This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "La Larva de Amor" from season 1, which aired on May 28, 2013.

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Interior. Titans Tower.
Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven sitting around the couch with a plate of cookies and milk on the Titan computer. Beast Boy eats a cookie and drinks a cup of milk.
Beast Boy: Ah. [Wipes milk stain with hand and notices Robin staring at him.] What? What?
Robin: [Laughs.] You call that a milk moustache? [Drinks milk, leaving behind a more fancier milk moustache.]
Raven: Amateurs. [Uses power to create a milk moustache.]
Cyborg: Oh, yeah! [Dumps a whole carton of milk on his head.]
Beast Boy, Robin, and Raven begin referencing popular culture through their milk moustaches and all four Titans begin laughing.
Starfire: [Enters while carrying Silkie.] You will be okay in care taking of the Silkie while I am away?
Robin: We can handle it.
Starfire: You will make sure he is fed?
Robin: No problemo.
Starfire: And water?
Cyborg: On it.
Starfire: And you'll bathe him every night?
Raven: [Sarcastically.] Can't wait.
Starfire: He especially likes to be licked behind the ears.
Beast Boy spits his milk out onto Raven, drenching her in a pirate beard.
Robin: [Pushing Starfire into the elevator.] We'll take good care of Silkie. Now just go.
Starfire exits through the elevator.
Cyborg: Game on. [Pours more milk onto himself.]
Beast Boy: [Reaches into the couch's cushions and discards a Green Lantern power ring before grabbing a milk carton.] 10 year old soy milk. I've been saving it for a special occasion. [Squirts soy milk on face and chisels it into a beard.]
Cyborg: That's cheating.
Beast Boy: All's fair in milk and war, buddy. [Cyborg taps the soy milk, cracking the beard.] No fair!
Cyborg: All's fair in - [Beast Boy squirts the soy milk into Cyborg's mouth, causing him to gag. He hits the milk carton and it hits the elevator button, allowing Silkie to crawl inside.]
Robin pours more milk onto himself, resembling Albert Einstein. Cyborg blows bubbles into the straw, drowning Beast Boy who roars like a Wookie. Raven appears as wizard Gandalf.
Robin: [Looking around the couch.] Hmm. Hey, anyone's seen Silkie?
Beast Boy: I thought he was with you, dude.
Raven: This can't be good.
Cyborg: Relax. Silkie couldn't have gotten very far.
Robin: We better find him. Titans, go!
Robin enters Starfire's room and checks underneath the stuffed animals. He scribbles I heart Robin on a poster and puts one of Starfire's diaries down his pants. After sniffing lipstick, he checks underneath the bed to find skeletal remains.
Exterior. Titans Tower.
Silkie rolls over a basketball and onto a skateboard. The skateboard heads downhill and Silkie rolls into the sky, but bounces harmlessly off the ground and continues walking.
Interior. Titans Tower.
Raven shoots a spell into the vents, allowing a demon to search for her.
Exterior. Titans Tower.
Silkie crawls a tree and off a branch where he bounces off the Titans' pool's diving board and is caught by a bird. The bird crashes into a window and drops Silkie, alerting Robin but he shrugs in indifference. Silkie rolls into a golf hole, through the tomb of Ra's al Ghul, and out into the ocean, where he lands in a bucket.
Interior. Titans Tower.
Cyborg checks his room and ultimately tears off a piece of the wall where he spots Raven's demon.
Pacific Ocean.
Silkie floats by the seagull, and is eaten by a whale before being shot out of it's blowhole. He then passes by Batman and James Gordon, who are fishing on a boat.
Interior. Titans Tower.
As a mouse, Beast Boy searches the kitchen, but is delighted to find cereal instead. Robin, Cyborg, and Raven enter dejectedly and spot Beast Boy eating the last cereal box.
Beast Boy: [Burps out a toy.] Ooh. [Spots the Titans.] I checked every last box. No luck.
Robin: I bet he's outside. Titans, go!
Raven: Uh, you know you don't need to say that every time we go somewhere.
Exterior. Titans Tower.
Raven searches through a magnifying glass while Robin scales down the tower with his grappling hook and searches the bushes.
Beast Boy: [As a dog.] Here Silkie, Silkie.
Cyborg: I'm not picking up any of Silkie's biorhythms.
Robin: Where on Earth could Silkie be?
The bucket is discarded on the beach and Silkie is lounging on a chair near a Mexican beach.
Waiter: [Placing a soda pop next to Silkie.] Cortesia de lá senorita.
Sonia: Do you mind if I sit here? I am Sonia Conchita Hernández. And you are? [Places a finger on Silkie's lips.] No, do not speak. Your eyes speak for you. [Cradles Silkie.] I can tell someone like you knows how to treat a beautiful woman, no? You would never tell her her dress was too short or call her mother a donkey. [Kisses Silkie's cheek.] You are so different from my ex-fiancée Carlos. You know how to really listen. He would not like me talking to you.
At a table nearby, Carlos and his two bodyguards watch the scene unfold and he breaks a glass in anger.
Interior. Titans Tower.
Robin, Beast Boy, and Raven sit on the couch.
Robin: No sign of Silkie. What are we going to do when Starfire gets back?
Beast Boy: Dudes! [Transforms into a mutant moth larva.] No worries. I'll just hang with Starfire until we find the real Silkie.
Raven: [Sarcastically.] Sure. Genius. She'll never notice that you're missing and Silkie's turned green.
Beast Boy: Oh, good cause I really wasn't looking forward to getting licked behind the ears.
Cyborg: [Picks up the couch and spots a shape on the floor.] Ah! Guys?
Robin: Did you find Silkie?
Cyborg: Sort of.
The Titans spot a molted Silkie and scream yet Robin, Cyborg, and Raven stare at Beast Boy as he screams longer than them.
Cyborg: [Cradling the molted shell.] I didn't never really got to know him and he-he-he was just learning how to talk and and he said we were gonna do a movie night. Wait. It's just a molted shell ... which means Silkie's still out there somewhere!
Robin: Maybe Starfire would understand. We'll just tell her that Silkie got out.
Beast Boy: [Staring at the molted shell.] Or ...
A montage of Sonia and Silkie plays. She first feeds him tacos and the two then break a piñata. They take a bike ride and then dance along to Mariachi musicians playing music. At a night club, Sonia is dancing with Silkie in the spotlight.
Sonia: You are such a good dancer.
Carlos' bodyguards punch open the door, knocking down the doorman as Carlos strides into the club. He uses a cane to steal a person's glass of water and drinks before spotting Sonia and Silkie dancing, enraging him. As Sonia dips Silkie, Carlos throws water at Silkie's face.
Carlos: Cómo te atreves a bailar con otro.
Sonia: No me puedes decir que hacer.
Carlos: Tu todavía a me perteneces.
Sonia: Yo te deje. Tu fuistes un hombre malo. Let's go. [Attempts to leave, but is blocked by Carlos' Henchmen. Carlos leads the two out of the night hold as they carry Sonia and Silkie.] You will not get away with this! My new boyfriend will stop you. [In Carlos' dungeon, her arm is strapped to the wall in chains and Silkie is wrapped in a ball and chain.] I would rather die in your arms then live one day with that bad man. [Silkie easily walks out of his chains.] Yes, my love, hurry!
Silkie crawls through the cell bars and evades detection by crawling behind a plant. He rolls down the stairs and bumps into a table holding a bust of Carlos' head. He carries the bust toward the arm-wrestling bodyguards who immediately grab their guns as Silkie crawls by. He walks under a chair, dropping the bust, and crawls to an open door leading to the balcony where Carlos is standing.
Carlos: Sólo queda tú y yo.
Carlos draws a knife and runs toward Silkie. The maggot crawls pats him as Carlos slices with his weapon. Silkie crawls on the railing as Carlos jumps in the air with his knife, but the maggot begins walking on the underside of the railing, causing Carlos to fall off the balcony. The next day, Carlos is hanging by his shirt on a branch when a bird grabs him and whisks him away. At the base of the cliff, Sonia kisses Silkie on the cheek.
Sonia: My hero. [Kisses Silkie.] You have saved me from that tyrant. [Kisses him and Silkie begins floating away.] Must you leave so soon? No one will ever be as special as you are too me! [Silkie is in his tub as he floats in the water, further away from Sonia.] We will always have the day and the night and all we spent together. We must be strong! No! I can not! I can not live without you! Please come back! Mi amor. [Silkie floats away.]
Interior. Titans Tower.
Starfire: [Returning to the tower.] Greetings fellow Titans. I have returned! I will tell you of my travels, but first I must give the Silkie a hug.
Cyborg: [Blocks Starfire's path.] A-heh-heh, Silkie is uh asleep. Wouldn't want to wake him from his nap.
Starfire: Then I shall just kiss the Silkie's sleeping forehead.
Robin: [Blocks Starfire's path.] Ah, Starfire, there's something we have to tell you.
Beast Boy: [Using the molted shell as a puppet.] Uh, hi Starfire. It's me, Silkie, and I love you.
Starfire: The Silkie can talk?
Beast Boy: Uh, no. [Drops down next to Robin, Raven, and Cyborg.]
Robin: We have no idea where Silkie is.
Starfire: I am not understanding.
Robin: We'll help you find -
Starfire: Is the Silkie not here with you?!
Cyborg: We're not sure where he is.
Starfire: But, you have promised to take care of Silkie! You gave me your oath! "We can handle it!" "No problemo!" Well, we have the big problemo! [Her eyes turn green and hair sticks up as the hallway erupts into chaos.] I trusted you! [Shoots a star blast at Beast Boy, who shrinks into a mouse to evade it.]
Beast Boy: [As a mouse.] Dude! [Climbs up Cyborg's shoulder and they are both zapped.]
Cyborg: Hey!
Raven is holding an umbrella to prevent damage, but is knocked back by a starbolt. Robin clings on to a levitating plant, but it shatters by a starbolt and he falls on the ground.
Starfire: HOW DOES ONE LOSE A SILKIE?!? [Screams until the elevator dings, revealing Silkie. Starfire instantly calms down.] Silkie! There you are. [Carries him to her injured friends.] Now who will care to see the images of my travels?
The Titans groan weakly.
Episode ends.
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