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--The only part that counts ... is the left leg![[Robin declaring the left leg superior.|[src]]]

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"The Left Leg" is the twenty-sixth episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go!, and the twenty-sixth episode overall. It first aired on 25 September 2013 on Cartoon Network.


Cyborg creates a huge Titan Robot powered by all five Titans, each of whom controls a different body part. Even though Cyborg tells Robin that everybody's part is as good as the others, Robin gripes about his role as the left leg and makes some improvements to his section of the robot to make sure that the left leg is the most powerful part of all.[1]


Cyborg is excited about showing the Teen Titans his latest invention, but Robin says they should be using the time for training. Cyborg tells Robin to trust him and at the urging of Beast Boy activates a door that unveils the Titan Robot, a gigantic robot designed to be functioned by each of the Titans. Robin, ecstatic about the robot, insists on taking it out, but Cyborg tells him that he designed the robot to be used on world-threatening danger, disappointing Robin.

Later, the Titans are relaxing in the living room when the crime alert begins to blare. Robin announces that they're dealing with "the fight they've been preparing for their whole lives" and reveals that the crime is a bank robbery, upsetting the Titans. Starfire wonders if the villain committing the crime is a bigger threat than the crime itself and Robin agrees, revealing that the villain in question is Kitten. The Titans go back to their activities and Robin claims that the only way to stop her is by using the Titan Robot. Raven determines the robot to be the reason for Robin's behavior and he pleads for them to use the robot. After Robin says that he'll pay for gas, Cyborg agrees to take the robot. The Titans begin assembling with Raven at the right arm, Beast Boy at the left arm, and Starfire on the right leg. Robin enters the head, but Cyborg lands on him and tells him that since he designed the robot, he gets to be the head. Robin claims that he's the leader, but Cyborg delegates him to the left leg. Robin protests, but Raven orders them to hurry up and he reluctantly agrees to operate the left leg.

The Titan Robot emerges from the ocean and, after kicking the seagull, heads into Jump City. Kitten exits the Jump City Bank, complaining that the bankers didn't want to help her carry her stolen money. She comes across the Titan Robot and is terrified of the robot. However, when ordered by Cyborg to attack, Raven is unsure of which button to press and destroys Kitten's car. Beast Boy is excited to attack but succeeds in ruining every building around Kitten, who offers to take the money back. Cyborg tells the legs to walk forward, but Robin, complaining the action is lame, begins power kicking. His maneuvers interferes with the others and causes the system to malfunction. The robot suddenly begins dancing, but collapses, allowing Kitten to make a getaway on the bus. Robin emerges from the left leg and asks if they got her while Cyborg frowns at him.

Back at the tower, Cyborg chides Robin for not following his part. He explains that as the left leg, everything Robin's left leg can do, the robot can do as well. Robin interprets this as nothing, but Cyborg tells him that only when he embraces his limitations can he understand his capabilities. In his room, Robin is insulting his leg when he begins voicing his right arm for counsel. The "arm" tells him to embrace his status as the left leg and Robin resolves to be the best left leg he can be. He trains his left leg until it is overly muscled, disgusting the other Titans. Robin's communicator beeps and he reports that Gizmo and his robot army are attacking Jump City. Cyborg decides that they need the robot to handle this threat and asks Robin if he's ready to embrace being the left leg. Robin agrees and the Titans assemble the Titan Robot.

As his robot army begins attacking Jump City, Gizmo is thrilled that he'll finally be able to take over Jump City. The Titan Robot appears and begins attacking Gizmo's primary robot. They take to the skies where Gizmo is joined by his robot army. Cyborg suggests blasting the robot army and Raven prepares to do so until Robin interrupts and begins firing blasts from the left leg. He reveals that he made improvements to reflect the left leg's true capabilities and fires lasers before holding a sword through the left leg to attack, destroying the entire robot army. Cyborg mentions that the robot can't handle all of Robin's systems and orders the others to stop him. Gizmo snickers to himself, saying that the battle is too easy and shoots three missiles at the Titan Robot, knocking it out of the sky. Defeated, Robin claims to have learned his lesson – that the only part that counts is the left leg. He detaches himself from the Titan Robot and kicks Gizmo's robot onto the ground, defeating him. Robin emerges from the left leg and declares that left legs rule



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  • The parts of the Titan Robot that the Titans control are as follows: Cyborg as the head, Raven as the right arm, Beast Boy as the left arm, Starfire as the right leg, and Robin as the left leg.
  • The fourth wall is broken when Raven, Cyborg, and Robin glance at one another during a split-screen.
  • This episode marks the first time Beast Boy doesn't use any of his animal transformations.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Starliar".


  • Gizmo's promise to take over Jump City using a giant robot army comes true in this episode. It was scheduled to take place during "Laundry Day", but he postponed it due to being confronted by a nude Robin.
  • The seagull wears ear muffs for the first time.
  • The pink and light blue letters appear in the beginning of the episode is in the same vein as “Legendary Sandwich”, “Dog Hand”, “Meatball Party”, “Staff Meeting”, and “Burger vs. Burrito”.


  • The sound effect of collecting coins from the Super Mario Bros. franchise can be heard when Robin pulls a penny from behind Cyborg's ear.
  • The sound Robin's sword makes is similar to that of a lightsaber from the Star Wars franchise.
  • When the Titans head to their respective stations, make a gesture, and call out the part they control, it references the Power Rangers in their Zords.
  • This is also a reference to the show the Tutles watch in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles called Super Robo Mecha Force Five!


  • When Titan Robot is dancing: At the third step, the buildings are small and Titan Robot has a normal size. At the time the fourth step was being done, the buildings got bigger and Titan Robot got smaller.


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