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"Missing" is the forty-sixth episode of the first season of Teen Titans Go!, and the forty-sixth overall episode of the series.


Killer Moth offers a reward for Silkie's return, but will Silkie be happier away from the Titans?


The episode starts with Cyborg, Beast Boy and Robin are supposedly dancing in a club with Aqualad as the DJ. But soon enough, it is shown that this is all in their imaginations, and in reality, they are in an alley, as they are bankrupt. The boys tell themselves that they don't need money to have a good time, and Beast Boy suggests they go to the 'snack bar,' which is actually a homeless man handing them food out of the dumpster. But it seems they are more than content with the food and eat it all. Robin asks for Cyborg to give him a 'wall Napkin' (which is actually a flyer) and realizes that Silkie is on it. Beast Boy shows them that a snake has written the 'Missing' sign because there is "ssss" on it, but Robin insists that it is the symbol for money. The three Titans are excited at the thought of money, and they quickly decide to give Silkie back to Killer Moth because it is "the right thing to do." 

The scene changes, and Starfire is reading the story about a ruthless alien princess who slays all her enemies and becomes queen for Silkie. When Silkie begins to fall asleep as the story has finished, Starfire feeds the mutant larvae some zorkaberries. After his feeding, Starfire baths him and starts to lick Silkie behind the ears. In the meantime, Raven walks in and is disgusted at the sight. She argues that it is gross and that she should bathe Silkie some other way. 

That night, the boys sneak quietly into Starfire's room and kidnap Silkie in a bag, accidentally dropping the flyer stating that Killer Moth is searching for his lost larvae. Cyborg, Robin, and Beast boy take Silkie to Killer Moth's lair and return it to him. Killer Moth cuddles and kisses him. After the villain has finished his display of affection, he waits for the three to leave. But instead, they wait for the prize cash, and Killer Moth eventually gives it to them. 

Starfire wakes up in the morning to find her bed "Silkie-less" and flies into the living room crying and screaming. Raven tells her to calm down. Starfire shows her the flyer and also thinks a snake wrote it. But Raven concludes that someone probably took him back for a cash reward and Starfire wonders who would do such a thing. Raven tells Starfire that Silkie is incapable of loving her. Starfire then gets devastated and cries since she knows that Silkie loves her.

Meanwhile, the three titans are sitting at the Java house and admiring their check. Robin wonders what anybody would do with the amount of money they have, and Beast Boy suggests that they should do what Scrooge McDuck does. They sing the song We're Rich and swim in gold colds.

Back at the tower, Raven is meditating when Starfire sees a stain on Raven's cloak. Starfire sneaks up to her and starts licking it off when Raven yells and tells her to knock it off. She tells her that maybe Killer Moth is taking good care of Silkie. So the two decide to find out themselves. They travel to Killer Moth's lair and find him ready to bath Silkie in a pool of toxic waste. Starfire commands him to stop but is too late, and he drops Silkie in. Silkie comes out with wings and larger, unlike a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Killer Moth tells Silkie to kill the girls, but Silkie talks and refuses to. Raven and Starfire and both surprised to see that he can talk. Starfire asks if he loves her or not, and Silkie says yes. Then they hop on its back and begin their adventure in the sky. 

The boys then revealed to have already bought multiple things like portals, cars, and fancy planes. They feel bad because they stole Silkie and go to the pet shop to buy some kittens for Starfire to make up for what they did. But just as they're walking back to the tower, they see the girls flying on the back of a further mutated Silkie. They run away and throw the box of kittens away, and the episode ends with the girls riding on the back of Silkie into the great beyond.




  • This is Killer Moth's first appearance in the series.
  • This episode makes several references to the original series episode "Can I Keep Him?"
    • Silkie growing large goes back to the original series, but the added wings are from "Dog Hand."
    • Killer Moth calls Silkie by his original name "Larva M3-19."
    • Starfire is devastated at finding Silkie missing, just as she was at leaving him behind in the original episode.
  • This is the very first time Silkie has a voice of his own. Tara Strong voices Silkie, and has also voiced Silkie's noises in other episodes.
    • Tara Strong replaced Dee Bradley Baker for voicing Silkie.
  • At Aqualad's DJ party, there is a poster of Aqualad (Kaldur'ahm), even though it is Aqualad (Garth) who is currently present.
  • When Silkie flies at the end of the episode, live action footage is used for the sky and clouds.
  • This is the final episode to air on Wednesday night at 7:30 PM.
  • Robin and Cyborg state Scrooge McDuck is the richest person they know.
  • This is one of the episodes where the male and female titans spent the majorty of the episode apart. Another is Caramel Apples.


  • This is the second time Cyborg, Robin, and Beast Boy have a Boys' Night Out. This first happens in "Girl's Night Out".
  • This episode marks the second time that Disney's DuckTales is referred to in the series. The first time was in "The Date".
  • Cyborg, Robin, and Beast Boy saying "The Right Thing To Do" in unison is similar to how they said "Dodgeball Style" in "Artful Dodgers".
  • Starfire utters the same screaming sound effect she made in "No Power", when she finds out Robin had died.
  • Aqualad is advertised to perform as a DJ 
  • Starfire licking Raven behind her cloak references "La Larva de Amor", when Starfire first mentioned that Silkie needed to be licked behind his ears.
  • This is the second time Starfire mentions zorkaberries, a food native to her planet. However, these are shown as light blue instead of the yellow ones in "Driver's Ed".
  • This is the fourth episode that focuses on Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy, after "Hey Pizza!", "Power Moves", and "Caged Tiger".


  • The ending of this episode is a parody of the ending of the 1984 Warner Brothers movie "The Neverending Story".
  • In the T-plane during the heist, Beast Boy is reading a Young Justice comic with Kid Flash on the cover.
  • Starfire imagines Killer Moth doing the Monkey Dance.
  • In the alley Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy are in, a Superman logo can be seen on the wall with "Hope" written under it.
    • The Superman logo is the Kryptonian symbol for hope.
  • The song "We're Rich" uses the exact same tune as the theme song for Disney's DuckTales. References to the lyrics are also made, and the name "Scrooge McDuck" is explicitly stated onscreen.
    • It's unknown whether or not Warner Bros. Animation paid Disney to use these references.
  • When Starfire picks up Silkie for "bath time", the sound Silkie makes is a zombie screech from the game Terraria.
  • Raven can be seen reading a book with a cover similar to that of The Journals from Gravity Falls.
  • When Beast Boy, Robin, and Cyborg say: "It was the right thing to do.", the word mark and the rainbow with a star at the end is a reference to NBC's "The More You Know, in 1990.


  • The zorkaberries are now edible for Silkie, whereas in "Driver's Ed" Starfire prohibited him from eating them, as they made him swell up.

Running Gags

  • Starfire licking Silkie and Raven being disgusted.
  • Beast Boy and Starfire mistaking the dollar signs on the poster as a snake's hissing.
  • Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy saying "It's the right thing to do."


The transcript for "Missing" can be found here.


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