This article is a transcript of the Teen Titans Go! episode "Legendary Sandwich" from season 1, which aired on April 23, 2013.

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[The episode opens to show an episode of Pretty Pretty Pegasus, Raven's favorite program. Butterbean and Sparkleface are imprisoned in a purple-pink dungeon with blue bars.]
Butterbean: It's no use, Sparkleface! We'll be trapped in this candy dungeon forever!
Raven: Don't give up, Butterbean. [Beast Boy laughs.] Great. Right in the middle of the best part of Pretty Pretty Pegasus!
Robin: [Pointing to himself.] And so, [Kicks.] I kicked another dirt monster into a furnace, and then I was all, [Points at ground.] "I bet that really burns you up."
Cyborg: [Follows Robin to the living room, laughing.] Like a metaphor. Boo-yah!
Beast Boy: [Laughing as he sits down.] That's too much, dude.
Robin: [Chewing, mouth full.] He didn't hear me though, [Smacks lips.] he was on fire. [Bites sandwich.]
Raven: [As crumbs from Robin and Cyborg's sandwich fall on her head.] Ugh. Seriously? You guys eat like animals.
Beast Boy: [As a pig eating the sandwich noisily and messily.] Uh ... uh ... so good. [Raven stares at Beast Boy.] What, Raven?
Raven: Well, I guess you get a pass, but [Looks up at Robin and Cyborg.] you two are disgusting.
Cyborg: Sorry, it's just Robin makes the best sandwiches.
Robin: It's true. I've developed a sandwich design that will take your mouth on a flavored journey.
Beast Boy: [Transforming back into his human self.] A flavored journey worth a journey of its own!
Cyborg: Oh, yeah. I'd crawl over a hundred miles of broken glass for this sandwich!
Beast Boy: I'd drive across the country in a car that smelled like Cyborg's BO for this sandwich! [Laughs.]
Cyborg: Ain't no mountain high enough to keep me away from this sandwich!
Beast Boy: Well, yeah! I'd do some ... uh ... incredibly difficult stuff for that sandwich ... actually!
Raven: So, you're saying you'd leave the tower if I told you where to find a good sandwich?
Robin: Sure, but it would have to be a legendary sandwich, like mine!
Raven: [Floats off the couch.] There is an ancient sandwich of power, hidden away from those who'd would use its power for evil.
Robin: Ha, okay, first of all that's dumb and you made it up. Second, even if it is true, my sandwiches are the best! Period.
Raven: Oh, but it is true. Behold!
[A book, Ancient Legends appears, and falls in her arms. Starfire enters with Silkie in her arms.]
Starfire: Oh, is it story time?
Raven: [Voice-over.] In an age long forgotten, an old king summoned his Sandwich Wizard. The king commanded him to create a sandwich of power. The Sandwich Wizard labored in his tower for six days. On the seventh, he brought the sandwich before the king and it was glorious. It would grant him eternal life so he could rule his kingdom forever. It was also delicious.
[Robin, Starfire holding Silkie, Beast Boy, and Cyborg are gathered around the couch and awe in delight.]
Beast Boy: Delicious?
Raven: [Voice-over.] One night, the prince betrayed the king and tried to steal the sandwich. The old king was heartbroken. He realized the sandwich was too powerful. It had to be destroyed. So, the ingredients were hidden on the far corners of the world, watched by the fierce Sandwich Guardians. Legend says [Closes book.] it can be reforged if all the ingredients are brought together.
Cyborg: We gots to get that sandwich.
Beast Boy: Oh, man! I wanna eat it twice.
Starfire: The sandwich would look beautiful in my hair.
Robin: No way can it top my sandwich science. What're we waiting for? Titans, GO!
[Robin leads Cyborg, Starfire who is holding Silkie, and Beast Boy into the elevator which closes upon their entry. Raven floats backs to the couch.]
Raven: Finally.
[Raven turns on laptop to resume her show.]
Sparkleface: We have to get the candy keys from Gumdrop Goblin or we'll never make it to Princess Puffballs' birthday party!
Robin: Hey, Raven.
Raven: [Shuts laptop.] Uh, I thought you were making a sandwich.
Robin: We have no idea where to look.
Raven: There are four ingredients. [Summons her book and opens it to show the locations.] The mystical bacon is here, on the Lava Lake.
Cyborg: I got the heat resistance, baby. [Summons twirling fan.] I'm on it! [Exits.]
Raven: The next ingredient is the king's lettuce, buried deep underground.
Beast Boy: I can dig it. [Turns into mole and digs through the floor.]
Raven: The next ingredient is the stellar tomato, hidden among the stars.
Starfire: I shall retrieve the tomato. [Flies through the ceiling.]
Robin: Okay, let's do this. I assume you left the most dangerous ingredient for the leader of the Titans.
Raven: Oh, yes. The last ingredient is pretzel bread. It can be found ... at the supermarket. Here's a coupon.
[Robin sulks to the elevator for his mission. Upon his exit, Raven summons the control panel and programs the TV to play all Pretty Pretty Pegasus marathons.]
Sparkleface: With the candy keys, we'll be able to make Princess Puffballs' birthday where all dreams come true.
Raven: You rock, Butterbean.
Cyborg: [Arrives at Lava Lake.] Let's see, according to that ancient map, it should be right around here. Boo-yah! [Flies into the Lava Lake and looks around until spotting a rock which he blasts, revealing a chest.] Too easy, baby. [A Sandwich Guardian looms over Cyborg.] Whoa, Sandwich Guardian! [Cyborg braces himself and is punched away.]
Beast Boy: [Burrowing underground.] Uh, huh. I'm digging, digging like a pro yo. Digging, dig-[Sniffs.] Oh, yeah! Lettuce! I'm so close I can smell it [Burrows into a cavern and turns into cat to break fall and then to human self. Runs to chest.] Awesome! [A Sandwich Guardian looms over Beast Boy.] Ah! Sandwich Guardian dude! [Crushed by a fist.]
Starfire: [Flies to a planet and scans for the chest. Spots it underneath green vines.] This must be the containment vessel for the tomato. [Starfire blasts the vines away.] How did anyone manage to transport this Earth fruit to the Lilap system? [Guardian grabs Starfire.] Ah! This is an excessive use of force, sir. [Sandwich Guardian throws Starfire who becomes dazed by the impact. She shakes it away as the guardian looms over her.]
[At the supermarket, Robin pushes a shopping cart with an uneven wheel. He struggles to move it and applies an unnecessary amount of force to move it. He crashes into a Bat-O's display stand and over an old man until crashing into an aisle. He switches to a basket and walks to the deli section.]
Robin: [Addressing the employee.] I need some pretzel bread. The freshest you got. Make it quick. This place is really bumming me out. [The employee gestures at the ticket dispenser. Robin takes number 78 as the now serving screen turns to 23.] Aw.
Cyborg: [Aiming a laser at the Sandwich Guardian.] You're gonna need a fresh drink of water with this hot sauce, baby! [Fires and hits the robot three times. The Guardian grabs a rock and throws it at Cyborg, crushing him against a boulder. Cyborg blasts the rock to free himself.] Oh, it's on now. [Activates jetpack.] Give me that bacon!
[The Sandwich Guardian lifts his fist and is confused to see nothing there. Beast Boy, as a mouse, climbs on his arm, shocking him.]
Beast Boy: [As a mouse.] Looks, you're pretty angry, huh? [Sandwich Guardian shakes Beast Boy off who transforms into a hummingbird to steady himself.] Hey! Be cool, man! [Dodges swats until trapped by the robot's hands which begins to shake until Beast Boy's gorilla form frees itself.] Okay, dude. Let's talk about this face to fist! [Punches Sandwich Guardian.]
[Starfire charges her hands and fires at the guardian. The Sandwich Guardian summons a sword and swings at the Titans who dodges each swing.]
Starfire: I am thinking perhaps this is too much trouble for a tomato!
[Starfire fires at the Sandwich Guardian and disarms it. At the supermarket, the now serving counter turns to 32.]
Robin: [Talking to citizen.] I mean, sure, some people prefer swords or like lasers, but I like to use this staff. [Begins wielding his staff, terrifying the citizen.] See? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Right on the head! The knee! Crack! Clavicle! Whatever! It gets the job done. [The citizen backs away slowly.]
[Cyborg charges at the Sandwich Guardian. He crashes into the Sandwich Guardian's fist who grabs hold of him, rips his arm off, and throws him aside.]
Cyborg: My arm!
[The Sandwich Guardian grabs the sword and slices at Starfire which ends with a huge portion of her hair cut off. It flies onto the planet and is engulfed in flames.]
Starfire: My hair!
[Beast Boy dodges a stomp and bites the Sandwich Guardian's leg as an alligator, breaking his teeth. He transforms back into a human.]
Beast Boy: My teeth!
[Robin stares at his ticket, rides a shopping cart across the store, and hits his head on the wall as the now serving counter slowly increases. Beast Boy as a bunny dodges the Sandwich Guardian's stomps and jumps over him. He transforms into a squid and sprays ink on the robot's face. Starfire, angry, fires green starbolts from her hands rapidly as the Sandwich Guardian flinches with every impact. Cyborg fires sonic blasts from his arm which hurts his Sandwich Guardian. Robin reads a magazine, picks his ear, and lays on the ground. Starfire punches the Sandwich Guardian's head with a starbolt, blowing it up. Beast Boy dodges attacks as a hummingbird, and turns into a whale, crushing the Sandwich Guardian. Transforming back into a human, he kicks the robot's head in victory. Cyborg summons missile launchers from his shoulders and uses the weapons to blow up the Sandwich Guardian, leaving only a leg. Robin begins to fall asleep at the supermarket when the counter reaches 78 prompting him to happily hold his ticket as delis behind him yell yay.]
Beast Boy: [Open chest and takes out the lettuce.] Yes!
Cyborg: [Opens chest and takes out the bacon.] Yes!
Starfire: [Opens chest and take out the tomato.] Yes!
Robin: [Reaches into bag and holds out the pretzel bread.] Whatever.
Raven: [Holding Butterbean doll.] Oh, look, Sparkleface, it's Licorice Forest. [Holding Sparkleface doll.] Isn't that place filled with trolls? [Holding both on the couch.] Don't be silly, Sparkleface, it's the home of our new friend, Princess Silkiesoft. Nice to meet you, Princess Silkiesoft. Your hair sure is-- [Silkie eats the Sparkleface doll.] Bad Silkie. [Reaches into Silkie's mouth and takes out the doll when the elevator dings, shocking her. She throws Silkie aside and uses her magic to hide any evidence of Pretty Pretty Pegasus as Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy walk in.] You're back already?
Beast Boy: Dude, those Sandwich Guardians were way tougher than we thought.
Cyborg: Yeah, no kidding, but look.
[Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy show Raven their retrieved ingredients, respectively.]
Raven: You mean the legend's actually true?
Cyborg: This sandwich better be worth it. You know how long it's gonna take to build a new hand with one hand?
Robin: [Enters.] Wow. The supermarket was brutal! I barely made it out of there alive. Hey, Starfire, I like what you did with your hair. [Notices the Titans annoyed faces.] What?
[Raven is using magic to hold three candles in the air. On the floor, on top of a circular dais, the four ingredients are laid in intervals as Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Starfire stare at it.]
Raven: Now I will speak the ancient legendary sandwich words of power. [Opens book.] Choroismo rula tomato pasomi! [The dais glows golden and the ingredients are lifted into the air. The pretzel bread opens and stacks the lettuce, tomato, and bacon before closing and flashing a bright light which reverts the setting to the kitchen. Lowers the sandwich onto the ground.] The key to immortality and a delicious lunch.
Robin: Eh, my sandwiches still look better. Well, as team leader and sandwich expert, I should get the first bite.
Cyborg: [Mumbles incoherently.] Hold on now! I lost an arm for this sandwich! I should get first dibs!
Starfire: But I lost my hair. Surely that is more important than a hand. I should get the first of bites.
Beast Boy: Dudes, I should get the first bite. I got the worst of it! [Holds mouth down to show broken teeth.] Look at this!
Cyborg: How you gonna eat with no teeth? You gonna gum the sandwich down?
[The Titans argue over one another until spotting Silkie, now free of his costume, crawling toward the sandwich. He opens his mouth and begins to eat it in one bite as the Titans watch in horror.]
Robin: Silkie, stop!
Starfire: Mama's little bumgorf, no!
Beast Boy: [Wailing.] That's not for you!
[Silkie finishes eating the sandwich and begins to float in the air, a crown hovering over his head. An orange background with clouds and a castle on top of one looms in the background as voice chant. The Titans watch as Silkie vomits out the sandwich. He lands and crawls away as Beast Boy covers his head in sorrow.]
Robin: [To Raven.] I told you that sandwich wasn't great. [To the others.] So, anyone wanna watch Pretty Pretty Pegasus?

Episode ends.

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