May I Have This Trance? is issue #19 of Teen Titans Go!


After responding to an ad in a comic book, Beast Boy is the proud owner of a brand new pair of Hypno-Specs—and he’s not afraid to use them!


The comic starts when Beast Boy is reading a comic book advertisement and Beast Boy says "Hey, I want to buy those hypno specs!" Then Cyborg says "Hey those hypno specs are the worst purchase you ever made, even worse then the time you bought a ghost! And when you bought the army, now no one can even go downstairs!" Then the hypno specs arrive and Beast Boy hypnotizes Cyborg to act like a chicken! Then Robin comes out and Beast boy says that he can hypnotize Robin, but then Robin states that he can't because Robin will face Mad Mod and Brother Blood, and all he has is a 1.79 cent pair of glasses. So he hypnotizes Robin into dancing in his underwear and Starfire into acting like a nerd. Raven comes and gets revenge by hypnotizing Beast Boy into disco dancing as a chicken in his underwear.



  • The Titans are hypnotizing victims:
    • Cyborg is hypnotized and is forced to act like a chicken.
    • Robin dances in his underwear.
    • Starfire acts like a nerd.
    • Beast Boy is forced to disco dance as a chicken in his underwear.
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