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--Thank you, Titans! Thank you for helping me see the true meaning of Christmas: presents![src]

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"The True Meaning of Christmas" is the nineteenth episode of Season 3 of Teen Titans Go! and the one hundred and twenty-third episode overall. It first aired on 3 December 2015 on Cartoon Network. 


Fed up with never getting presents from Santa, the Titans head to the North Pole to take themselves off the Naughty List … by any means necessary.


For three consecutive years, the Teen Titans wake up on Christmas morning, disappointed that Santa Claus hasn't left them any presents. Initially, Robin tries to cheer the Titans up by reminding them that Christmas isn't about presents, but about spending time with friends and family. At Christmas Eve, Robin concludes that the lack of presents is because they are on the Naughty List. The Titans begin attacking one another out of rage, but Robin stops them, claiming they'll never know for sure why they're on the Naughty List. Cyborg protests by reminding him that they sang songs and spent time together the past three years, but Robin says it wasn't enough. He suggests they infiltrate Santa's Workshop and take their names off the Naughty List. Once there, the Titans disguise themselves as elves and split up to search for the Naughty List.

Cyborg heads to Santa's Toy Factory and asks two elves about the Naughty List, but they both shush him and one claims that they'll get him in trouble with the boss. Angered by their behavior, Cyborg shouts at the assembly line for the location of the Naughty List. However, his yelling attracts the attention of the boss, who demands to know the problem. Cyborg blames everything on an elf beside him and the elf is escorted away by security guards. At the reindeer stables, Beast Boy talks to Comet and Blitzen, but proceeds to make fun of Rudolph's red nose. Angered by Beast Boy's jokes, Rudolph takes Santa's sleigh and leaves the stables. Beast Boy asks the other reindeer for the location of the Naughty List, but they don't answer.

Starfire and Raven walk down a street of gingerbread houses, and Starfire asks a gingerbread man if he knows where they can find the Naughty List. Raven, however, barges into the house, inquiring about a smell. The two note that everything is made out of gingerbread and proceed to eat the entire house, including its resident. Meanwhile, Robin enters another building and finds an elf guarding a room. He knocks out the elf with a tranquilizer and finds the Naughty List. Robin checks the list and sees that Teen Titans is written on it. He tries to erase, conceal, and explode the name off the list, but to no avail because of Christmas magic. Before he can try anything else, Robin is discovered by Santa Claus, (who's arrival is announced through a song). Shortly after, the security guards bring the rest of the Titans to Santa, having caught them sneaking around.

Santa demands that the Titans explain, and they respond that they're sick of not getting presents on Christmas. He tells them that Christmas isn't about presents, but a time for family and friends to come together and for the people of the world to forget their troubles and aspire to be good much to the Titans' chagrin. Robin asks Santa why he owns a toy factory if Christmas isn't about Christmas and he claims it's just fun and meaningless to the holiday. Robin decides to test Santa's words and blows up the factory which Santa says is a chance to show what he was talking about.

Santa and the Titans gather around the fireplace and spend time together by sitting and staring at each other. After a while, Santa relents and admits that Christmas stinks without presents. He realizes that he shouldn't have the authority to decide who gets gifts and calls himself a monster. He thanks the Titans for showing him that presents are the true meaning of Christmas. Robin has Raven repair the toy factory as a gift for Santa and the Titans accompany Santa to Jump City where he delivers presents to Killer Moth, Doctor Light, and the H.I.V.E. Five. The Titans, getting presents, proclaim it to be the best Christmas ever and Santa wishes all a Merry Christmas.



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  • If the events of this episode are accounted for, this means that the events of "Second Christmas" took place six years before this episode, taking into account the three years without presents, the infiltration of Santa's Workshop, and the two year time period of "Second Christmas".


  • A picture of Lobo wearing a Santa hat can be seen in Santa's living room.



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