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Quote1.png I guess that's why they say, it's good to be bad. Quote2.png
--Jinx (In "Snuggle Time")

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Jinx is a member of the H.I.V.E. Five and an antagonist of Teen Titans Go!. Lauren Tom, who voices Jinx, reprises her role as the original series..


Jinx is one of the Titans' main enemies. She frequently leads her teammates in their attacks in Jump City.

In "Girl's Night Out", Starfire decided to break Jinx out of her prison cell, planning to use Jinx's criminal side to make the night more "crazy", however, Starfire warned Jinx that if she made one wrong move, she will obliterate her. Jinx eventually got Starfire and Raven to commit crimes, including destruction of property, resisting arrest, prison breakout and theft.

In order to have an exciting girls' night out, Starfire and Raven visited Jinx in the Juvenile Correction Facility for her help in bringing the excitement. The villainess complied, claiming she had nothing better to do. Then, she was teleported out of her cell by Raven after she was enticed by Starfire's puppy dog eyes. Once Jinx was freed, Starfire warned her that she would blast her if she attempted an escape. Jinx heeded the warning and joined the females on their wild night.

The three traveled to an amusement park wherein she observed the lack of craziness within the female Titans, noting that they needed her help. Starfire led the girls to the bumper cars line where she noticed the amount of people. Jinx shouted that there were free kittens in the parking lot, causing the people to run off. Raven complimented Jinx on her actions and the three boarded the bumper cars. However, the rides were found boring by the females and Jinx offered to make the night more exciting if Starfire blasted her handcuffs away. Raven intervened, stating they wouldn't let her out in a million years as Starfire complied with Jinx's wish, but reminded the villainess about her threat to obliterate her. Jinx used her powers to hex the bumper cars, making them act as race cars and led the Titans toward Downtown Jump City.

Jinx, Starfire, and Raven wreaked havoc on Jump City and gathered the police department in pursuit of them. They rounded a corner to evade them, but crashed into a building which they later rode into the sky and crash-landed on the ground. Distracted, the three were surrounded and imprisoned by the police. However, not wanting the night to end, the three broke out of their cells and continued to run from the police throughout the night.

Escapades with the H.I.V.E. Five

In "Super Robin", Jinx broke out of jail and rejoined her team, the H.I.V.E. Five. They caused mayhem in Jump City while attempting to rob Jump City Bank, and was alerted to the arrival of the Teen Titans by See-More. Jinx charged at Beast Boy, but he transformed into a tyrannosaurus-Rex and trapped her in his jaws. She struggled to escape as the Titan offered to lend Robin a hand.

In "Artful Dodgers", Jinx and the H.I.V.E. broke in at the Jump City Museum to steal the Eye of Hamashabi until they were defeated by the Teen Titans and later sent to jail. After breaking out of jail, the H.I.V.E. Five entered the dodge-ball tournament with her, Gizmo, and Mammoth on the starting line. The trio easily defeated the male Titans who were competing against them. Later, Jinx and the rest of the H.I.V.E. Five stole money from the Jump City Bank until Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg asked for a rematch. She agreed and defeated them once more. Eventually, the H.I.V.E. Five reached the finals of the tournament where they faced against the Titans. However, the heroes had resorted to cheating due to their multiple losses which Jinx later noticed. She, Gizmo, and Mammoth defeated them for a third time until Robin called the Jump City Police Department to arrest her and the rest of the H.I.V.E. Five.

In "Power Moves", escaping from prison once more, Jinx and the rest of the H.I.V.E. Five confronted the Teen Titans. However, before Robin could call them into action, Beast Boy and Cyborg volunteered to defeat them through the use of power moves. Skeptical, Robin stood aside as the duo used the power move, Centaur Kick against Jinx, launching her in the air until she crashed into a wall.

In "Staring at the Future", Jinx appeared in Robin's fantasy about the effects of growing a mustache, screaming as a fan-girl.

In "No Power", Jinx and the rest of the H.I.V.E. Five attempted to rob the Jump City Bank only to be attacked once more by the Teen Titans. She and her teammates were confused when Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire wielded ordinary objects instead of using their superpowers. Starfire poked Jinx in the eye repeatedly with her stick and tied her up with the other teenage villains.

In "Sidekick", Jinx and the rest of the H.I.V.E. Five terrorized Gotham City and was frightened once the Batmobile appeared, thinking Batman himself was arriving to combat them. However, the Titans instead exited the vehicle, overcoming the team's shock. Jinx fought against a Batgirl-costumed Starfire, and managed to send her spiraling after Batgirl's cape covered Starfire's eyes. She and the rest of the H.I.V.E. Five attempted to use the Ultimate Batarang to destroy the captured Titans, but were shocked to discover it wasn't a weapon. Robin later used Batman's equipment to capture Jinx and the rest of the H.I.V.E. Five.

In "Legs", Jinx was confronted by a cloak-less Raven and the two prepared to battle. However, having discovered new uses with her legs, Raven quickly utilized them as weapons to attack the villainess. Badly bruised as the result of the multiple kicks, Jinx grabbed Raven's legs to contain them, but a third one appeared to stun Jinx, with Jinx confused Raven crushes Jinx's face and kicks her away defeating her.

In "Breakfast Cheese", The H.I.V.E. Five were confronted by the Titans when they were loitering on Jump City. They savagely attacked them with Raven using her soul-self to slam Jinx onto buildings and on the street. After noting the brutality of their attacks, Starfire attempted to convince the Titans to fight nicer, but Cyborg fired missiles into each of their faces, including Jinx. The Titans once again returned to confront the H.I.V.E. Five, but their shock quickly turned into thoughts of vengeance. Jinx blasted Raven and smiled smugly when Gizmo fired missiles at their faces as they attempted to convince them into joining them in lives of peace and nonviolence. Robin attacked, but instead handed Jinx flowers to charm her. After the Titans showered them with peace and love, Jinx and the rest of the H.I.V.E. Five sang alongside one another to celebrate their newfound friendship.

Illicit Romance

In "Opposites", Jinx and the rest of the H.I.V.E. robbed the Jump City Bank when they were confronted by the Teen Titans. Cyborg, his attraction more apparent, sneaked up on her prompting the villain to hex him into the ground. Pressured to attack by Beast Boy and Starfire, Cyborg instead unleashed signs to proclaim his love such as a monster bear hug and a flower grenade much to the villain's confusion. Jinx used the distraction to successfully escape capture and presumably reunited with her team once they managed to escape.

Cyborg tracked Jinx to Yum Yum Kitty Diner where he took photos of her without her knowledge. He was eventually spotted by Jinx who used a table to propel him onto the roof in order to resume their battle. She confronted him about tracking her which he admitted to and revealed a gift, shooting a device which the villainess presumed to be a bomb. However, she discovered blueberry pie and tasted it with caution before asking how Cyborg knew the dessert was her favorite. After he revealed that he knows everything about her, Jinx remarked it was creepy in a romantic way and the two shared their first electrifying kiss. She wondered how the H.I.V.E. would react if they discovered their relationship and agreed to keep it a secret sealing their love with another kiss.

At the H.I.V.E. Tower, Jinx stared lovingly at the balloon Cyborg had gifted her and was confronted by Gizmo about its origin. She lied, claiming it was stolen from a baby, but Gizmo suspiciously questioned her statement. A few days later, Jinx and Cyborg were at the park where the villainess wondered how long the ruse will continue to last when Robin and Gizmo arrived to confront them. They claimed to be doing battle, but the team leaders saw through their act as Jinx was unable to punch Cyborg. Gizmo escorted Jinx away as she stared longingly at Cyborg before sinking into despair.

Jinx cried as she looked at the balloon while Gizmo attempted to snap her out of her depression. She lamented over never seeing Cyborg again, but Gizmo reminded her that she'll see him when they're trying to destroy the Titans much to her despair. Gizmo repented and gave her his blessing, but she remarked that it'll never work unless they switch allegiance to good. Gizmo declined, but accepted upon seeing her puppy dog eyes, claiming the H.I.V.E. will be good. Jinx, however, remarked that they must also be crime-fighters.

At a building, Jinx told the H.I.V.E. that the police scanner was picking up a robbery at a nearby bank which Gizmo deduced to be the same one from earlier. The bank exploded, revealing the Titans to be the robbers. Jinx confronted Cyborg who revealed that he had the Titans switch allegiance. The two begin to argue as Jinx complained about Robin's intrusion and that he smelt like celery. Eventually, their argument led to their break-up and the teams ended the battle and left the scene. Jinx and Cyborg stood in silence until Jinx asks if this was goodbye. Cyborg tells her it's not if she choose to rob a bank at a certain time and date, winking to signify a date. Jinx agreed and the two kissed, shocking one another.

In "Be Mine", Jinx attended the Titans Valentine's Day dance as Cyborg's valentine, but was accompanied by two prison guards and had her hands chained together. She smiled whenever Cyborg was nearby and was visibly upset when he was electrocuted by her escort.

In "How 'Bout Some Effort", Jinx and Cyborg pretended to be a married couple on Valentine's Day, even making Gizmo their baby. But they had a minor fallout after Jinx was displeased at Cyborg distributing cards to everyone and believed that he didn't care for her enough. After Cyborg returned from his quest and sang her Grrl Ur So Uhmayzeen, she was enamored and forgave him.

Greeting new Members

In "In and Out", Jinx aided in the H.I.V.E's plan to build an orbiting satellite out of their headquarters and was left in shock at Mammoth's beating at the hands of Red X, calling him mean while she accompanied him to tend his wounds. She joined the H.I.V.E. in eating a homemade pizza and later witnessed Mammoth suffering another beating by Stone. Once Ravine, Sapphire, and Beast Bob beat up Mammoth once more, she tearfully cried for his injuries. As the H.I.V.E. prepared to launch into space, Jinx informed Gizmo that they've had enough of their new recruits' messy habits, causing Gizmo to resolve to blow up the H.I.V.E. Tower. They traveled to the motherboard to blow up the tower and new recruits but were intercepted by the Teen Titans (the recruits in disguise). Jinx battled Raven, but was interrupted once the tower exploded, leading the H.I.V.E. to reside at Titans Tower which was later blown up by Robin.

Subsequent Appearances

In "Real Magic", Raven transported Mumbo Jumbo to a cell beside Jinx and Doctor Light at the Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility.

In "Money Grandma", Jinx participated in another attempted robbery at the Jump City Bank. However, the Titans once again arrived in attack. She hopped on building rooftops in attempt to evade a pursuing Raven, who occasionally punched her with a demonic fist.

In "Road Trip", while the other members of the H.I.V.E. Five helped prepare the H.I.V.E. Monster Truck for a journey, Jinx exited the gas station with a six pack of soda and a bag of chips, the latter which she handed to Mammoth. When the Teen Titans drove back to drench them with water for "robbing the station", Jinx watched, not amused, as they drove off. After the monster truck broke down, Jinx stood by the side, reading Pretty Pretty Pegasus: The Novel. After the car was fixed, Jinx and the rest of the H.I.V.E., angered by the Titans' mistreatment attacked them with the car's weapons, but each were defeated by Cyborg and Beast Boy. Eventually, Raven threw up on the windshield, and the truck crashed into a boulder and exploded.

In "Mouth Hole", after returning from a trip, Jinx and the H.I.V.E. Five caught Robin outside of H.I.V.E. Tower as he attempted to whistle a warning to the Titans inside. She and her teammates threw them out of the tower before they could discover what they were planning. While Robin trained with the Master of Whistles, Jinx and the H.I.V.E. successfully kidnapped the other Titans and prepared to use a laser to destroy them. However, Robin interrupted and used his whistling skills to battle Jinx and defeated her along with See-More.

Jinx returns in Super Robin, leading the H.I.V.E. Five on their first attack in the series, robbing a bank. The first serious battle between the Titans and the H.I.V.E. in the series takes place, and the Titans defeat the H.I.V.E.

The H.I.V.E. Five return to rob the same bank again in "Artful Dodgers", and even hold civilians hostage with a bomb to prevent the Titans from beating them. Gizmo even created an invisibility cloak so they could get away. Despite all of the precautions, the Titans were able to locate the villains and deactivate the bomb. Within twenty-four hours, the H.I.V.E. escape prison, in order to join the upcoming dodge-ball competition. Their unbeatable team, the H.I.V.E. Fivers, easily defeats the Team Titans. Later that day, the H.I.V.E. attempt to rob the same bank again, without any precaution. The Titans arrive and challenge them to a dodge-ball rematch, which the H.I.V.E. win with ease, allowing them to escape with the money. Later on, the Fivers make it to the final championship dodge-ball round, where they once again face the Titans. The Titans resort to cheating and attack the H.I.V.E. Outraged, the H.I.V.E. angrily retaliate and defeat the Titans again. During their victory celebration, the police arrive and arrest the H.I.V.E., forfeiting their trophy to the Titans.

In "Operation Tin Man", Jinx sits by Cyborg and Mammoth while Gizmo is telling the Titans he is keeping Cyborg hostage. When Cyborg and Gizmo argue about one of them leaving, Jinx blasts them both. She asks why they both can't be friends and walks away saying she doesn't want to catch them fighting again, and still do as she walks away. When Cyborg pulls a prank on Gizmo, she is displeased. When Gizmo pranks Cyborg, he makes Jinx run away crying when he makes Cyborg (controlled by a device) say he wants to break up with her. Later, mad, she sends Gizmo and Cyborg to Gizmo's room. After they come back out, Jinx is glad that they've become friends, but gets attacked by the Teen Titans at the last minute. They shoot the H.I.V.E. tower and send them into the water.

In "Operation Dude Rescue", Jinx joined Starfire, Raven, Ravager and Terra to save the male Titans from The Brain. She kept considering this mission as a night out. She later joined forces with the other girls against a match with the Brain, but ditched the boys to have a night out with her girls.

In "Jinxed", Jinx was revealed to have a collection of voices from various characters. After Robin started beating up his team and wrecking her collection, however, she changed her mind because she could no longer tolerate the chaos in her house, and returned Robin his voice.

In "Girls Night In", Jinx joined another girls night out with her girls, this time including Bumblebee. When Blackfire invaded Earth, she joined her girls to fight against the former, but wasn't strong enough against Blackfire. After being declared by Starfire as a sister, she gained the strength to defeat Blackfire with the rest of her girls.

Teen Titans Go! comic book series

In "Party, Party!", sometime after her girls' night out, Jinx attended the Titans's Party Party, but decided to return to jail upon noticing it was boring. However, she opted to stay once music began blasting and danced with Cyborg. Fed up by the villains interaction with them, Robin ordered them to leave with Jinx dodging a sonic blast from Cyborg while remarking the party trumped a night in jail before making her getaway.

In "Teen Titans Go Figure!", Jinx accompanied the H.I.V.E. Five to challenge the Titans to a battle and was confused when the heroes didn't show. She questioned Gizmo's claims that they were ignoring them due to his shortness as he blew up the Tower's exterior. Jinx, however, deduced that they were too wrapped up in their Go Fish game to pay them any real attention yet See-More announced that the game would be over soon due to Robin having three fours. Enraged that he peeked at his cards, Robin ordered the Titans to attack with Jinx being defeated by Raven.

Physical Appearance

Jinx is a normal teenage girl with pale-white skin, pink cheek blushes, long eyelashes, thin cat-like pupils, magenta irises and hair formed into devil horns, with black bracelets near the tips of her hair. She wears a purple gothic dress with black and purple-striped stockings. She also wears black and purple boots and a black necklace.


Jinx is depicted as a mischievous trouble-maker and shows little disregard to other people, shown when she lied about free kittens in the parking lot to get some people to leave the line for the bumper cars. Despite hating Raven, she seems to be able to put aside her differences to have a girl's night out with her and Starfire in "Girl's Night Out". She is quick to charge into battle as shown when she showed no hesitation to attack Beast Boy in "Super Robin" and Raven in "Legs". However, she does show signs of cowardice and is commonly seen ducking or flinching before being attacked. Despite this, she is shown to have leadership abilities, and frequently leads the H.I.V.E. Five on missions.

Jinx is also very protective of her teammates, crying for Mammoth's well-being when he was constantly picked on by the H.I.V.E.'s new recruits in "In and Out". She also comforted her teammates when she and her team were at a disadvantage against the Titans in "Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition".

When not committing crimes, Jinx is bubbly and hyper, always enthusiastic about hanging around with her frenemies /friends and have girls night outs with them, though sometimes at the expense of their tolerance.

Powers and Abilities

Homo Magi Superior Physiology - Having a mixture of magical and regular powers, she's equally powerful to a Metahuman and a Homo Magi.

  • Cursing Objects - The ability to make objects stronger, faster and/or more powerful than they already are, such as cursing a bumper car to make it act more like a fast go-kart.
  • Hex Blasts - She can shoot out energy blasts that can knock down objects and people.
  • Magical Telekinesis - Jinx can use her magic to psionically move objects from a distance with her mind, all shrouded in a pink, telekinetic aura.


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  • Despite on how rare they are, Homo Magi Superiors (which Jinx actually was), are Metahuman-Magician hybrids which possess both ordinary to magical powers, which makes them much more powerful than Metahumans and Homo Magi all together. Transcendent Homo Magi Superiors however, (which are basically Mystical Metahumans of godly power) are exceedingly rarer than ordinary Magical Metahumans, though did appear a bit more often in both Marvel Comics and DC Comics.
  • Jinx is often seen in prison alongside other captured villains.
  • Jinx is the most recurring member of the H.I.V.E. Five, as well as the most recurring character in the series other than the Titans and Silkie.
  • She is the fifth villain from the original series to return.
  • While her overall attire hasn't changed much, Jinx's witch-like dress was more black in the original series whilst in the new series, she has more of a black and purple dress.
  • Ironically, despite Jinx's powers being based on bad luck, her hair is shaped like a horse shoe, a symbol for good luck.
    • Her hair is also thought of as devil horns, showing that she is evil.
  • Jinx is voiced by Lauren Tom. Lauren also voiced Gizmo, as well as both in the original series. However, in the original series episode "Titans Together", Tara Strong replaced Lauren as Jinx, as well as Gizmo.
  • In the original series, Jinx left the H.I.V.E Five and joined the Teen Titans as a Honorary Titan with Kid Flash. This has not happened in this series, as she continues to be a villain and a member of the H.I.V.E.
  • She is the most focused H.I.V.E Five member, having five episodes focused on her. (Girl's Night Out, Opposites, How 'Bout Some Effort, Operation Dude Rescue, Girls Night In)
  • In "Serious Business", Starfire supported a hairstyle exactly like Jinx.
  • It is revealed that Jinx's favorite food is blueberry pie.
  • Jinx is second in command of the H.I.V.E. Five after Gizmo.
  • In some episodes, such as "Legs", she shows one eyebrow. However, she also can show some eyebrows in some clips and scenes.
  • Like Raven, her skin tone turned slightly darker in Season 5.


The quotes for Jinx can be found here.

Voice in other languages

  • Timea Pupos (Hungarian)
  • Barbara Pitotti (Italian)
  • Alina Leonte (Romanian)
  • Marta Dobecka (Polish)
  • Fabiola Martins (Brazil)
  • Barbara Beretta (French)


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