Cyborg tinkering
The following is a list of Cyborg's inventions.


  • Brainiac Robotic Body
    • A back-up robotic body inside his closet.
  • Music Player
    • Stereo sound system that comes out of his chest.
  • Tower Control Panel
    • The main control panel of the Titan's tower, which can do nearly anything, from surfing the web to hacking traffic lights.
  • T-Car
    • The Titans' main mode of transporation.
  • Security Dome
    • The giant dome that surrounds Titans Tower (as seen in Hey Pizza!) to keep out intruders.
    • "The button" to completely destroy everything in sight, also seen on "Hey Pizza!"
  • Tower Security System
    • The security system seen in "Terra-ized" that puts the entire tower on lock-down. 
  • DNA Merging Machine
    • A machine that merges the DNA of two people/things, as seen in "Super Robin".
  • Love Matcher 5000
    • A specially designed invention that matches any superhero with their perfect ideal match. It never really worked at 100% efficency, as is shown in "Matched".
  • Burger Robot
  • Evil Coffee Maker
  • Evil Vaccuum
  • Evil Lamp
  • Evil Toaster
  • Robotic Suit Closet
  • Titan Robot
    • The giant robot used in "The Left Leg" and "Love Monsters", only in case of emergency against serious threats that terrorizes the city.
  • Mystery Meatball Machine
    • Cyborg being capable of making meatballs inside of his body, as shown in "Meatball Party".
  • Robotic "Mystery" Meatball
  • Time Machine
    • Created by him and Beast Boy together in order to return back to their original time, in the episode "Staring at the Future".
  • Neon Christmas Wall
  • Holographic Projector
  • Titan's Communicator (partial credit goes to Robin)
  • T-Car Uprgrade
  • Sledge
  • Submarine
  • The Titan Yacht