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--You know what? Forget it. I can't deal with those jerks today. I have a new plan. Let's take the day off.[[Gizmo.|[src]]]

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"The H.I.V.E. Five" (stylized as "The Hive Five") is the forty-ninth episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go! and the one hundred and first episode overall. It first aired on 27 July 2015 on Cartoon Network.


Tired of the Titans, the H.I.V.E. agrees to take a day off and avoid engaging with their foes -- if possible.[1]


At H.I.V.E. Tower, Gizmo is holding a meeting where he explains that the H.I.V.E. Five are having a rough time, because of the Teen Titans. He begins to announce his latest plan when his phone rings. Robin, in a disguised voice, asks if Fred is there, and Gizmo informs him that he has the wrong number and hangs up. He attempts to continue the meeting only for the phone to ring again. Starfire asks for Fred, and Gizmo tells her she has the wrong number and hangs up. He continues the meeting but is interrupted again when Cyborg calls, asking to talk to Fred. Gizmo yells that there is no Fred and hangs up when the phone rings again. He screams at the phone and Beast Boy says that he's Fred and was wondering if anyone called for him, dumbstrucking Gizmo. The Titans laugh into the phone and Gizmo proceeds to shoot it with a blaster.

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Mammoth asks to hear Gizmo's plan, but he suggests a new plan: taking a day off from the Titans. Jinx suggests launching a swarm of jerk-seeking murder missiles, but Gizmo refuses. Billy Numerous suggests training and releasing a pack of jerk-seeking murder dogs, but Gizmo again says no. Mammoth suggests spraying the city with a jerk-seeking murder fog, but Gizmo repeats his plan for a quiet day of rest and relaxation. See-More thinks that Gizmo plans to lower the Titans' guard and then strike them with murder missiles. The H.I.V.E. agree with the plan, but Gizmo explains that it's a day off. He instructs them to not commit crimes, enjoy themselves, and to not engage the Titans if they see them. Jinx asks what they should do if the Titans see them and Gizmo repeats his advise to not engage. Billy Numerous duplicates himself and asks what to do if they spot each other at the same time. Gizmo yells that they don't engage as they can't let the Titans upset them. At that moment, his broken phone begins to ring and he answers. Raven asks him if he has any olive oil in the house and to let her go before Popeye gets mad. The Titans laugh on the other line as Gizmo screams. He yells at his team to rest, relax, and avoid the Titans before adjourning the meeting and flying through the roof.

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On a boardwalk, See-More is drawing caricatures when Cyborg spots him. He compliments his artistic talent and pats him on the back, causing See-More to scratch the drawing. The Titan gets rid of his current customer and tells See-More to draw him. See-More reluctantly obliges and Cyborg asks that he give him a discount. He claims to be joking and See-More continues drawing. Cyborg extends his head and informs See-More that he only has five bucks. He sees the outline of his head and mistakes it to be a circle which he says anyone can draw. He returns to his body and flexes but extends again to see the drawing. He requests that he be given a tiny body and keeps insisting that it be tinier as See-More hastily draws. Cyborg continues making requests such as holding Jinx, surfing on a shark who resembles Beast Boy, and demands hair and more muscle. See-More quickly sketches his requests and hands him the drawing. Cyborg unrolls it, but says it doesn't look like him and tells the people in line that See-More is a terrible artist and not worth the money. He crumples the paper and throws it back before walking away. See-More curses Cyborg when he spots a black cat walking past him.

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The black cat strolls into Jump City where it causes bad luck by walking under a ladder that causes a painter to fall, past a bench that collapses, makes a car swerve into a building, and sends two birds to crash mid-air and explode. Jinx spots the cat and it jumps into her arms where she notes the similarities between them: sleek, cuddly, and bad luck. The two decide to have fun and walk down the sidewalk. As they do, a fire hydrant explodes, a safe falls on a man, a tree catches fire, a gas station explodes when they dance next to it, and storm clouds gather when they near a park. Starfire approaches Jinx, asking if she's performing criminal misdeeds, but slams her away when she spots the kitten. Jinx reminds her the kitten isn't her's and Starfire asks if its her's. She informs her that it's an alley cat and doesn't belong to anyone. Starfire decides to follow the Law of Felines and let the kitten decide who it wants to play with. The two goad the cat to come to them and it walks over to Starfire. Starfire celebrates by dancing with the kitten and exclaims how she loves cats and accidentally kicks Jinx into a trash bin. Jinx says she hates Starfire and the Titans and, when Starfire and the cat walk past her, is drenched in rain, struck by lightning, and hit by a safe that explodes.

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Mammoth is dancing in Jump City when Beast Boy approaches him and makes fun of his dancing. He begins dancing and attracts a bigger crowd until Mammoth pushes him away to dance to hip-hop. Beast Boy changes the stereo to rock music and transforms into a rhino, emu, and a kangaroo, but Mammoth continues dancing to hip-hop. The daylight suddenly turns off and a spotlight shines on Beast Boy who begins dancing ballet. The crowd picks him up and carries him away, past a stadium in the background.

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In the baseball stadium, Billy Numerous duplicates himself in order to play a game. He and his duplicate pick other duplicates for their team, with one asking why he's always picked last. In the stands, he replicates himself to fill the stands and makes three more to provide commentary, sell peanuts, and sell hot dogs. One duplicate also acts as an umpire while another serves as the coach. One Billy Numerous hits a home run and it soars out of the stadium and hits Raven on the head as she's reading underneath a nearby tree. She goes to the arena and duplicates herself to attack the Billy Numerous duplicates in a swarm, leaving them battered and bruised on the field. Billy Numerous weakly says that the Titans ruin everything and drops his head.

File:Robin attacks Gizmo's disguise.png

At H.I.V.E. Tower, computer screens show how the H.I.V.E. have ended their day off, but Gizmo doesn't notice as he's attaching a tall robotic body to himself to be tall. He begins walking down Jump City and gives high-fives, plays basketball, grabs a helmet from a tall shelf, high-fives a planet, moves a storm cloud for a family, high-fives an elephant's trunk and is hit by a staff. Robin tells Gizmo that he knows it's him and destroys the suit with his staff as he tries to explain that it's his day off and he just wanted to be tall. Robin realizes his mistake and tells Gizmo to carry on before walking away.

Back at H.I.V.E. Tower, Gizmo asks the H.I.V.E. if they're rested and relaxed, but they simply groan. He says he has a new plan, but his phone rings. Robin, in a disguised voice, asks if Cole is there and, while trying to control his laughter, says that the last name is Cuts. Cyborg realizes the joke and begins laughing along with Robin while Gizmo scowls.



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  • This episode was originally reported to air on 3 July 2015 but was rescheduled.[1]
  • This episode was leaked onto On Demand services before it aired, becoming the fourth episode to be leaked after "Opposites", "Birds", and "Beast Man". It was also available to view on the Watch Cartoon Network app before its scheduled airdate.
  • This episode aired during a week of brand new episodes.
  • Second episode without a primary focus on the Titans ("Brian").
  • Starfire breaks the fourth wall by winking at the audience.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "And the Award for Sound Design Goes to Rob".


  • Robin says, "boom!" after Raven prank calls Gizmo which is what he would say after making jokes in "Uncle Jokes".
  • Cyborg tells See-More to draw him holding Jinx, alluding to their romantic relationship which began in "Opposites".
  • The painter that the black cat passes is the window washer that had to avoid being crushed when Starfire smashed Blackfire through various windows in "Mr. Butt".
  • This is the first time that Billy Numerous, Mammoth, and See-More speak. They later speaked in "Scary Figure Dance".
  • The teenage boy that the black cat passes was one of the teenagers that made fun of Mad Mod in "Salty Codgers".
  • The gas station that Jinx and the cat blow up is the same one where the H.I.V.E. refueled their monster truck in "Road Trip".
  • Starfire's love of cats is shown again ("Dreams", "Caramel Apples").
  • A poster of Death Toilet 3, the movie the Titans went to see in "Beast Man", can be seen on the side of the building where Mammoth dances.


  • Raven tells Gizmo that he better let olive oil go before Popeye gets mad. This references the character Olive Oyl from the comic strip Thimble Theatre which was later renamed Popeye after the sailor became popular. In the subsequent films and television cartoons, Olive Oyl was rewritten as Popeye's girlfriend.
  • When Cyborg looks at the picture See-More drew of him, it's really a caricature of Cyborg's voice actor Khary Payton.


  • After the kitten chooses Starfire, she accidentally knocks Jinx into a nearby trash can even though it wasn't there earlier when the kitten was choosing.


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