Mega Legasus is the true form of Raven/Lady Legasus


After Raven discovered the League of Legs cheated their way to victory in a competition she had with Captain Cankle she transformed back into Lady Legasus in order to stop the League of Legs from doing anymore danger to Jump City. Once the League of Legs spot her they begin to mock her. Lady Legasus attempted to defeat them but the League of Legs ended up beating her to a pulp. Captain Cankle once more gives her the option to either join them or to be destroyed. Lady Legasus refuses to give up and transformed herself into Mega Legasus.

Still unintimidated, the League of Legs formed what they called a "Leg Lock" for a attempt to crush her. The League of Legs and Mega Legasus charge toward each other to battle but the League of Legs ended up failing in the process. Mega Legasus used her powerful leg strength and techniques on each member of the League of Legs. Once the League of Legs are defeated and are no longer controlled by their legs they apologized to her and she accepts.

Physical Appearance

Similar to her Lady Legasus uniform, it has her signature logo on the chest but instead of one leg on the logo is has two legs that are crossed to represent her power of mega leg strength. Mega Legasus' uniform is a white sleeveless leotard with pink accents and wears matching white high healed go-go boots and also wears white bracelets on each wrist. Unlike her normal and Lady Legasus hair style, Mega Legasus' hair is nothing but a messy pile of black hair standing up.

Episode Appearances

Season 3



  • Mega Legasus' hair style looks similar to Vegeta's from the Dragon Ball Z franchise.
  • With the first being Lady Legasus, Mega Legasus is the second superhero identity created by Raven who is a martial artist and uses the great power of leg strength.
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