Legion of Doooom
Legion of Doooom
Leader: Dick Gravestone
Distributional Information
Members: The Cyborg
Starfire the Terrible
Demon of Azarath
Beast Monster
Gender(s): Males and Females
Age: Teenagers
Species: Human, Half robot, Tamaranian, Half demon, Animal shapeshifter
Headquarters: N/A
Location: Jump City
Affiliates: N/A
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance: Snuggle Time
The Legion of Doooom (not to be mistaken for the Legion of Doom) are a super villain team lead by Dick Gravestone. The team consists of the Teen Titans, but all are using villainous identities. They made their debut in "Snuggle Time."  


Beast Boy, Raven, Robin and Cyborg are in the living room snuggling with kittens when Starfire walks in with hot chocolate. She offers some to Cyborg, but he complains that there are no mini marshmallows. Starfire points out that they are indeed there, and that they are just very, very tiny. All of a sudden they get a crime alert from the H.I.V.E. , which they are highly annoyed about. The H.I.V.E. is on a rampage, shooting a death laser at different targets in Jump City. The Titans confront the H.I.V.E for interrupting their "snuggle time" but the H.I.V.E. refuses to stop, forcing the Titans to fight but then Robin tries out the death laser and has lots of fun and soon all the titans are using it and the H.I.V.E. thinks they're crazy. When the Titans arrive home they decide that they would rather be villans than heroes so the could run their own schedule. Robin transforms into Dick Gravestone, Starfire turns into Starfire the Terrible, Beast boy turns into Beast Monster, Raven transforms into Demon of Azarath, and Cyborg turns into The Cyborg. Dick Gravestone (Robin) decides to name the new team of villains... League of Doooom!!


Episode Appearances

Season 3