Jump City Zoo is a local zoo in Jump City, captive with various animals, ranging from gorillas to snakes. It first appears in the episode "Gorilla". Once Beast Boy became the new Teen Titan's leader, he took his comrades there to free the animals.


In the episode "Gorilla", Beast Boy took the Teen Titans there on a mission to free the animals. He started with freeing the gorillas (as he claimed them to be his "brothers"), with Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven participating in his orders, with a reliant Robin not following his lead. Beast Boy shows his dominancy by easily picking up Robin and hanging him on a hinge of the Gorilla cage, leaving with Starfire and Raven to presumably free more animals.

Cyborg stayed behind with a defenseless Robin hanging on the wall, telling him how soft he's gotten. Together, Cyborg was able to train Robin to get his spunk back by doing dangerous tasks with the local animals in the zoo, which includes attempting to clean elephants, kissing snakes on the mouth, and taking away meat from a tiger.

In the episode "TTG v PPG", Mojo Jojo along with Beast Boy and Cyborg feed all the monkeys to create a evil monkey army to take over the world.

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  • A different version of the Jump City Zoo can be seen in "TTG v PPG".
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