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"Man Person" is the second episode of the second season of Teen Titans Go!, and the fifty-fourth overall episode of the series.


After an accident during a fight, Beast Boy is scarred across his face. At first, he is skeptical, but Cyborg convinces him that the scar makes him look tough. He slowly replaces his body parts with robotic limbs, while Cyborg protests that this is not a good thing.


Cinderblock is ravaging the Jump City rail-yard once again, but the Titans show up to stop him another time. Beast Boy insists that he go solo on this one, and he transforms into a gorilla form and charges Cinderblock head-on. As Beast Boy leaps into the air, Cinderblock delivers a huge blow, hitting Beast Boy straight in the face. Cinderblock's huge fist hit Beast Boy so hard that it broke off and implanted on his face. He is instantly knocked unconscious.

Beast Boy gets glimpses of the emergency room, and he can hear the alarms, and also Robin, panicking for him. His heart pounds vivaciously, and he can barely breathe. He slowly starts to breathe, and Robin calls for pliers. After Robin removes the gigantic chunk, Beast Boy gropes at his face in pain. Robin inspects the damage, and he and the other Titans scream in horror at his disfigurement (Cyborg even throws up at the sight). Robin yells for bandages, and Raven quickly applies them to cover him up.

Six weeks later...

The Titans slowly and warily remove the bandages from Beast Boy's face. Once they are removed, Starfire faints at the sight of his face, and Cyborg throws up once again. Robin and Raven panic at the sight of him, and so, Robin orders Raven to cover up quickly Beast Boy's face again.

Another six weeks later...

The Titans nervously remove the bandages from Beast Boy's face, expecting another horrendous sight. They scream again because they predict he will look the same, but to their relief, Beast Boy's face has finally healed. He grabs a mirror to see his appearance, and he cries out in shock because a long scar runs across his right eye. Cyborg tries to comfort him, saying it doesn't seem that bad, but the other Titans are a little more disgusted. Beast Boy puts a paper bag over his head in shame. Once again, Cyborg tries to console him by drawing a mark on the bag (with a red marker built into his hand), and he says that it makes him look tough. He then asks Beast Boy who the toughest person he knows is, and he says Raven (which made her blush). Cyborg rephrases his question. "Who is the toughest MAN person you know?" Beast Boy answers that it's Cyborg. Cyborg points out that it's because of his scars. He explains how a freak accident destroyed his body, and he got fixed up in a cool robot suit to make up for the loss. Beast Boy is comforted by Cyborg's persuasion, and he re-thinks his outlook on the scar. Cyborg says they got some tough times ahead, and they begin a montage that's full of all sorts of manly activities, including lifting weights and posing.

That night, Beast Boy and Cyborg are exercising in the living room while the other Titans lay back on the couch. The crime-alert alarm sounds and the computer displays footage of Doctor Light destroying the city with his deadly light beams. The Titans respond immediately and arrive to challenge him. He takes some time from destroying skyscrapers to fight the Titans. Starfire begins to shoot star bolts at Doctor Light, who responds with a volley of light beams. She continuously dodges the rays until one hits a skyscraper behind her. The top half of the building is severed and starts to slide off. She evades the toppling building, and it falls straight down towards the other Titans. Cyborg saves himself and his friends by catching the half-building right before it's about to crush him. The top of the building continues to fall, heading right for the other Titans. So Beast Boy has got to love that impressive gesture of strength, and Cyborg replies to "thank the scars.". Robin, Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire all start to charge at Doctor Light, but Beast Boy decides to stay behind, often does stuff like that. Doctor Light charges up his light-shooter to the max, and then he lets loose an immense ray with an enormous radius. The girls hover above the beam, and the guys duck beneath it a split second before it would have hit them. Noticing that Beast Boy isn't paying attention, Starfire yells at him to hit the deck. Beast Boy comes to his senses and barely crouches in time, but a light bulb appears over his head (it disintegrates into thin air from the power of the blast). Beast Boy's hand quickly follows in the light bulb's fate as he raises his arm into the beam...

Beast Boy awakens once again in the Titans Tower emergency room, and Robin is calling for more bandages. This time though, Beastie seems pretty chill about the grotesque accident. Cyborg starts to outfit him with a robotic arm, and the other Titans are trying to console him about the loss. He isn't the least bit worried, and he smiles at his new appendage. Starfire inquires if he is sad about his arm being blown off, but he says it's OK- he's now got a cool mechanical arm to go along with his scar. Cyborg tells him that he's lucky that his super-power is keeping his lost arm alive, and he should be able to attach it anytime soon. Beast Boy pretty much ignores him, and he transforms into a bear to show off how amazingly tough he is. Robin and Starfire comment on how cool he looks. Raven, on the other hand, becomes infatuated with him, now claiming that his new appearance "so hot". Beast Boy asks her what she said curiously, and she shyly tells him it was nothing. Beast Boy begins dancing for some reason, and she slaps him out of the room.

Cyborg admits that he looks pretty sweet with his new arm, but he does warn him that losing body parts on purpose isn't a good thing. Robin concurs with Cyborg, but Beast Boy's detached arms start slapping him. Everybody starts to laugh at Robin's pain, all except for Beast Boy, who stands there, looking tougher than ever. Starfire wonders why he isn't laughing. Beast Boy explains that his old self would have thought it was funny, but his new serious attitude says differently... he's now "Scar Man.".

The next day, Robin is in the lab trying to put Beast Boy's lower arm into a container to preserve it. It keeps changing form (lobster claw, octopus tentacle, chicken foot), but after fighting with it for a few seconds, Robin pushes it in and seals the container. Cyborg comes in worried for Beast Boy. He says that he was trying to make him feel better, but now he's going a bit too far with losing some body parts. Just then, Beast Boy's voice calls out of a dark closet and tosses a bag to Robin. He asks him to take care of what's in the bag. Robin opens the bag and screams when he pulls out one of Beast Boy's eyeballs.

Scar Man steps out of a dark room in a spectacular entrance, revealing that he is now just a head in a huge cybernetic and spiked body. His left ear is torn off a bit, and he now has an eye patch fastened with a chain over his missing eye. Raven suddenly starts to woo over Scar Man's new giant, muscular (artificial, of course) body. Cyborg begins to be exhilarated and begins to yell at Beast Boy, telling him that he's gone overboard with the scars. Scar Man argues with him by explaining that he is way tougher and manlier than EVER. However, Cyborg tries to explain that his new body is NOT an improvement. Scar Man ignores him, pretending that he can't hear him over his "manliness.". As Scar Man leaves the room, Cyborg stands there, infuriated with him. His rage is interrupted by Robin, who is sprawled on the floor. Beast Boy's body parts had just beaten him up, and they are now escaping into the air vents. Cyborg and Robin start to go after Beast Boy's members to try to restore their friend.

With the eyeball as the leader, the body parts inside the vent decide to split up, which makes it a whole lot more difficult for the Titans to catch them. Robin and Cyborg walk down the hallway with a vacuum, searching for the missing parts. Beast Boy's foot jumps out of one of the rooms, and Robin lunges at it. The foot dodges him and transforms into a rhino's foot. It starts to step on Robin's head, but Cyborg sucks it up. Unfortunately for Robin, he wasn't fast enough, but the crushed Robin still manages to give a hearty thumbs up. Next, they find one of Beast Boy's arms in the fridge drinking up their supply of beverages, and they capture that one up, too. Starfire is having tea with one of Beast Boy's legs, but Cyborg disregards courtesy, and, hanging down from the ceiling, he sucks up the leg as well. Lastly, Beast Boy's left eye is crawling around in Raven's bed while she's taking a nap. She freaks out at the sight of it, but Robin and Cyborg come to the rescue and vacuum up the eyeball.

Later that day, Scar Man is jamming to music in the living room (from speakers that are conveniently built into his shoulders!). Cyborg tells him that he has figured out a way to reattach all of Beast Boy's body parts in a simple procedure. Scar Man pretends not to notice Cyborg and turns on his jetpack to fly through the ceiling. Cyborg wishes he could find a way to show Beast Boy what he did to his body is terrible. Suddenly, Cyborg comes up with a brilliant idea to convince Beast Boy.

While Scar Man is having fun flying around outside the tower, Cyborg calls for him from the roof. Scar Man is alarmed when he notices that Cyborg has planted his eye into his usual red lens, and he is using Beast Boy's arms and legs instead of his mechanical limbs. Cyborg gloats that he is WAY more manly now, and he shows off his new crab hands and horse legs. Scar Man asks him what he is doing, and Cyborg explodes that self-mutilation and replacing them with other parts is terrible! He also explains to him that taking care of one's self is more important than looking tough. Scar Man still doesn't get it and asks him if he is done yet. Cyborg finally gives up on Beast Boy, telling him that he is done. Cyborg sadly starts to walk away, and Scar Man finally realizes just how much Cyborg cares about him...

Scar Man catches up to Cyborg and apologizes, admitting that probably did get a bit too carried away. Cyborg admits that maybe they both got carried away, and the two begin laughing just like in the good ol' days. Scar Man agrees but points out that Cyborg does look pretty tough this way. Cyborg becomes excited and asks him if he really thinks so. Scar Man really does, and the two set out on another "man-tage" of manly activities (this time including grilling, weight-lifting, and body hair), this time with their new bodies. When they have finished, the two of them sit together on the edge of the Tower's roof, gazing at the nice sunset. They both agree that they are both "so manly.". Scar Man comments that this particular sunset is one tough sunset, just like them. The sun looks at them, and says "tough!".

Cyborg and Scar Man watching the sunset.



  • This is so far the longest "one-parted" episode of Teen Titans Go!, with 11 minutes and 21 seconds. It was eventually beaten by Two Parter, but only since it was a half-hour episode.
  • Beast Boy's powers keep his limbs alive when they are removed, and they can be attached again in a simple procedure.
  • Instead of fluid in the medical room, tofu is used, which is his favorite food (besides burritos, of course).
  • Beast Boy reveals that the toughest person he knows is Raven, but the toughest man person he knows is Cyborg.
  • In real life, Beast Boy would've died being just a head, as you need a heart to live, and a heart is in your chest.


  • This is the second time Raven blushes in response to what Beast Boy says to her. The first time was in "Waffles".
  • Beast Boy once again plays a stringed musical instrument (electric guitar) during a musical number or montage ("Tough Times"). This is the first time for an episode of the second season and the sixth time overall. ("Girl's Night Out," "Burger vs. Burrito," "Lazy Sunday, "Waffles," "Be Mine")
  • This is the second time we see Raven in her pajamas. The first was in "Dreams."
  • Cinderblock is seen attacking the Jump City Railyard once again ("Starfire the Terrible").
  • Cyborg reveals his past to Beast Boy in this episode, supporting the claim from "Tower Power" and disproving his origins from "Dog Hand."
  • This is the second time Cyborg is seen as a centaur. The first was "Power Moves."


  • The episode's summary is similar to an episode of Futurama known as "The Six Million Dollar Mon", in which both plots focus on a main character replacing their limbs with robot parts, thinking it would be more manly.
  • When Robin and Cyborg catch Beast Boy's eye, there is a Pokémon reference saying "Caught 'em all," which is a reference to the phrase "Gotta Catch 'em all!". The font used is the Pokémon logo, and Pikachu itself even appears under the exclamation point.
  • Beast Boy's robot body resembles Minion's robot suit from DreamWorks' Megamind.
  • The rubber chicken Cyborg holds out when Beast Boy has no arm may be a reference to Boneless from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which Tara Strong (Raven) also works on.
  • The hospital scene with Raven, Robin, and Starfire, is a reference to The Muppet Show sketch Veterinarian's Hospital.


  • In the Titans' fight against Dr. Light, Beast Boy's arm is clearly disintegrated by Dr. Light's laser. But afterwards, the arm is intact, and merely appears to be chopped off like the rest of his limbs.
  • Cyborg says he is tough "because of the scars" he has, and shares his true backstory with the Titans, (his father making him a cyborg). This conflicts with "Dog Hand", as his father was said to be a toaster, and that is the reason Cyborg is half robot. However, the toaster was probably for comedic value, and most likely non-canon.
  • Cyborg is flamed by Beast Boy while he said "flamethrower!". This conflicts with "Tower Power" because he said he had fire-proof armor. It may have been used for comedy, or they forgot to continue it.

Running Gags

  • Cyborg vomiting after seeing Beast Boy's face.
  • Raven being infatuated over Scar Man's attractiveness every time he loses a limb.
  • Beast boy loosing a limb and getting it replaced with a robot part.
  • The Titans freaking out over Beast boy's horribly injured face.


The transcript for "Man Person" can be found here.


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