Below are the known relationships of Jinx throughout the series.



Jinx and Gizmo complain

Jinx and Gizmo complaining about how the Titans are cheating at dodgeball.

Jinx and Gizmo are the closest members of the H.I.V.E. Five and are frequently shown conversing. Being a boy genius, he seems to have more emotional maturity than her and their other teammates.

In "Opposites", he forbids Jinx from dating Cyborg. When she starts crying he feels bad, and eventually decides to do what she wants. He was even willing to give up villainy in order to make her happy.

In "Let's Get Serious", they back up in a fight with the Young Justice League and cover each other's backs, but eventually fail.

In Operation Tin Man, she likes seeing Gizmo's baby photos and in How 'Bout Some Effort, she even dresses as an infant and looks after him, much to his chagrin.


Poor mammoth

Not much is known about these two, but Jinx seems to care about him, being shown in "In and Out", where she commanded the others to stop Robin from hurting him, and where she cries out "Poor, Poor Mammoth!" as he suffers pain from the Titans beating him up.

Their relationship is hinted again in "Road Trip", in which Jinx nicely hands a bag of potato chips to Mammoth.


Raven (frienemy/rival)


Jinx hates Raven, and Raven hates Jinx back. They are often fighting each other in their battles, as they both have similar powers. Whenever Raven gets bored, she will go to the Juvenile Correction Facility to make fun of Jinx for being in prison. In "Legs", Raven enjoys going overboard and beating up Jinx way more than she should. She repeatedly kicks Jinx in the face past the point of surrender at a very fast speed. In the episode "Girl's Night Out", Raven, Jinx and Starfire all go for a girls night out, (because of Starfire) they aren't as mean to each other after they spend more time together. The two have an on and off relationship.

In "Let's Get Serious", Raven and Starfire free Jinx to have a third Girl's Night Out.

In "How 'Bout Some Effort", Raven (along with Starfire) willingly tries to cheer Jinx up about her argument with Cyborg. 

In "Operation Dude Rescue", Jinx offers to help Raven and Starfire rescue their male teammates from The Brain.

In "Jinxed" , While fighting Raven (again with Starfire) the two of them ask if Jinx would like to have another Girl's Night's before getting hit by one of her attacks.

Starfire (frienemy)


Raven, Starfire, and Jinx go on a Girls Night Out.

In "Girl's Night Out", Starfire wishes to hold a girl's night out with Raven and decides to recruit Jinx as a guide. She and Raven enter the Juvenile Correction Facility, and break Jinx out of her cell. However not before threatening to blast Jinx with her starbolt beams if she attempts to escape.


Starfire, Jinx, and Raven about to go on their third girl's night out.

The girls go to the fair to have fun, and Jinx ends up amping up the excitement by riding the bumper cars away from the fair and partaking in high-speed chases around the city. The three girls end up incarcerated the prison together, but had a lot of fun.

In "Let's Get Serious", Starfire and Raven free Jinx from shackles again, and end up having a third Girls Night Out.

Girls in Eye Patch and Hooks

In "Yearbook Madness", Starfire and Raven make a Yearbook Club called "Girls In Eye Patches With Hook Hands", while Jinx is included with them.

In "The HIVE Five", Starfire and Jinx battle for the cat's love, with Starfire taking the victory. Starfire flies off with the cat in her arms, leaving Jinx alone angry on the sidewalk.

In Costume Contest, when the Titans and the HIVE are competing with each side for the sake of their desired victory, Starfire and Jinx battle with their reversed powers before colliding with each other.

In The Scoop!, Jinx taunts Starfire after managing to retrieve the scoop by trapping the latter inside the H.I.V.E. Tower until the scoop comes alive and defends Starfire.


Cyborg (Love Interest/Boyfriend)


Cyborg and Jinx playfully "fighting".

As of "Opposites", Cyborg and Jinx are secretly dating and enjoying their "forbidden romance." They are obviously smitten with each other, and both disobey orders against dating someone from opposite teams. When they are discovered, they both convince their teams to switch sides, which results in them still being enemies. After they break up in front of their friends, they secretly reconcile their relationship by kissing and continue dating. In "Be Mine", Jinx accepts Cyborg's invitation to be his valentine.

Jinx flirting with "Fleshy Guy" in "Real Boy Adventures".

Their relationship was briefly shown in "Real Boy Adventures", where Jinx flirts at Cyborg before attacking him with her team, and Cyborg telling her to put ice on herself after getting hurt by paper cuts all over her face.

Another reference to their relationship is shown in "Yearbook Madness", whereas they are by school lockers and looking at each other. Most of the time having an off and on kind of relationship.

In "Accept the Next Proposition You Hear" Cyborg was flirting with her in public and that embarrassed her when she went to the mall with Terra.

In "How 'Bout Some Effort", Cyborg tries to make Valentine's Day special for Jinx to fix an agreement between them. Cyborg eventually makes it back from The Center of the Universe with special Valentine's Day gifts and he sung her a little song. Jinx happily accepts his apology and the two embraced for several kisses, renewing and strengthening their romance.

In the comic issue "Sleep Over", Jinx was upset that it was a girls-only slumber party because it meant that Cyborg had to leave. She is also seen sleeping with a Cyborg plush on the cover of the same issue.


Jinx worked with Terra to save all the male Titans from The Brain.


Jinx worked with Rose to defeat the evil Brain and rescue the captive Titans.