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  • I live in Somewhere over the RAINBOW
  • My occupation is Does loving Anime and Cartoons count?
  • I am Female... And Awesome.
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  • Snappy, if you're reading this, then you know what I've done, what creating an account was really about. I'm sorry, Snappy. My conscience knew it was wrong, but it took me too long to listen.

    I know you won't come back, but if you do, I just wanted to say I'll miss you. You're the best friend I've ever known on the internet.

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  • Come in chat

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  • Snappy, it's me. I've come to say good-bye. I do have something in mind. This might sound crazy, but I'm actually trying to find a way to prevent myself from creating an account (not by going back in time). All I have to do is make a wish come true and none of this will ever happen (even if it means we've never met each other). I know it might sound sad if it's true, but it's for my own good. Even if it does happen, I might search around this place with no account created, and find your profile.

    Almost all of the users at TMNTPedia treat me unfairly. As I said this last time, I tried to convince them that Kirby was not meant to be Wingnut, but they just wouldn't listen to me. I'd say about 95% of them believe Kirby is meant to be Wingnut, but I would also say 10% of them know that Kirby was not meant to be called Wingnut, but a new mutant called Kirby Bat. If the administrator of TMNTPedia and his best pal (they call themselves "Trigger" and "Kung Fu Frogs") don't believe me, I suggest they should ask Brandon Auman themselves.

    A person on YouTube named optibotimus one time did a review of Kirby Bat as an action figure, and he even explains that Kirby Bat wasn't meant to be Wingnut. As a matter of fact, I believe him.

    But once I prevent myself from creating an account, I will be able to feel free once again.

    P.S. One day soon, I may meet Brandon Auman and ask him if he and the producers of the current TMNT series would add Wingnut and Screwloose to the television show. You've always been my good friend, Snappy. You always understand me when I talk about the difference between Kirby and Wingnut. I may not be able to do this alone to never create an account for my own good. Snappy, I may need you to help me to fulfill my destiny. Will you do it for me?

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  • It's me.

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    • This is a remake of the fan wedding of Leonardo and Karai.

      • Raphael: (whispering) "Leo, do you copy?"
      • Leonardo: "Yeah, brother. I'm scared to move."
      • Raphael: "Remember your training. You can do this."
      • Leonardo: "I'm not going to make it, Raph."
      • Raphael: "Don't say that. I'll be by your side every step of the way."
      • Leonardo: "My wingman?"
      • Raphael: "Your best man."
      • (as they stand up straight, Sir Malachi starts playing the organ. Karai comes in with her wedding dress on, while she holds a bouquet of flowers. She stands next to Leo, while Donnie, the priest, opens his book)
      • Donatello: "Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to join Leonardo and Hamato Miwa..."
      • (while he continues reading, Raph is shown to be the best man, while April is the maid of honor. Leatherhead is seen sitting between Michelangelo and the real Irma)
      • Irma: "You okay, Leatherhead?"
      • Leatherhead: "Oh, yes. I'm fine, Irma. I just always cry... at weddings."
      • (Kirby is seen with his pet bat and his wife, Mrs. O'Neil)
      • Kirby: "Oh, Honey, are you crying?"
      • Mrs. O'Neil: "No, I just got something in my eye."
      • (Pigeon Pete, Dr. Rockwell, and Slash are sitting together)
      • Pete: "Let's never break up, guys."
      • (he, Rockwell, and Slash blow their noses. Splinter is seen with Ice Cream Kitty, Metalhead, and Casey)
      • Splinter: "Well done, my son. You too, my daughter."
      • (the Punk Frogs are seen in the crowd. Napoleon Bonafrog and Attila the Frog smile, while he blows his nose. Genghis Frog and Rasputin the Mad Frog don't seem to enjoy it very much, although the other Mutant Frogs like the wedding, too)
      • Napoleon Bonafrog: "Sweet! This is pretty much the best position ever."
      • (Timothy is also seen in the crowd with Jack J. Kurtzman, Mr. Murakami, Mona Lisa, Fugitoid, Dr. Cluckingsworth M.D., and Bernie. Bigfoot watches from nearby before she leaves. The Turtles' pet dinosaurs, Pteranodon (not an actual dinosaur), T. rex, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus, sit next to each other, while they watch the wedding)
      • Donatello: "Do you, Leonardo, take Karai as your wife?"
      • Leonardo: "I do."
      • Donatello: "And you, Karai, take Leo as your husband?"
      • Karai: "I do."
      • Donatello: "By the power vested in me..."
      • (outside the church, The Rat King and his army of rats peek through the door to see the wedding. Falco smiles)
      • The Rat King: "Hmm."
      • (in a dumpster, Muckman and Joe Eyeball are watching the wedding through a television set. In his lab, Baxter Stockman watches the wedding through a monitor. Some flies land on him to watch the wedding)
      • Baxter Stockman: "Ha."
      • (in his new home, Mondo Gecko and his pet leopard gecko, Lars, watch the wedding through a TV set. Jason smiles, too. Outside the church, Renet arrives with tears in her eyes)
      • Renet: "No matter how many times I've been to this wedding, it always makes me cry."
      • Donatello: "...I hereby pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."
      • (Leo and Karai kiss each other, while the crowd begins to applause. Raph wipes a tear from his eye. Karai's pet white horned viper pops out of her bouquet of flowers and licks her face. When they walk outside, they plan to go to Mr. Murakami's restaurant)
      • Leonardo: "Why don't you and me go to Mr. Murakami's restaurant to have our first date?"
      • Karai: "I'd love that, Leo."
      • Raphael: "Leo, you did awesome back there. You too, Karai."
      • Michelangelo: "You two were so cute together."
      • Donatello: "That was pretty good."
      • Casey: "So where are you two going now?"
      • Leonardo: "We're going to Mr. Murakami's restaurant to have our first date."
      • April: "You two have fun with each other."
      • Leatherhead: "I will stay with your father, Karai and Leonardo. Just to make sure he stays safe. I will watch over any of my friends when they need me. Slash is preparing to go back in time to stop Savanti Romero on his own, while I volunteered to watch over Pete and Rockwell."
      • Splinter: "I am proud of you two."
      • (he hugs Leo and Karai)
      • Karai: "Thanks for helping us stop the Foot and Kraang, Slash. You know, we can always use the Retro-Mutagen to turn you back to normal."
      • Slash: (smiling) "I need to go my own way, Hamato Miwa. I think I'm... better off solo."
      • (he shakes Karai's hand)
      • Slash: "Goodbye, sister."
      • (he turns to Mikey, Raph, Donnie, Leo, Splinter, April, Leatherhead, Pete, Rockwell, Casey, Kurtzman, Mr. Murakami, the Punk Frogs, Kirby, Mrs. O'Neil, Timothy, Sir Malachi, Irma, Ice Cream Kitty, Bernie, Dr. Cluckingsworth M.D., Fugitoid, Mona Lisa, Metalhead, and their pet dinosaurs)
      • Slash: "I'll see you all again... someday."
      • (he teleports to the Mesozoic era. with his time traveling device)
      • Raphael: "Goodbye... Spike."
      • Leonardo: "We'll be back, you guys."
      • (the Triceratops follows Leo, Karai, and Mr. Murakami)
      • April: "Hey Leo, it looks like your Triceratops wants to follow."
      • Leonardo: "Don't worry. He'll be fine."
      • Michelangelo: "Don't forget to pack some Pizza Gyoza."
      • Raphael: "With some soy sauce."
      • (while they all depart, Mikey is the only one who hasn't left yet. Renet is suddenly next to him)
      • Renet: "Mikey, it's been really great to see you."
      • Michelangelo: "Whoa, hold on. Why does it sound like you're saying goodbye?"
      • Renet: "I came along because I wanted to make sure you stay safe from Savanti Romero. But now I need to get back to my home."
      • Michelangelo: "So you came along to protect me?"
      • Renet: "Listen, I'm really sorry about what happened last night." (she begins to blush) "We were talking... and saying things... and I just got carried away and before I knew it-"
      • (Mikey kisses her)
      • Michelangelo: "You talk too much."
      • (they both share a deep kiss)
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  • Hey there!

    1. Wanted to drop by and get to know each other

    2. Made this:
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  • Haven't seen ya in a while. How have you been?

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  • I just want to say hi. How are you? its been a long time since we talked.

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  • hi I am new I would like to be friends

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  • Hey, Snappy! Haven't we met before?

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  • Just thought I stop by and say hi to my twiny:D I took some exams for school and I'm reliefed. How is school going for you?

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