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The Teen Titans get ready to use their powers (well, except for Robin).

Although a lot of heroes are limited to one or two superpowers/skills, many characters in Teen Titans Go! are gifted with a wide array of abilities. This page, a List of Powers and Abilities, is for specifically showcasing the various superpowers and talents of heroes/villains throughout the series.

While the primary abilities are shown on the main characters' pages, this article is meant to go more in depth into their powers. For example, Beast Boy's main page only lists several of his prominent animal transformations throughout the show; this article will go through all of them.

Teen Titans


All of Robin's Equipment and Skills are listed on the main page.


Tamaranian Physiological Abilities

  • Starfire (GO! Remix)

    "Star, the fire, the live, the wire!"

    Flight: The people of Tamaran are able to harness ultra violet light energy and use it for many abilities, one of them being flight.
  • Speed: Starfire can travel ten times faster than the speed of light, granting her the ability of time travel in the episode "Gorilla".
  • Superhuman Strength: Even the strongest humans are no match for Starfire's strength, as she is able to smash through concrete walls and lift cars with ease.
  • Radiation Immunity: Like all her brethren, she's totally immune to all kinds of Radiation and especially their deadly effects, such as the utter prevention of cancer, genetic mutations, and among other symptoms like severe vomiting and internal bleeding. Thus, the ability can also be a useful counteractive ability against users that have Radiation associated powers like Radiation Manipulation. Two other feats include surviving fallout from a nuclear explosion, as well as taking less damage from Radiation-based attacks.
  • Superhuman Agility and Enhanced Reflexes: She is extremely agile and nimble, and has incredibly fast reflexes.
  • Superhuman Durability: Many injuries that would kill a normal human have little to no effect on Starfire, including crushing, getting shot, and even radiation.
  • Outer-Space Adaption: As seen in "Legendary Sandwich," she can survive while in space without the need for a space suit.
  • Ultraviolet Energy Projection: After being experimented on by alien Psion scientists, Starfire gained the ability to shoot a variety of green ultraviolet energy beams, which she calls Starbolts, including:
    • Energy absorption : she is able to absorb energy blasts
      Starfire (Money Grandma)

      Those green rays will kill you. Dead. Do not touch them.

      Starblasts: Her hands emit light beams capable of melting metal.
    • Eye-Beams: In many episodes, she shoots lasers from her eyes.
    • Starbolt Shower: As seen in "Mr. Butt", Starfire can summon Starbolts from the heavens.
    • Green Fire Generation: Starfire can also bring forth green fire, first shown in "Open Door Policy".
  • Starbolt Bomb: A large, bright green orb of starbolt energy similar to a starblast, but one that must be charged up to create an even bigger and more destructive explosion, as seen in "Mr. Butt " against Blackfire.
  • Lighting Generation: At one point in "Tamaranian Vacation", she managed to generate bright green lightning from the sky; due to her intense fury.
  • Starbolt-Snowball Barrage: In "Second Christmas", she fired multiple blasts of circular starbolts combined with snowballs at the other four Titans, in a fit of anger.
    • Vocal Mimicry: In the process of learning a language through lip contact, she also gains the ability to imitate the voice of whoever she kissed, as she mimicked the speaking voices of Beast Boy, Cyborg, Commissioner Gordon, and many others in Inner Beauty of a Cactus.
  • Decelerated Aging: She also has quite a slow aging process, as she can remain young and youthfully beautiful for hundreds of years to match her extended lifespan.
  • Prehensile Tongue: She can elongate her tongue, like a lizard or snake can.
  • Invurnerability: She has survived many deadly situations which could kill a regular human, to cite an example: getting crushed.


  • Alien Martial Arts: The Warlords of Okaara trained Starfire in advanced alien melee combat.
  • Agility: Starfire's speed powers also operate on the micro level; she can maneuver around opponents with ease.
  • Insta-Language Acquisition: Starfire can learn, understand and speak any language instantly through lip contact—she learned English by kissing Robin.
  • Expert Swordsmanship: Although she usually enters battle without a weapon, Starfire has occasionally proven herself with a sword such when she defending her home world in "Tamaranian Vacation", and slicing Cyborg in half in "Power Moves".
  • Martial Arts: She is skilled in the Earth martial art of ninjutsu (忍術), shown in "The Art of Ninjutsu".
  • Detective Skills: She solved a mystery all by herself in "I See You."
  • Animorphing: At one point, she had the ability to shape-shift into different animal forms temporarily seen in the episode "Animals, It's Just a Word."
  • Making war drones:In "Kabooms", despite she does do unintentionally, it is shown that she's able to make dangerous war drones.

Temporary Powers

  • Metatamaranian Physiological Powers: In the episode My Name is Jose, Starfire had became a Metamaranian once Raven had bestowed her powers of Plastic Man in addition to her pre-existing physiology power set.
    • Elasticity: After she had been modified by Raven during the episode, Starfire's body is elastic, meaning she can stretch herself as well as shape her body into virtually any form she wants.
      • Malleable Anatomy: As of said before, she can change into virtually any form she wants, but not absolutely any form possible.


Cybernetic Physiological Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: The metal limbs of his suit make Cyborg the physically strongest on the team; he has been seen lifting up a plane engine with only one arm.
  • Superhuman Durability: The armor surrounding his body makes him much more impervious to damage.
  • Transformation: His body can transform into a wide assortment of objects and vehicles, some of which include:
    • Cyborg (Power Moves)

      Giving those villains some head!

      Bowling Ball: Cyborg's head can turn into a bowling ball, seen in "Power Moves".
    • Door: To stop the Titans from entering the kitchen in "Little Buddies".
    • Missile: Turns into a missile in the episode "Colors of Raven".
    • Rocket: To escape Beast Boy after accidentally telling him about Terra in "Be Mine". He also turned into a rocket to escape the girls in "Boys vs Girls" after Robin tells him the they have cooties.
    • Toilet: When the Titans rebuild him incorrectly in "Tower Power".
    • Train: To give Robin and Beast Boy a ride in "Caged Tiger".
    • Monster Truck: When he played tug-of-war against the girls in "Boys vs Girls"
    • Bucket Loader: He turns into a bucket loader in "Smile Bones".
    • Fan: Cyborg can turn his mouth into a fan and he is able to change the temperature shown in "Black Friday"
    • Truck: Cyborg can transform him self into a powerful truck seen in "40%, 20%, 20%.
    • Tank: He was able to turn into a tank when Wally T gave his fan power.
    • Shopping Cart: He can transform into a Shopping Cart seen in "Black Friday"
    • Sledge: Seen in "Second Christmas"
    • Drink Machines: Cyborg can transform into certain machines that can produce drinks seen in "Hot Salad Water".
      • Water Cooler Dispenser
      • Orange Juicer Machine
      • Milking Machine
      • Tea Cooking Machine (Inside Body)
    • Catapult: He transformed into a catapult in "The Academy"
    • Traveling Sprinkler: To help Robin's farm in the episode "Labor Day"
  • Flight: Cyborg use a jetpack, jet boots, or other aviation accessories to easily overcome gravity.
  • Electronic Eye: The artificial receptor of Cyborg can do many things, including:
  • Body Part Extension: Cyborg can easily extend the length of his arms, legs, neck, and fingers.
  • Substance Emission: Multiple chemicals and molecules can be released from Cyborg's body, including toxic gas, water, water vapor (from "Secret Garden", and farts (from many episodes).
  • Wired Body/Detachable Head: Cyborg can remove his head from his body and place it on another robot body.
  • Fire-Proof Suit: His robotic suit can protect him from any fire/flame attacks, as well as intense heat.
  • Rocket Fist: Cyborg can fire his rocket-powered fist off at an enemy, as seen in "Truth, Justice, and What?".
  • Self-Controlled Cybernetics: Cyborg's cybernetics are capable of its own control when Cyborg isn't, such as shooting snowballs and laughing as seen in "Second Christmas", able to assist Cyborg when threatened like with Pinocchio and his suit pinned the evil entity down, in "Books", and able to be picture taken by Cyborg in "Yearbook Madness".
  • Steam Generation: Cyborg is able to release steam from his body, seen in "Secret Garden" and "The Avogodo"
  • Water/Liquid Generation: He is able to release water from its head body part seen in "Labor Day". and able to produce drinks in his transformation seen in "Hot Salad Water".
  • Electronic Communication: Cyborg is able to communicate with electronic entities, seen in "Little Buddies"
  • Holographic Projection: In "Opposites" , Cyborg is able to create holographic images from his cybernetic robotic parts. The holograms can be in any color.
  • Light Generation: He is able to shine light out of his body parts.
  • Music/Sound Generation: He is able to play music or sounds with several body parts.
    Cyborg Electrical Signal Manipulation TTGWikia
  • Electrical Signal Manipulation: Cyborg is able to interrupt signals seen in "Operation Tin Man" He is also able to scan things with his arm and satellite dish seen in "Teen Titans Save Christmas".
  • Technorganic Color Manipulation: Most of Cyborg's Attacks and weapons are related to the color blue, but Cyborg can change colors of his attacks.
    • Chainsaw: He is able to color his chainsaw red seen in "Booby Trap House"
    • Cybernetic Body Parts: Cyborg can change some colors of his body parts. He can also change the design of his suit.
    • Lights: He can change the color of his own lights.
    • Laser Color Manipulation: Most Lasers of Cyborg are colored blue, but Cyborg is able to change the colors of his lasers
  • Teleportation: Seen in Teen Titans Go! to the Movies.

Weapons and Equipment


Temporary Powers

  • Animal Shapeshifting Powers: Cyborg was capable of transforming in several animals, such as a Parrot, a Dog, and a Shark. However, he did use the Parrot form more and the parrot animal urges stuck with him after the powers were gone.
    Cyborg dog hand
  • Canine Limbs: A Dog for a hand from the episode "Dog Hand"
  • Supernatural Accuracy: Being a Normal human seen in "Real Boy Adventures".
  • Green Lantern Powers: Seen in "Two Parter"
    • Green Energy Projection
  • Leprechaun Psychology: Robin gave him the abilities of a Leprechaun seen in "The Gold Standard"
    • Flight (without cybernetic bodyparts)
    • Ergokinetic Combat
    • Instant Transmission

Made up/Fantasy Powers

Beast Boy

Metahuman Physiological Abilities

  • Animal Shapeshifting: As his primary power, Beast Boy can transform into a green version any animal in a fraction of a second, so long as he has seen it, whether in real life or in a picture (including any extinct or alien species). While transformed, he acquires all of the abilities of said animal, whether it be flight, speed, advanced eyesight, etc. Some of Beast Boy's organism options are:
    • Baboon:
      Beast Boy (Gorilla)

      Robin struggles to free himself from Beast Boy's fat gorilla butt...

      Request from Starfire in "Beast Man".
    • Beaver: Chucking to the rythm and presumably carving (seen in "Nean")
    • Bird: flying; pooping on bad guys
    • Blue whale: swimming; immense strength, size and weight
    • Bull: rodeo riding with Cyborg (seen in "Staring at the Future")
    • Butterfly: presumably flying
    • Camel: Crushes Dr. Light
    • Cat: balance (landing on feet), sleeping/relaxing, dancing (seen in "Burger vs. Burrito" and "Second Christmas"), playing with balls of yarn, finding things (like a camera, etc.), disguise, pouncing, carving a jack-o-lantern.
    • Cave Bat: when he was trying to convince the other Titans he was best suited to be Batman in "Two Parter" and to bother Raven in "Costume Contest".
    • Chameleon: jiving to the beat, as seen in "Dreams".
    • Cheetah: immense speed
    • Chicken: To disguise himself in a farm house in "Titan Saving Time".
    • Cockroach: ability to hide in small places, like a bag of chips, as shown in "Ghost Boy"
    • Coyote: sharp teeth, strong jaw
    • Crab: to pinch others
    • Crocodile: sharp teeth
    • Dog: enhanced smelling, doggy paddling, lapping up water, playing fetch, urinating
    • Dove: Perform love poems for Raven
    • Deer: Ability to run fast ("Tamaranian Vacation")
    • Dragon: to express how hot his hot sauce was ("Spice Game"), to battle against Slade (the movie)
    • Donkey/Miniature Donkey: Request from Cyborg in "Beast Man".
    • Elephant: To take giant elephant dumps, jumping on enemies.
    • Flying Squirrel: claws, gliders.
    • Giant Moth Larva: unknown (temporarily used as a replacement Silkie).
    • Giraffe: long neck for reaching heights
    • Goat: N/A
    • Gopher: digging.
    • Gorilla: immense strength and agility, power over the Titans in "Gorilla".
    • Guinea Pig: exercising
    • Hippo: swallowing large amount of food with one bite and shooting it at the target, burping loudly
    • Horse: horseplay/pony rides, kicking
    • Kangaroo: high jump, extra pocket
    • Koala: clinging onto things, like Cyborg's arm in "Parasite".
    • Larvae: pretending to be Silkie.
    • Llama: N/A
    • Man: as requested by the other Titans so they could see a rated R movie.
    • Mole: digging, bright eyes
    • Monkey: reaching up high, throwing a tantrum.
    • Mosquito: flying in small places, poisoning others.
    • Mouse: fleeing in terror, fitting into small places.
    • Octopus: ink spraying, catch multiple objects at the same time, underwater breathing.
    • Owl: ability to regurgitate owl pellets.
    • Pelican: storing things in bill.
    • Pig: consuming large amount of food, sleeping, dancing the "pig jig" (seen in 'Uncle Jokes").
    • Pterodactyl: flight, claws, teeth
    • Python: immense strength and agility
    • Rabbit: enhanced agility
    • Raccoon: N/A
    • Sasquatch: to represent Chewbacca in "How's this for a Special? Spaaaace"
    • Shark: To eat up the HIVE.
    • Skunk: N/A
    • Sloth: taking up space on the couch
    • Snake: slithering under doors, fitting into tight spaces, eating things for storage (like dodge balls in "Artful Dodgers")
    • Spider: creeping up on Raven.
    • Tyrannosaurus: strength. durability, sharp teeth, 360 vision, powerful tail, swallowing large objects.
    • Tiger: To maul a mockingbird after it punches Robin.
    • Turtle: slowness, fitting in small places, protection from harm (retreat to shell).
    • Naked Mole Rat: appeared in "Super Robin" when said, "She's right Robin all my life everyone looked at me like a freak.", and presumably used to be immune to any pain. (the latter has yet to appear in the show.)
      TTG BB2 1280x768
    • Sheep​: after Robin telling the Titans that they are becoming sheep, then Beast Boy transforms into a sheep and says that only he is being a sheep in "Accept the Next Proposition You Hear".
    • Panda: N/A
    • Vampire Bat: in Costume Contest, Beast Boy uses this form to get into the Halloween spirit and drum on Raven's head.
  • Omnifarious Shapeshifting:For a brief period in the episode "Dog Hand", Trigon gifted Beast Boy with the ability to transform into plants and inanimate objects, such as:
    • Bean bag beast boy

      Sit on his face.

      Cup: Beast Boy turned into a cup which Raven accidentally drank out of.
    • Bean Bag: Beast Boy turned into a bean bag and suggested that Raven sit down on him.
    • Basketball: Beast Boy bounced into the room as a basketball.
    • Wiener: Beast Boy turned into a wiener when he called Trigon a "wiener".
    • Club: Beast Boy turned into a club which Robin used to hit Trigon.
    • Medieval Flail: Beast Boy turned into a medieval flail which Robin used to hit Trigon.
    • Sword: Beast Boy turned into a sword and Robin attacked Trigon with him.
    • Pine Tree: Beast Boy turned into a pine tree and Robin hit Trigon with him.
    • Ship: Beast Boy turned into a ship and Robin smashed Trigon's head with him.
    • Jackhammer: Beast Boy jackhammered Trigon's head.
    • Jeep: The last thing Beast Boy turned into was a jeep which Robin was carrying. After Robin changed back, Beast Boy fell on him and crushed him and he was turned back to normal again.
  • Animal Communication: Beast Boy can interact with other animals, seen in "Thanksgiving" when he's talking to some rats.
  • Shapeshifting Bestowment: In the episode "Animals, It's Just a Word!", Beast Boy is shown to be able to give anyone his animal transformation powers via a simple blood transfusion.
  • Human Shapeshifting: In addition to animals, he is able to take the likeness of any human. In the past, he has been:
  • Telekinesis: By using 80% of his brain percentage, Beast Boy learned telekinesis and even levitation.
  • Time-Travelling: He was also able to travel 65 years into the past by tapping into his unused brain percentages.



Farting, a silent ally of the ninja.

  • Extreme Laziness: Beast Boy's is on a completely different level when it comes to slacking off and relaxing.
  • Martial Arts​: In "The Art of Ninjutsu", Beast Boy has mastered the way of the shinobi (忍び).
  • Bilingual/Fluent in Spanish: In "Más y Menos", it is revealed that he can fluently speak and understand Spanish.
  • Music: Beast Boy can play multiple instruments, mainly stringed ones.
  • Artistic Skill: As seen from his drawing for Cyborg in "Pie Bros", he seems to have a knack for drawing.
  • Massaging: Soothing reiki (霊気) massages are one of his specialties, as shown in "Bro-Pocalypse".
  • Ambidextrous: This can be seen whenever Beast Boy writes. He mostly writes with his left hand, but whenever he kicks a ball, throws, hits or even writes occasionally, he does it with his right hand.
  • Poetry: In "Matched", Beast Boy is an amateur at writing love poems.
  • Spell Casting: It is shown in "Double Trouble", "Meatball Party", and "Brain Food" that he is able to cast magical spells from Raven's spell book.
    • Duplication Spell: He used a spell from Raven's spellbook in "Double Trouble" to make magical copies of himself.
    • Transformation Spell: He used it in "Meatball Party" and accidentally turned Cyborg into a frog, Robin into a unicorn, before finally turning the couch into a burrito.
    • Intelligence Spell: He used it in "Brain Food" which at first accidentally makes Silkie smart, before using it again to make all of his friends stupid.


Cambion Physiological Abilities

  • Soul-Self: Raven can form an astral projection of herself in the shape of a raven (hence her name), as seen in "Caramel Apples".
  • Telekinesis: Various objects can be levitated and controlled via her Satanic background.
  • Telekinetic Construction: Building upon the previous ability (literally), Raven can construct items from nothing. A few things she has created in the past are:
  • Magiportation: Whether through portals or instant apparition, Raven can transport herself or other people/things instantly to a different location via Dark Magic.
  • Spellbooks: To aid in her magic, Raven has a vast assortment of spell books filled with all kinds of incantations, including:
  • Flight: Raven can fly/float, so she floats most of the time floating instead of walking.
  • Size Manipulation: She can enlarge or shrink items to a suitable size.
  • Cambion Vitality: As part-demon, part-human, Raven is capable of withstanding more damage than either particular race alone.
  • Fang Retraction: In addition, she's gifted with deadly, retractable sharp fangs.
  • Purification: When Raven becomes her true demonic form, she can purify herself and other evil forces with the help of lost souls.
  • Life-Force Absorption: Raven can devastatingly drain the life-force out of any living organisms, depicted in "The Secret Garden" when she withers a bunch of flowers, and she also admits draining her first kiss' life force in "The Bergerac".
  • Curse Manipulation: Raven can curse anything, first seen in "BBRAE" (as she curses Beast Boy's song and gives it effects that causes disharmony.)
  • Time Manipulation:"Nostalgia is Not a Substitute for an Actual Story" showcases that she can make time go backwards. It is conceivable that she might also be able to make time go fast-forward, too.
  • Replication: Raven can duplicate herself and/or other objects.
  • Chakra Balancing: Raven is shown to have this ability, but she doesn’t use it often. She also has a red jewel on her forehead, which has a spell that balances and imprisons her inner demon.
  • Illusion Magic: N/A
  • Weak Reality Warping: She once turned a rat into a unicorn, it was clearly no illusion as you can’t ride a mouse, as it would wriggle away. The changes she does, to reality do go back, if she is badly defeated.
  • Meteorite Summoning
  • Useless Powers: These include opening a walnut perfectly, turning something into a normal human and more.
  • Healing: N/A
  • Future-Telling: N/A
Screenshot 20180603-193137

Wow, Raven really hates the sun.

  • Planet/Universe Destruction: She is powerful enough to destroy planets and even universes. When she was 3 years old (mentioned by her father in "Caramel Apples"), she once destroyed a universe. In "Thanksgetting", she exploded the sun simply because she hated it.
  • Creation Life Creation: She can grant life to any object or in other words, create a living being, such as creating the Vegan Cheesesteak.
  • Reversion: She can simply turn herself back to her normal appearance no matter what she has dressed herself up, as proven in "Lil' Dimples" and "Witches Brew".


Other Characters


All of Bumblebee's Powers and Abilities are listed on her main page.


All of Atom's Powers and Abilities are listed on his main page.

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