• I live in That info's classified.
  • My occupation is That info’s classified.
  • I am A girl, obviously. (My username, remember? XD)
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  • Hia

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Here's another story:

    Hoss Delgado: Your toxic tantrum ends here, Plasmus.

    (Plasmus shoots a stream of acid at Hoss, who dodges the attack. The acid powerfully melts part of the concrete street, which crumbles, causing Hoss to fall in a void. Hoss uses a grappling hook, but it's no use for long. One edge of the void crumbles and Hoss falls back down. Suddenly, Sagara Sanosuke shows up with a rope tied around him to save him.)

    Sagara Sanosuke: Thought you could use an assist.

    (Hoss grabs onto his hands as both are pulled up by Captain America.)

    Hoss Delgado: Thanks.

    (He sees Starfire, Patrick Star, Leonidas Van Rook, and Numbuh 4.)

    Hoss Delgado: And you are?

    Sagara Sanosuke: They call me Sagara.

    Captain America: He's our team leader. I'm Captain America.

    Patrick Star: And I'm uh... uh...

    Starfire: Patrick, sweetie.

    Patrick Star: Yeah! Patrick. Thanks, Starfire.

    Leonidas Van Rook: I'm Leonidas Van Rook! What's it to you?!

    (Hoss is shocked by his behavior and Numbuh 4 approaches.)

    Numbuh 4: And I'm, uh... just Numbuh 4.

    This one is another part of my story:

    (Batman shows up to tell Hoss to do justice.)

    Batman: He is beaten. Let your devotion to justice temper your rage.

    (Joker shows up to tell Hoss to do vengeance.)

    Joker: He took your childhood, ruined your life. Fulfil your destiny, become what you have trained to be: an agent of vengeance. He knows who you are. If this man lives, Hoss Delgado dies.

    Hoss Delgado: Hoss Delgado may die, but my spirit... (drops Bun-Bun) ...never.

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  • Maybe this fanfiction/hypothetical will help you decide. It addresses a plot point in Season 3 of the original show that had major potential, but was barely mentioned: the Cyborg/Jinx relationship. Not only that, it explores how it impacts the rest of the season. It starts after "Wavelength." I hope you enjoy it!

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  • Aye there k i had a question for you if you're around. What song do you think Justin Timberlake will open with during the Super Bowl halftime show tonight? The choices are:

    Can't Stop the Feeling!



    Rock Your Body

    What Goes Around Comes Around

    True Colors

    Like I Love You




    Cry Me a River

    Hope to hear from you soon :)


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    • I predict can't stop the feeling because it's been very popular since 2016, ya think? What do you think?

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    • Well I know "Filthy" is a strong possibility as well as "SexyBack" but ultimately my money is on you being right.

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    • I will go with cartoon on this one. Usually they do play the really popular songs from a few years back like a "down memory lane" presentation....I really think cartoon will be right ... no pressure lol

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    • Tell Ryuku and the others that I might wanna hang with you guys in chat tonight or something. I miss that.

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  • Just wanted to say hi and its been forever since I've been invading people's walls XD

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  • Kinda bored, so hey!

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  • Nice Ashi avatar! :P I love Samurai Jack. Finished watching season 5 recently haha.

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  • Would you like to hear some stories?

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    • Sure. Show me what you got!

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    • Anger: But, b-but, but you heard grown-ups: volcanoes too dangerous.

      Hades: (arrives and lands on the branch Anger's standing on) Nonsense!

      Anger: (loses his balance when the branch shook) Ne-yah!

      (Hades reveals his presence in Disneyland. He floats down, while Fear, Disgust, Sadness, and Bing Bong gasp by his arrival. Anger becomes terrified when Hades approaches him. The villain picks him up with his right hand and looks at him.)

      Hades: Did I startle you, Anger?

      Anger: Yes. No. Uh, how do you know my name?

      Hades: Anger, I'm heartbroken. Don't you recognize your dear old villain?

      Anger: (gasps with happiness) Hades!

      (He jumps on Hades' face, hugs him, and laughs with happiness. The other four become confused.)

      Disgust: What are you doing here?

      Hades: (with Anger on his left shoulder) Migrating, naturally, in the field. All this searching in an unforgiving wasteland to find a more hospitable place you call home.

      Disgust: Well, you won't find it here.

      Hades: Don't tell me, you must be old Sarge's adoptive daughter.

      Disgust: How'd you know?

      Hades: Let's just say there's a strong family resemblance.

      Disgust: Oh, thank you.

      Hades: (seeing Fear) Ah, and you must be...

      Anger: (gets off of Hades) Fear. He's my good friend. Disgust, Sadness, and Bing Bong too.

      Hades: Yes, yes. But this is one who claims he saw a stone of cold fire.

      Fear: (sighs) I guess you don't believe me either.

      Hades: Oh, no, dear child, I believe you completely. I know how stubborn the other grown-ups can be, that's why I had to leave the group you know. They simply had no vision.

      Anger: Oh, I believe Fear.

      Fear: You do?

      Disgust: (to Anger) So much for story too spooky.

      Hades: Well, then we all agree, but the only way to convince the others is, as you say, to go and find that stone.

      Fear: Uh... I wasn't serious. I was... thinking out loud. Anyway, uh, we were about to go home.

      Disgust: Uh, yeah, our parents will be worried about us.

      (Panic flies into view to join the conversation.)

      Panic: Well, we don't want nobody to get worried, now do we?

      (Pain shows up too.)

      Pain: Oh, no, no. They might think something's awful has happened to you. (laughs)

      (Hades hits both of them, knocking them out.)

      Sadness: Who are they?

      Hades: Pain and Panic. Never mind them. They're just tired from our long journey and "not thinking clearly".

      Fear: Uh, yeah. Well, uh... we have to go.

      Anger: Oh, that's OK. I'll stay here with Hades.

      (Disgust gasps from that.)

      Disgust: Anger, it's time to go.

      (Anger growls with frustration as the others leave.)

      Anger: Maybe I see you later?

      Hades: Of course. (Anger hugs him and leaves) Now run along. Oh, and if you change your mind about that stone, I'd be happy to help. Ta-ta.

      (He turns his attention to his two henchmen.)

      Pain: (shakes his head from the hit) Oh, you hurt my mouth.

      Hades: Then next time, keep it shut!

      Panic: Why should we? Them brats wouldn't fall for your little act. I'd say we go find that cold, fire thingy on our own.

      Hades: I repeat, Mr. Panic, we don't where stone *landed*!

      Pain: Then why not simply make the raw nerve tell us where it is? (laughs and makes a cut-throat) Or else. (Hades hits him) OW!

      Hades: Mr. Pain, if we threaten the young ones, it will put the elders on alert. They will watch our every move and our CAUSE WILL BE LOST! NOW IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?!

      Pain: No-no-no-no-no-no-no-no, of-of course not. (falls backwards from a log behind him) Ah!

      Hades: Therefore, we must be calm and patient. Young Fear *will* talk. And when he does, the stone of cold fire will be mine!

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    • Really intense... In a good way! You're really great at writing.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • hey whatup, come to the chat if you wanna hang out :)

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  • dunno if you're still active after all these years but I guess I just came to you to say that I like your Ashi avatar. :D

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