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"Kabooms" is the third and fourth episodes of the fifth season of Teen Titans Go! and the two-hundred-twelfth and two-hundred-thirteenth overall episodes of the series.


Part 1: The Titans are excited to see the movie version of their favorite show "Babies vs Dogs".

Part 2: Inspired by the "Babies vs Dogs" movie, the Titans decide to make a big Hollywood film of their own.


Part 1

Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg are all sitting on the couch as usual when Robin, in a fashionable manner, enters the room and announces that today's "team-building activity" will be going to the movies! The Titans are all excited to go and guess various options, which are references to different movies. Robin suggests that they all head to see the new "Babies vs Dogs" movie.

When they arrive at the theater, they are surprised that they have nothing to eat or drink. To help themselves, Cyborg pours some soda and offers Beast Boy some popcorn. Raven wants some malted milk balls, and Starfire wants the 'dog that is hot' (which is a hot dog); the Tamaranian also squeezes mustard in her mouth, much to Raven's revulsion. They finally get to the theater, but first must sit through all of the previews, which exhilarates them since it's about one of their all-time favorite, Death Toilet, getting a fourth movie. After the opening trailer of Death Toilet 4, the movie starts. When they see that their favorite characters are in trouble but do nothing aside from saying long expositions, the Titans (except Robin, who believes exposition can help the audience understand the characters' motivations) soon become bored and wonder what it would be like to be in an actual movie. So Raven uses her teleportation powers to transport them all into the movie to fight the nefarious cyber hackers.

After entering the dimension of the movie, the Titans (aside from Robin who is annoyed by how his friends are messing with the narrative forces) kindly free Baby Jack and Growler. The Titans and the freed protagonists, however, then meet the three hackers. Beast Boy tries doing some stunts but soon gets tangled by a mouse's wire. Starfire blasts energy bolts, yet she gets hit instead as one of the hackers uses a disc to reflect her blast. Then Cyborg shoots out some missiles, but he ends up being sneak-attacked by the hackers. Before Robin and Raven have the chance to retaliate, the hackers fuse themselves and blast the Titans, Growler, and Baby Jack with a huge light beam from their mouths.

It looks like all hope is forever lost when Growler perceives the cyber-attacks are far too strong, and Raven discerns that they will also die in real life if they are dead in this movie. Cyborg and Beast Boy agree with Raven since they deem themselves as goners. Nonetheless, Robin still thinks the most crucial factor to understand the key to defeating the villain and saving the day is to pay attention to the exposition. His friends finally recognize the importance of the boring expositions and together, they respectively bore the hackers with various dull backstories: Cyborg solemnly explains how his (late) father was a good man, who has made himself struggling to live up to his example; Beast Boy describing himself as a person with goals; in Starfire's case, repeating the word itself.

With the hackers are near the edge of being vanquished, Raven knows that there's still one more bit left... Robin's tragic past! After Starfire pleads him, Robin reluctantly obliges and begins with how he was born in a circus family and how he spent his days on the tightrope until one day the ringmaster tasked him with training a bear cub which he named Gunther. The story itself is especially wearisome to the hackers and although one of the hackers still wants to press the "yes" on his keyboard to attack the White House, his attention is being diverted by the part of how Robin would huddle with Gunther in the traveling circus train and...their wicked scheme have foiled, and the White House is saved!

However, right after everyone cheers, and Raven concludes the movie as a "good movie" thanks to the stunts, the explosions, and the special effects, which mixed with some well-crafted expositions, their joy soon dissipates when they notice how Robin is still mourning how Gunther gliding gracefully on its tiny bicycle. Annoyed by his wails, they all leave him behind, and part one wraps up with an end card of the conclusion of Robin's exposition.

Part 2

After the movie, Robin decides that the Titans should have a Hollywood movie of their own. So after they arrive home by crashing their car halfway through the window, they get started right away! At first, the five discuss who can play them and even think of some ugly actors to play Robin (because the other Titans regard him as hideous) until he hits them with his staff to expel them from the tower. With Robin directing (since he considers himself a controlling megalomaniac), Beast Boy and Cyborg as the scriptwriters, Starfire as the costume designer, and Raven as the makeup artist (even though she claims she does not wear makeup). Things go well until Raven warns them that all of this work will tear up their friendship because of creative differences. Robin optimistically says that they will be fine and decides to take the risk.

Robin then checks in on all of the Titans to see how they are doing. He asks Beast Boy and Cyborg how the script is going; they say they can't think of anything. Then Robin asks Starfire how the wardrobe is going. Unfortunately, Starfire misunderstood and made a 'war drone,' which gets loose and chases Robin. At last, Robin asks Raven how the makeup is going. Raven says she has created a kind of makeup that'll make your 'eyes pop', though it causes Silkie's cheeks to swell. The Titans get together to discuss the movie. The five are infuriated with one another; they bicker and beat up each other.

But all of a sudden, everything starts to change. The wardrobe is dapper and stylish, the script is okay, and the makeup is fabulous, much to their delight! After it's done, the Titans want to watch their movie. Beast Boy, as the baby is seen first, and then Cyborg, as the dog comes onscreen. They fight until Raven and Starfire show up; the girls play the invaders planning to take over the world. They fight. Just as they won the battle, the invaders have placed a bomb between Beast Boy and Cyborg. Beast Boy dies, but miraculously makes a quick recovery at the end of the movie. After the end of the movie, Raven points out that they ripped off the "Babies VS Dogs" movie, but Robin suggests they do a sequel, which excites everyone, and they jump in the air yelling "Sequel!", except for Raven, who does a deadpan stare until the screen irises out.



  • This is the eighth half-hour special of the series. The previous ones are "Two Parter", "Operation Dude Rescue", "The Streak", "BBRAE", "Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star", "The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular!" and "Flashback".
  • This is the first half-hour special of Season 5.
  • During this episode, viewers got special sneak peeks of Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.
  • This episode is also known as the "Teen Titans Go! Hollywood Special" and "Teen Titans Go! to Hollywood".
  • The other Titans think Robin is ugly. This could be a joke aimed at the fangirls who find him attractive.
  • Beast Boy breaks the fourth wall by looking at the audience when he agrees with Robin that lack of talent won't stop people in the entertainment business. Raven also does the same when she says she digs Helen Mirren.
  • In the UK and Ireland, the episode premiered on the movie's UK opening weekend (August 4).
  • This is the first time Raven has her full face being shown without removing her hood.
  • There is an important message left at the end of the movie that the Titans made for aspiring artists who want to dive into the animation (or comics) industry:
    • When you’re just starting out drawing it can be helpful to copy artwork that you like. It is helpful to see how other artists construct their drawings. But after some time you should endeavor to create art of your own, you should attempt to separate yourself from the other artists' styles, and create truly fresh and new.
    • If you successfully follow this path, you may find that you can use the skills you’ve developed to create your characters for your own stories. Then you can start your own company, and if you achieve enough success you may get the opportunity to sell your company to an even larger company, and potentially take on a corporate role within that company.
  • Michael and Aaron have a folder labeled "Season 6 Ideas". This could mean Season 6 of Teen Titans Go!, or season 6 of Teen Titans could be in the works.
    • It is now confirmed that this folder is for TTG Season 6.



  • When Robin talks to the other Titans about a team-building activity, the other Titans give suggestions based on popular movies. For instance;
    • Beast Boy suggests they should tie balloons to the Tower so they can travel to all the places he wanted to visit with his now-deceased wife. This references Disney Pixar's Up!.
    • Starfire suggests they should escape the "age of the ice" with a humorous rodent that chases after an acorn. This references the Ice Age franchise.
    • Cyborg suggests they find a magic genie lamp and hopes the princess will finally notice him. This references Disney's Aladdin. The scene also included a parody of Princess Jasmine lying against a plush tiger that resembles her pet, Rajah.
  • Starfire wishes she could be a "little mermaid princess". This could be a reference to Princess Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid.
    • There is a real Little Mermaid statue located in London, England, and another in Copenhagen, Denmark (which was the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen).
  • Real-life celebrities Seth Rogen, Tom Selleck, Helen Mirren, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (JGL) are mentioned when the Titans discuss who'll play their roles in the movie.
  • When Robin checks up on Cyborg and Beast Boy as they write the script, Beast Boy mentions having to save a cat from a tree, with Cyborg even exclaiming "Save the cat!". This is likely a reference to a real-life book on screenwriting titled "Save the Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You'll Ever Need".
  • While the other Titans are picking an actor to play Robin, music sounding similar to "The Spanish Flea" could be heard.


  • In this episode, Raven reveals that she has never worn makeup, but, she did so in "Mr. Butt", making this statement false.
    • She might be denying the embarrassment she has with makeup (thanks to Mr. Butt episode) though.

Running Gags

  • The Titans' constant use of the word "exposition".
  • Every Titan besides Robin liking explosions more than exposition.
  • Creative differences making it hard for the Titans to make their movie, and them getting messed up by each others' horrible contributions.


The transcript for "Kabooms" can be found here.


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