This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "Laundry Day" from season 1, which aired on May 14, 2013.

Plot Point
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(The Titans are seen battling the slime monster)

Robin: Yeah!

(The titans are covered in slime goo. In Titans Tower, the Titans are on the slime goo.)

Raven: Great idea, Robin. Willing up the Slime Monster.

Robin: It was either that, Raven, or the total destruction of Jump City!

(Raven uses her powers to get out of the problem they got to.)

Starfire: Look at us! We're covered with smelly evil space goo! Gizmo: With my robot army, soon all of Jump City will be under my control. [cackling]

Robin: Do I REALLY have to deal with this now?!

Gizmo: Ah, the boy blunder. If you think the Teen Titans can stop my-- AAAH!!! Robin!!.. You aren't wearing any pants.

Robin: This ends, NOW! Or I'm going to have to come over there! Don't think I won't, Gizmo.

Gizmo: Uh, no, no. Stay over there. I'll take over the world another time.

(Gizmo then taps on his robot. All the other robots including his fly off. Robin then sees an open vent, dives under it, and climbs all the way inside to the headquarters. When he comes out, dirt, dust, and mud cover his shame.)

Robin: (to the others) We need our clothes. (slams the door of the vent.)

(Raven comes outside and holds the door with her back with banging coming from inside the laundry room)

Robin: You better have our suits ready!

Raven: Uh, that's gonna be a problem...

An explosion occurs with the titans flying. They all land in a pile and the door crushes them. Starfire lifts it a bit.

Starfire: Are those our clothes?

Raven: The slime's taken them over.

[electronic gibberish] [explosion] [dance music playing]

Robin: You call that washing them, Raven?!

Raven: Maybe you should have done them yourself, Robin.Like you were supposed to. (Robin refuses to listen to Raven)

Beast Boy: Guys, we've got bigger problems than that now! (The Titan's suit look ready to fight and kill the Titans.)

Cyborg: Then there's only one thing to do.

Robin: Titans, go!

The Titans fly into the air to fight their clothes, but they are easily beaten with little effort. Starfire's Clothes puts itself on Robin.

Robin: Our clothes are putting us on! (Raven is wearing Robin's suit, Starfire is wearing Raven's cloak, Beast Boy is stuck in Cyborg's suit, and Cyborg's head is in Beast Boy's suit.

Raven: This is not a good look... [grunting] [screaming]

Beast Boy: (Cyborg's suit squashes him into it with a few punches.) Ah! ooh!, Hey! OWH!

Starfire: Ah! Oh! Hey! Ow!

Cyborg: Don't you--doh! Ow! Ow.Ow.

Raven: [grunting] [all grunting]

Cyborg:This is the nastiest load of laundry ever!

Beast Boy: (Cyborg's suit stops mixing him up, making him into green liquid) Not how I thought we'd go out...

Robin: (While Starfire's suit is making him punch himself in the chin) It was my turn to do laundry. I'm sorry, Raven. The truth is, if we can only get out of this, I'd do all the Teen Titans' laundry for the next year.

Raven: That's just what I was waiting to hear. (Rises into the air) Azarath metrion zinthos! (The spell than takes the life out of the clothes)

Robin: Wait. It wasn't the slime that took control of our clothes?

Raven: Nope, it was a magic spell.

Robin: [siren wailing] You tricked me! And now you get to do laundry for the next year. Sucker! [alarm blaring] Uh-oh. Look, we have another alert. A creature made of fruit juice and barbecue sauce is terrorizing the city! Oh, man. That sounds messy.

Robin: Titans, go.... 

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