The Little Buddies are pets and/or creations of the Teen Titans who appear occasionally in the series. Some of them debuted as anti-heroes, but seem to befriend the Titans as the series progresses.



Silkie is Starfire's pet, who appears in most of the episodes. He is by far the most occurring Little Buddy, and recognized as part of the Teen Titan family.

Super Robin


Super Robin

The Super Robin is a robin who shares DNA with Robin. He has all the same powers and abilities as Robin, and is often seen stealing food from the Titans. He debuted in "Super Robin".


Birdarang was created by Robin and Cyborg, along with Beat Box in "Power Moves". It now appears throughout the series, owned by Robin.

Beat Box

Beat Box

Beat Box (aka BoomStaff) was created by Robin and Cyborg, along with Birdarang in "Power Moves". It now appears throughout the series, owned by Robin.

Pain Bot

Pain Bot debuts in "Waffles" as a Brother Blood's torture machine. He returns in "Little Buddies" where he then becomes Cyborg's companion and little buddy.


The Demon started originally as an enemy of Raven. A pest who constantly tried to escape the portal, only to be banished again by Raven. But in "Little Buddies", it is revealed Raven has developed a friendly bond with the demon, who is now her little buddy.



Dave is Beast Boy's pet wolf, who debuts in "Little Buddies". He seems to be far from domesticated, constantly attacking the Titans, most notably Robin. However, after Pain Bot unleashes his weapons on him, he retreats in fear.


  • Couch Spirit - A spirit that lives and relaxes in the couch or within the Titans as seen in "Dude Relax" and "Lazy Sunday".
  • Jerry - A flea that's friends with Beast Boy in "Body Adventure".
  • Robin's Parasitic Twin-A little parasite brother living in Robin's left eye.
  • Staff - Robin's original staff talks, only inside his head
  • The Rats - Beast Boy’s rat friends after he kindly invited them to be part of the thanksgiving party in "Thanksgiving".
  • Jose - Cyborg’s fish friend whom Cyborg befriended after gaining the ability to understand fish and breathe underwater in "My Name is Jose".
  • Chuck - Beast Boy and Silkie's friend. He is a multi-eyed bug who only appeared in "Croissant". When he hatched out his cocoon, the Titans mistakenly thought he was Beast Boy after he said he was going through a metamorphosis.


  • Universe Staff - The Universe Staff debuts in "Staff Meeting", where it is originally a mystical tree, which Robin cuts down. He then becomes a stick, which Robin uses as a temporary staff. When Robin gets his old staff back, he abandons the Universe Staff, and he is now used as a toilet plunger. Later in the series, he becomes Robin's little buddy, until he gets abandoned in "Some of Their Parts", when Robin tosses him away.

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  • In "Little Buddies", they all had a showdown to see who would stay in the tower.
    • Silkie won the battle with ease, by devouring Pain Bot, who defeated/scared the rest of the Little Buddies.
  • In "Brian", they had to save the Titans from the clutches of the Brain.
  • Robin has the most Little Buddies, having four (Super Robin, Birdarang, Universe Tree, Beat Box).
  • Dave is the only Little Buddy to be a naturally born animal from Earth. The Super Robin does not count due to its altered DNA.
  • Silkie is the most occurring little buddy in the series, he is also the first.
  • The Talking Birdarang and Universe Staff are the only Little Buddies who can properly speak.
    • Pain Bot can only say two phrases ("Pain" and "All I know is pain") and Super Robin can only use wing motions (as though they were arms and hands) to convey messages.
  • The Demon is the least occurring Little Buddy.
    • Strangely resembling his owner's withdrawn personality.


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