"Misadventures in Babysitting" is issue #45 in the Teen Titans Go! comic book series.


"Can the team answer the Justice League's call and take on the not-so-awesome responsibility of babysitting an infant, Superbaby?


Robin is meticulously ordering the Titans around (as usual), trying to get them to clean the Tower faster. He explains that something has happened to Superman, and so the Justice League will be here any minute asking for help. Suddenly, the doorbell rings...

Running to the door, Robin enthusiastically greets the League, but the team only finds a baby in a crib with a diaper bag at the door. Starfire recognizes the adorable baby as Superman, which is confirmed by his heat vision frying Beast Boy's face. Robin finds a note left by the League. Apparently, red kryptonite has caused Superman -now Superbaby- to regress to an infant, and the Justice League has other business to attend to. Raven questions if they should really be trusted, but Starfire points out that he is invulnerable. Beast Boy is glad not to be the least immature in the room now (which Raven doubts), and Cyborg starts baby-talking Superbaby, but Robin orders him to have more respect for the Man of Steel... They aren't babysitters, but servants to the greatest hero ever.

Out of nowhere, Superbaby starts to ball uncontrollably. The Titans think of ideas to cheer him up, and Robin tries the "I got your nose!" trick. Starfire, not knowing the old Earth trick, condemns Robin for ripping off Superman's nose. Cyborg goes along with it though and detaches his hand as a trick. It backfires when Superbaby takes off with it at super speed. Robin figures a rattle might distract the baby, and so Beast Boy transforms into a rattlesnake to soothe him. Cyborg is able to regain his appendage, but Beast Boy has to suffer major swinging trauma.

Superbaby bursts into crying, so Cyborg tries giving him a bottle. He whips through it in two milliseconds, and pretty soon they are going through more bottles than even Cyborg or Beast Boy could eat... 73 to be exact. Bat-Cow, who has been providing the milk is all juiced out, and Beast Boy refuses to turn into a cow. Starfire says there's no need to, though; Superbaby is now fine.

It's not long before the crying starts up again. Raven says he probably needs to burp. Robin, thinking himself to be the perfect, highly-skilled, martial arts student, believes he can do it with just one pat on the back. But after many pats, no luck. Starfire figures he can't feel the pats through his impenetrable skin, so she lights up his back with 3 fully charged star bolts. The cataclysmic burp that follows is enough to turn the Tower into a pile of glass and metal.

Amidst the rubble, Robin begins to rejoice that they've completed their mission, even through all the trials and tribulations... but AGAIN, Superbaby bursts into tears. Robin in confused, but Beast Boy figures it out... a stinking, brown cloud surrounds Superbaby. The Titans try to save themselves from the dirty diaper; Beast Boy covers his nose with a clothespin, Cyborg puts on a gas mask, Raven zips up her hood, and Starfire covers up her nose with her hair. Robin figures somebody has to deal with it...

At the Secret HQ of Titans East, Speedy, Bumblebee, Aqualad, and Más and Menos are playing a good ol' game of foosball when the door rings; to their surprise they find a very rancid Superbaby at there base. Más and Menos hit the road immediately, leaving the others vomiting at the smell...


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