JCPD Police Cruisers are police automobiles commonly used by the Jump City Police Department to pursue criminals.


The cruisers made their debut appearance in "Driver's Ed", where they were used to pursue Robin and his driving instructor, Ed, after committing a robbery. Multiple cruisers can be seen on the final robbery and they even chase Robin and Ed into a supermarket. The entire pack of cruisers end up destroyed in the supermarket.

In "Girl's Night Out", the cruisers return again, but this time, they chase after the magic bumper cars, driven by Jinx, Raven and Starfire. Again, the police cruisers can be seen in a pack.


These police cars are a typical four-door sedan with traditional black and white color scheme. They feature chrome bumpers, push bars, and wheels, as well as a classic halogen rotating light bar.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


  • They're most likely inspired by the old classic Police Sedan vehicles from the 80's like the Chevrolet Caprice, Ford Crown Victoria, and Dodge Monaco.
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