Here are a list of quotes from Jinx throughout the series.


  • "Hello, Cyborg. Are you following me ?" -Jinx to Cyborg in Opposites
  • "Blueberry pie... my favorite!" -Jinx in Opposites
  • "Someone stop him! He's gonna hurt Mammoth!" - Jinx terrified in In and Out
  • "But he's good and we're evil... and it would never work out!" - Jinx to Gizmo about Cyborg in Opposites
  • "He's mean." -Jinx sobbing over Mammoth's torture.
  • "Of course not. He's my enemy! My big... fun... adorable enemy!" - Jinx crying in Opposites
  • "We can't go to space with them." -Jinx to Gizmo in In and Out
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