Jor-El and Lara were the biological parents of Superman, and the late paternal uncle and aunt of Supergirl, as Zor-El was Jor-El's brother who had shared his hypothesis of Kyrpton's imminent self-annihilation.


They debuted in the feature movie Teen Titans Go! to the Movies when the Teen Titans had traveled back in time to stop their infant son from ever being sent away to Earth and becoming Superman.


  • In the TTG universe, they are modelled after Marlon Brando and Susanah York, who played their roles in the first 2 Superman Movies.


  • "That's gonna cut it off. Honey, I'm sorry. We're pretty much all dead."
  • "But we have no choice. The crystals are not harmonized. The planet is collapsing!! I tried all total combinations!"


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