Marcelo DiChiara
  Marcelo DiChiara (2)  
Role   -   Artist
Cover artist
Date of birth   -   July 31, 1976
With drawing skills at the expert level, Marcelo DiChiara is a well-rounded artist and inker for big name comic book companies—Detective Comics and Marvel, that is.

Most of his DiChiara's artistry is for younger kids' comics, such as Marvel's Super Hero Squad, DC Super Hero Girls, and then (of course) the Teen Titans Go! comic series.


Marcelo was born on July 31, 1976. Most of his early life is hidden in a shroud of mystery, but what CAN be confirmed is that DiChiara eventually got into the comic book business, specifically the artist industry. While he's made a lot of good works with Marvel, such as the Iron Man and Power Pack] series, most of his creative expertise is with DC... some projects that Marcelo is credited with are the Smallville: Chaos miniseries and theWonder Woman Special (2017).

(For lists of DiChiara's work with Marvel and DC, click here and here, respectively.)

Then there's the Teen Titans Go! comic series... DiChiara has had heavy drawing involvement with the comic edition of the show, and not just as a penciller, but also as an inker and a cover artist. Below is a list of Marcelo's Teen Titans Go! contributions.

List of Pencilled Teen Titans Go! Comics


DiChiara's work from "Beach Party A-Go-Go".

Precog-Sniffin' (4)

It's so detailed!.. It's so detailed!.. ("Precog-Sniffin'")

List of Inked Teen Titans Go! Comics

List of Covered Teen Titans Go! Comics

*Lists incomplete.

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  • As far as the Teen Titans Go! comic series goes, DiChiara has by far the most detailed art style out of all the artists (and by the looks of it, the most time-consuming as well). It's obvious that he's a diligent and determined creator.
  • Marcelo lives in Curitiba, a city in the Brazilian state of Paraná.[1]
  • In addition to comic book work, Marcelo DiChiara also takes requests on DeviantArt (decently priced rates, too). Click here for his page...



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