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"Lication" is the thirty-first episode of the fourth season of Teen Titans Go!, and the one-hundred-eighty-eighth overall episode of the series.


Robin introduces the other Titans to a money-making application but they soon learn the dangers of a shareconomy.


It's night time at the tower, a lone figure is approaching the garage and as he walks into the light, we see he is Doctor Light! He opens the garage door revealing Robin’s motor cycle which he walks up to rubbing his hands maliciously however before he can lay one finger on the bike bam! The lights blaze on the Titans, with Starfire telling Doctor light to freeze and Beast boy asking what he thinks he’s doing in their garage creeping around like a creep. Cyborg comes to the conclusion that he’s trying to steal Robin’s bike, and Beast boy gasps in horror. Raven smugly says that that plan isn’t very bright and laughs. Her lame pun is met with the un-amused faces of the other Titans, so Raven moves past this and yells get him! Beast boy transforms into a badger and unsheathes his claws leaping at Doctor light and begins mercilessly chomping down on his leg while he yells out in agony ouch!  However it’s no where near over for Doctor light, for Cyborg walks up to him asking if he met his friend Mr shablamo, he proceeds to then literally crush him with his giant stomping contraption which he somehow manages to fit into his robot body. The other Titans continue giving Doctor light the beating of his life until Robin rushes out to them asking them what’s going on. Beast boy tells him that Doctor light was trying to steal his bike, and Raven continues saying that they as a result of that decides to drop the hammer on him and proceeds to literally drop a hammer on him by conjuring up one with her magic. Starfire adds to this by shooting a few Starbolts at the already gravely injured Doctor light. However, Robin begins laughing in amusement at this at tells the other Titans that Doctor light isn't stealing his bike but renting it. He proceeds to pull out him communicator and press something on it which turns the bike on and causes it to move out of the garage. He nonchalantly gives the bike over to Doctor light who is still gravely injured but somehow still manages to pull himself on to the thing Robin tells him to have it back by five or there’s a late fee, and Doctor light begins driving off and unsurprisingly crashes into something off screen.

Beast boy asks Robin how he rented his bike to Doctor light and that he’s not a bike shop, and asks the other Titans is Robin is a bike shop and they come to the conclusion that he is not. Robin confirms this saying that he’s not a bike shop and yet at the same time he is. This confuses the other Titans and they demand for an explanation from him. Robin replies saying that he is simply participating in a Sharing Economy. The Titans all let out ohhs so Robin asks if they know what a sharing economy is. They all reply that they do not of course and Beast boy asks if they look like nerds to him. So Robin begins to explain what a sharing economy is when he finishes the other Titans once again all let out ohhs but once again they fail to understand a word Robin said. So he begins to explain again in an easier way. And it seems that the Titans finally understand as Raven asks if this takes money away from legitimate businesses. Robin confirms this and continues saying that it puts it in his pocket. He proceeds to pull out a fat stack of cash and rifle through it smugly.  

Cyborg asks if he indeed did get all that money from the sharing economy and Robin answers that yes he did and that he’s sharing all his things. He says that the big money maker is his bed and that he only uses it 8 hours a night and so why not rent it out to a complete stranger for the other 16 hours of the day. Raven answers this saying that because that would be gross. However Robin pulls out a bunch of money and asks her if this was gross and proceeds to laugh hysterically while rubbing the money all over his face. Raven is completely unamused by this and replies to him saying that money is filthy. This stops Robin short and he sighs sarcastically saying that he guesses that he’s filthy then... Filthy rich! He yells in happiness and throws all his money in the air, and this makes Starfire, Beast Boy and Cyborg appear to all be convinced and say that they want in with this sharing economy business.

Beast boy asks what else they can share for money. Thus Robin has the others sit down and begins saying that the first step in joining a sharing economy is to ask one simple question: What to do with what you have that your are not using right now? Starfire excitedly answers that she isn’t using her teeth’s brush, Cyborg answers that he’s not using his left arm and Beast boy weirdly yells that he’s not using his grandma. Robin exclaims how great this is and that all they need to do to turn those worthless items into money makers is to put them into a smart phone application. Beast boy asks if the application costs money and Robin says that is a free application. Starfire is surprised that the application is free and that they can use it to make money. Robin confirms what she says saying that is is a free money making application. Raven is surprised and asks the others why they aren't wondering why someone would give them a money making application for free. Beast boy excitedly says that he doesn’t care and that the app is free, he yells that he loves this application. Cyborg tells the others to hold up and that they are saying application a lot and that it is a pretty long word and Robin agrees with this saying that they should shorten it to save time but they all don’t seem to know how. They all scratch their heads in confusion except Raven who stares off at a wall in annoyance. After a bit of head scratching Starfire excitedly comes up with a word for it and smugly says Lication the boys all gasp in excitement Robin says that that is amazing and that it is three letters shorter. Raven flats asks what about App however the others don’t understand as Starfire says that that is what she removed. The others all begin saying Lication. Robin says that it sounds so natural and tells Starfire well done and she thanks him. Robin begins saying that now all they have to do is list the thing they want to rent out on the Lication. Cyborg enters his left arm into the app. Raven asks who would want to rent out his arm but it seems that it was already rented out by none other than Beast boy! He pulls off Cyborgs arm and begins promptly using it as a back scratcher. Satisfied, he hands Cyborg a stack of cash who proceeds to fan it around saying that he’s loving this lication. Starfire puts her tooth brush into the lication which causes Raven to be disgusted and she says that no one would want to rent it. However she is cut off by Robin who yells out that he’ll take it. He proceeds to stuff the tooth brush into his mouth and suck on it saying that it was technically a kiss and proceeds to hand Starfire a stack of cash.  

Robin loves to suck on Starfire's saliva-covered toothbrush like a lollipop!

Raven then tells the others that replying good and services from non professionals puts legitimate businesses at risk and will eventually set the human race on a path toward becoming completely reliant on autonomous labor. Beast boy scratches his head and thinks Raven is talking about the leader of the transformers. Raven says that no she’s talking about regular plain robots and that she bets that’s who’s behind this free lication. Cybrog asks her if they keep using the free lication will robots come and take their jobs. Raven confirms this and says that they will not just take their jobs... they’ll take over the whole world! She says that they’re talking about a Robot apocalypse here. Cyborg frowns in concentration saying that he sees her point but on the other hand he did receive some very filthy money from his arm rental. Robin pulls Starfire’s tooth brush out of his mouth and says to think about how much he could make if he rented out both arms. Cybrog immediately responds that he’s doing it and the rest of the Titans except Raven act all excited and begins going on a renting spree renting out their various belongings. 

After a full day of renting out the Titans are all in the kitchen. Raven floats in and observes the others all counting up their money stacks. Raven decides to ignore them until she opens the fridge and finds a group of varmints in there eating all their food. She tells the other Titans this in annoyance and Beast Boy replies that he rented out the fridge to them and that he got some filthy money from it too. Raven tries to reason with him saying that he’s throwing all their food on the floor. Beast boy responds saying that he rented out the floor and food to them too. But Raven has had enough, so she opens up a portal summoning a Demon who eats the varmints. Raven asks the others whether they think that this share-conomy has gone too far. They all shake their heads and Cyborg says that his wallet says no. Raven asks in anger why he’s smiling and that he has no body parts left. Cyborg nods and says that he’s making money and losing weight and that it’s a win win. Raven tries reasoning with Robin saying that he rented out his bike so many times now the front wheel is falling off. Robin casually says that means that the bike is a lot slower which means that it is a lot safer which means that he can charge double! Raven then tells Starfire that her tooth brush hasn’t come out of Robin’s mouth in 3 days. She happily says that it is not so bad, so Raven pulls the tooth brush out of Robins mouth (which causes him to groan is disappointment) and tells her to use it then. Starfire looks at her tooth brush which is not covered in green stuff and tries her best to use it but she drops it in disgust saying that she can’t. Robin slyly takes the tooth brush back and puts it right back in his mouth while Starfire says that she doesn’t want to do this sharing business anymore and that it is unhygienic. Raven is glad to hear this and says that they should go get her a new tooth brush.  

Sadly though it appears that the tooth brush store is out of business. Raven says that she told them that would happen and that it is not just the tooth brush store—in fact, everyone in Jump City is going out of business. The Titans all are devastated with what they did and come with the conclusion that if they destroy the lication they can stop the share-conomy before it is too late. They all run to what appears to be the lication’s headquarters and break in, however it appears that no one is there. They all walk into the seemingly abandoned building begin wondering who’s running the lication is there is no one here. However a group of robots appear and one of them approaches the Titans, greeting them in a friendly manner. It welcomes them to their home and Robin is surprised that the master minds behind the share-conomy are Robots. The Robot confirms this. Starfire asks if they created the share-conomy in order to make the actual economy collapse, and the Robot confirms this as well. Cyborg asks if their ultimate goal is to replace everyone’s jobs with Robots and once again the Robot admits that it is indeed their intention. Robin is enraged by this and says that Raven was right and that they were blinded by sharing and money. Raven says that it’s not too late to stop them and going back to buying new things even if they don’t really need them. 

With that being said, Robin yells Titans Go! and the others are about to attack when the Robot yells for them to wait and that there is no malice in their intentions and that they simply wish to serve mankind. He continues saying that they will perform all jobs and fulfill all needs in a far more efficient manor than humans could for themselves, for free and forever. Robin asks in surprises if they want to just want to take care of them. The Robot confirms this saying that they want to make them happy and free up some spare time for activities. The others all appear convinced about this however Raven isn't having any of it. She yells that they admitted that they wanted to destroy the economy and to get them! So the Titans all leap into battle destroying all the Robots in an epic fight sequence. Finally when one Robot is left it asks them to please let them make them better and that they will drive them to the park afterwards. Robin is not convinced and he proceeds to smash the last Robot with his staff.  

Atop all the destroyed Robots sit the Titans all smug and proud of themselves. Raven tells them that she hopes they all learned valuable lessons today. Beast boy says that they did and proceeds to crush a lone Robot who appears to still be moving while saying that they should never share anything. Cyborg says that all Robots are evil and Starfire says that the best way to abbreviate application is lication. The episode ends with an explosion behind the Titans with text saying "Lication".



  • Terra made her first appearance in the fourth season of the series.
  • For this episode onward, the animation has darkened, Now the Titans have darker colors (The same animation from Island Adventures.
  • In the Cartoon Network App, this episode was paired up with "Hot Salad Water".
  • Beast Boy is revealed to have a grandmother in this episode.
  • This episode is clearly a jab at the potential drawbacks of shareconomy.
    • It also reflects on how the core of economy is no longer aimed at production quality but commercialization in the current materialistic world.
  • The episode title comes from "lication", the way Starfire shortens the word "application".
  • This episode aired exactly a week after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in the USA's Texas Coast, which caused severe damage.
  • The season 4 part 2 dvd Lo-Tech Heroes cover was based off of this episode



  • Transformers are mentioned by Beast Boy.
  • A poster with Darkseid on it can be seen on the wall by the Titans' elevator.
  • Many of the items that the Titans make available on the application reference various objects from the DC universe. Robin, for example, has a "previously used" crowbar that bares a resemblance to the one the Joker used to beat Jason Todd. Beast Boy has a Kryptonite spear for when "that dude in blue gets out of control" and also the Joy Buzzer used by the Joker in the 1989 Batman film. And Cyborg has a Mother Box that he declares is perfect for all mothers, including Marthas!
  • The Titans also offered to share other items on the application that reference non-DC properties. Beast Boy has a wand with a Thestral core from the Harry Potter series, a cloak of invincibility, a ring of power from Lord of the Rings, and a respirator and steering wheel from the latest Mad Max movie. Cyborg has a maze etched on a scalp that may be referencing a symbol seen often on the Westworld series. Two other items that Cyborg has available for sharing is his right human ear (shown as an image that depicts a Vincent van Gogh portrait) and his left foot, referencing the autobiography, My Left Foot.
    • When Raven mentions "the robot apocalypse", an image of a robotic humanoid with a Kryptonite core is shown standing over many piles of skulls. This is a reference to the Terminator series and a depiction of Metalllo, one of Superman's enemies.
  • The motorcycle store, Main Man Motorcycles, and the grandma store (Goodness Granny) appear to reference DC characters Lobo and Granny Goodness. Another store (The Dreaming) is a reference to a fictional location in the DC universe.
  • Robin pays a homage to Steve Jobs, the late founder of Apple, when explaining the share-economy system.
  • When Titans enter the Shareconomy Robots' building, the building itself is a reference to the Westworld Maze.


  • Cyborg states that all Robots are evil; however, he didn't seem to think so when it came to Pain Bot not to mention the fact that he is half Robot himself.
  • Beast Boy shouldn't rent the fridge for the marmots as marmots aren't suppose to consume human food.
  • Before rushing into the Shareconomy Robots' building, Robin was still chewing Starfire's toothbrush. But after blasting through the wall, it was no longer seen.

Running Gags

  • The Titans saying "application" with some emphasis on "lication".
  • Robin keeping Starfire's tooth brush in his mouth.
  • Cyborg renting his body parts until he has none left except his head.
  • The Titans renting things and getting money.
  • Beast Boy repeating to Robin that "Do we look like nerds to you?" when Robin talks about share-economy.


The transcript for "Lication" can be found here.


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