The Millionaire and his Wife are a high-living, materialistic couple who become stranded on the same deserted island with the Teen Titans.

These two minor characters are briefly seen in "Coconut Cream Pie" and "The Titans Show" which were episodes of Teen Titans Go! Island Adventures.


In "Coconut Cream Pie", when the gigantic wave capsized The Titan Yacht, the millionaire and his wife were stranded along with the superhero team. These two rich folks really had no business being there, but for some reason, they were. Later, when the Bamboo Titans Tower was being built, Robin made sure that Starfire, a movie star, is not employed in backbreaking work. Instead, she went to relax in some shade (thanks to a bamboo awning) with the two high-end passengers.

As Beast Boy was preparing the rocket to get off the island, the millionaire and his wife requested luxurious items onboard, including first class chairs, a fish tank, a disco ball, stairs, beanbag seats, a telescope, a reading lamp, and a grizzly bear carpet. But the stranded rich people didn't get to keep their items as Cyborg and Robin ordered it of the rocket to save weight.

In the "The Titans Show", as island extras, they beat up the mockingbirds with their bags of money.

Physical Appearance(s)

  • Millionaire: He is very old and has a top hat, as well as fancy clothes and a mustache.
  • Wife: This woman is dressed in a presumably pricey scarlet dress, which grows darker towards the bottom. As with her husband, she must be enjoying retirement, clearly shown by her wrinkles and white hair.

Episode Appearances

Season 3


  • The whole episode is a spoof of the Gilligan's Island TV show. With 7 main characters, the Teen Titans take up five leading roles. The other two spots are filled by the millionaire and his wife, Thurston Howell III and Eunice "Lovey" Howell, respectively.
  • Mr. Magoo, another character played by Jim Backus, looks very similar to the millionaire.


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