Jose is a fish who debuted in "My Name is Jose".


Jose used to be just a normal fish who lives in the vast ocean until one day he encountered Cyborg. At first, Jose was deemed as “without a personality” by the cyborg, but later on the latter developed a bond with him. This didn't change our impression on him being a dull fish anyway.

It wasn't until Cyborg and the rest of the Titans brought Jose along when they had to battle against Gizmo. Although still being annoying by about to constantly repeat his name, Jose finally played a crucial role for helping the Titans gaining their victory--summoning a school of piranhas to chomp Gizmo's lower part of the body!

Soon, after proving himself as Cyborg's worthy buddy, Cyborg allowed Jose to stay in the team, which Jose himself gladly accepts, and later joined the Titans on solving a conflict under the sea that involves fighting electric eels.


  • The only thing that Jose can speak is introducing himself, which is a reference/parody to "My name is Groot".