't know how to ask. Beast Boy and Cyborg decide to teach him their ways despite never having girls go out with them. At the living room, Robin watches unamused as the two grovel for a lady created from a broom. Raven floats by and advises Robin to be himself as Beast Boy angrily yanks the broom lady out of Cyborg's hands.

Outside Starfire's door, Robin practices asking Starfire out and knocks on the door. He enters, but becomes entranced by her beauty and finds himself unable to ask her. Starfire thinks the two are playing a game until Robin nervously asks if Starfire would like to go with him to the restaurant. She agrees, but reveals that Speedy had already asked her to accompany him. At that moment, Speedy enters much to Robin's anger as the Voice in Robin's Head narrates the rivalry between the two heroes but once again adds that Robin should be concerned with the voice. Robin attempts to persuade Starfire into declining Speedy's date by insulting him, but she reveals her belief that the two share similar qualities.

Robin angrily storms to the living room and reveals to the other Titans that Speedy had already asked Starfire. Worried, Beast Boy informs Robin that he has a crazy look on his face as Robin reveals his plans to impersonate Speedy during the day and ruin his chances with Starfire. Donning Speedy's clothes and tying the hero up, Robin convinces Beast Boy and Cyborg to watch over him as he leaves for the date. At the restaurant, Robin begins to regret his actions but changes his mind upon seeing Starfire. He pulls her chair out from under her and rests his legs on her head, much to Starfire's confusion. Back at the tower, Raven becomes slowly annoyed as Beast Boy and Cyborg repeatedly tell Speedy no after he demands to be let go. Thirty minutes pass and Beast Boy and Cyborg decide to get something to eat after Raven lies to them that she'll watch Speedy. The hero escapes as Raven informs him that the exit's the other way when he comes upon Robin's clothes.

At the restaurant, Robin throws food at Starfire as the alien princess admits to being wrong about comparing Speedy to Robin and decides to leave. However, Speedy (dressed as Robin) enters and begins to tell Starfire the truth until Robin distracts him with an arrow. As a result, Speedy charges and the two engage in battle. Speedy gains the upper hand, but Robin manages to knock him by firing a ham at him and swaps clothes as Starfire comes out from under a table. She comments that Speedy is acting strange, and under the influence of the voice, Robin reveals his actions to Starfire. Angered, Starfire punches Robin when the Voice in Robin's Head manages to gain her attention. The two decide to go on a date as the voice covers Robin with his cape.



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  • Food Content: Robin and Speedy use various foods for battle at Cafe Bear.


  • This episode establishes the rivalry between Robin and Speedy and Robin's pursuit for Starfire's affections.


  • Starfire and Speedy going on a date could reference their relationship in Red Hood and the Outlaws.
  • Stuffed animals on Starfire's bed have costumes which includes Wonder Women, Bane (The Dark Knight rises version), Green Lantern, the Flash, Batman and Robin. A stuffed animal of Goldface can be seen on the floor and a poster of Martian Munhunter and Superman appears on the wall.
  • A scene that shows Robin in a straight-jacket and mask is a reference to Hannibal Lector from Silence of the Lambs.
  • Posters of the Flying Graysons, the Joker, and Two-Face appear in Robin's room. There are also punching bags that resemble Deathstroke (Slade), Killer Croc and Bane. Superman appears hanging from the roof of Robin's room.
  • There is a Catwoman clock in the Titans Tower living room.
  • Plastic Man appears on the Cafe Bear Grand Opening flyer.
  • Beast Boy's fantasy of becoming a millionaire parodies the TV show, DuckTales.
  • A portion of the Howie scream can be heard when Speedy charges at Robin, but is cut off when Robin hits Speedy.
  • Robin offers Scooby Snacks if Cyborg and Beast Boy watch over Speedy, and the latter turns into a green dog that resembles and sounds like Scooby-Doo.


  • Starfire arrives to the date with green star-shaped earrings, but they disappear when Robin (as Speedy) shoots food at her. When she leaves and bumps into Speedy (as Robin), her earrings have returned.


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