The Jump City Juvenile Correction Facility is a juvenile prison located in Jump City.


It was first shown in "Girl's Night Out" where Starfire and Raven busted Jinx out. After their night out, Starfire, Raven, and Jinx were taken back there because they demolished a building by riding their bumper cars on it and going past the speed limit, but escaped it soon after. Since it's a juvenile prison, it only holds younger criminals like Jinx, Starfire, and Raven. Although it is inconsistent with its name, because in "Colors of Raven", Doctor Light who is an adult, was transported here by Raven, as so was Mumbo Jumbo in "Real Magic". Ravager is seen breaking out of juvenile prison, where the Titans then try to stop her. At the end of the episode she is put back in a cell.



  • The JCF appears to be a very harsh prison, as all prisoners are forced to stand up in a tiny cell, with only a bucket to go to the bathroom, while not being able to move their hands.


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