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Jump City is a city where the Teen Titans live and protect, and it's the main location in the series. It always needs to be guarded by them because of the excessive amount of criminals and villains in the vicinity.

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  • Notably, many places in Jump City have names ending in the word "Bear".
  • Despite having the Titans as its protectors, the city itself has still ended up being ravaged for numerous times owing to their irresponsibility and for plot convenience.
  • "Stockton, CA!" reveals that the city itself was founded in 2003, which is the same year Teen Titans premiered.
    • In the same episode it is revealed that Jump City is located near the city of Stockton. Due to the fact that Jump City is close to Stockton, this implies that Jump City is located in Northern California (since Stockton is located in Northern California).
  • DC Universe based Jump City off of the West Coast city of San Francisco, which is where the Teen Titans used to be for a long time in the comics.
  • In Season 5 episode "Tower Renovation", it is implied that the Jump City government is corrupted, mainly due to the presence of the City Inspector (a particularly morally, cruel and corrupted man, who loves bribery).


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