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"More of the Same" is the fifty-first episode of the second season of Teen Titans Go!, and the one-hundred-third overall episode of the series.


Can the Titans master the four New Year's traditions in order to break the cycle of bad years?


The episode starts off with the Titans excited for New Year's Eve as they can now do what they always wanted: Beast Boy wants to get his midnight kiss with Raven, Starfire wants to release their old Christmas tree “back into the wild”, Raven wants to see the ball drop, and Cyborg wants to party. Robin is also excited but quickly gets angry, thinking that the Titans will simply ruin the party again like they did last year (As it turns out, Beast Boy invited a pack of wild dogs that attacked most of the team). He eventually points out that as a result of them messing up their party, their year was "garbage", and that no one stuck up to their resolutions. Cyborg however, claims that he stuck up to his resolution, which is going on a diet, but when he hits his belly, he reveals that he grew fat over the year, but he angrily orders the other Titans not to judge him. Robin decides they need to break the cycle, so Raven informs the Titans about the 4 New Year's traditions that they must master: the toast, the countdown, the midnight kiss, and Auld Lang Syne (which is referred to as the weird song no one knows the words to). They start with the toast which is saying profound things about a person. The Titans start practicing toasting Robin, but fail to please him. After Beast Boy makes an offensive and meaningless speech (“May your horse not pee-pee on your shoe, and the devil not look at you in the coming year”), Robin angrily yells at him and moves along.

Next is the countdown which is showing how much time the year has left by counting backward from 10 to 1, which shocks Beast Boy as he doesn't know how to do it. He eventually starts counting backward with his fingers, but Robin scolds him again because it took him 10 seconds to get through 4, so they move along to the midnight kiss, which they must practice by drawing a face in their left hand and kissing it. Unfortunately, when it's Robin's turn, he ends up sabotaging himself from kissing his hand and angrily hits himself in the face with a tree. Next is Auld Lang Syne, which the Titans try but fail to sing correctly. Annoyed, Robin perfectly sings the song for them, much to their surprise. Believing they're ready, the Titans practice what they've learned and are successful, so they take the elevator to the roof and set up the party. Beast Boy then comments at how he can't wait for their terrible year to be over so he can “get a good one going”, with the others agreeing.

However, once the count reaches 10, the Titans all start panicking. Beast Boy forgets how to count backward, and ends up turning into an elephant and crashes into a table and a speaker set, setting both on fire, Cyborg doesn't know what to say and accidentally flings his head from his body into the count, Starfire gets stressed and starts kissing everything with Robin trying to stop her, and Raven sings Danny Boy rather than Auld Lang Syne, thus ruining the party.

As a result, the Titans once again have a horrible year with their T-Car getting towed, Robin and Starfire being chased by a grizzly bear, having chickenpox, and crashing their T-Plane in a desert. They eventually start messing up more parties and end up having more awful years, with Pain Bot beating them up, getting stranded in an icy land, Cyborg accidentally destroying Santa Claus' sleigh with a bazooka, their toilet overflowing, and getting stranded in the sea, which continues to the point where they become Senior Citizens.

Afterward, another New Year's Eve starts and Robin has a good feeling, but Beast Boy yells at him, saying they tried all they could, yet still couldn't get a good year, which the others agree. As they're about to give in to their misery, Raven refuses to give up and transports them to an alternate dimension. There, they meet the Masters of Time which consists of New Year Baby and Father Time who are responsible for their cycle of bad years. Father Time order the Baby to attack and the Titans try to fight it, but due to their age, the Baby overpowers them by crushing Starfire, kicking Robin in the face, flattening Cyborg's head, and using Beast Boy as a chew toy, before Raven defeats it by slapping it in the butt and telling it to "respect it's elders", causing it to cry. Father Time then attempts to fight them, but Robin easily defeats him by grabbing his scythe with his grapple gun, thus rendering him crippled. Angered, Father Time gives up and allows the Titans to have a good year, teleporting them back to their dimension, where they sing Auld Lang Syne one last time (right before the scene changes, however, the pointy tip of scythe blade is shown to fall towards Father Time's head who is still lying on the ground, as Robin is no longer there to hold the scythe). The episode ends with the camera zooming out to reveal that Jump City has now become a post-apocalyptic wasteland, with millions of skulls hanging around and several helicopters being seen in the distance.




  • This is the sixth episode to be leaked before its official airdate. It is also the third episode to be leaked on demand, the first being "The H.I.V.E Five" and the second being the previous episode.
  • The senior citizen version of Raven is shown wearing a ring on her left pointer finger. It may be plausible that Beast Boy gave it to her, (hinting that they were partners or married behind the scenes) and as she wore it over time, her ring finger shrunk, causing her to move it to pointer finger.
  • This episode premiered during Wil Wheaton's 43rd birthday.
  • When the Titans are on the rooftop for New Year's Eve, music from "Hot Garbage" can be heard.
  • Despite being about New Year's, this episode aired in late July, marking the first time a holiday episode does not air around the appropriate time.
    • Usually, Cartoon Network takes a break from December to early January, and that's why it wasn't aired at the appropriate time.
      • Also during 2015, there was a huge break in episodes from late May to late June.
      • The Titans claim that February was awful. The episodes that aired in February were Smile Bones, Real Boy Adventures, Hose Water, and Let's Get Serious.
      • In Cartoon Network Asia, this episode was aired on December 31, 2015, during the "New Year Showdown" marathon.



  • In the opening scene, Cyborg nearly references the Prince song, "1999."
  • While the Titans are practicing the Auld Lang Syne in the bathroom, next to that phrase, there is also a picture of a bird singing, and underneath that is the title of an old poem: "The Darkling Thrush" by Thomas Hardy written in 1902, according to the bathroom wall.
  • During the first New Year's Eve countdown, Raven sings, "Oh, Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling." This is the opening line to the song, "Danny Boy", a somber song often sung at Irish funerals.
  • Beast Boy says he's moonwalking with numbers, which is a reference to the late Michael Jackson's famous pose, the Moonwalk.
  • The song Auld Lang Syne, which is sung multiple times throughout the episode, is an actual New Year's song. The tradition of singing it at New Years' parties began with Guy Lombardo, a popular Canadian bandleader who performed a series of annual concerts broadcast over radio and television from 1929 to his death in 1977.
  • The countdown clock in the scenes of the Titans preparing for the New Years' Eve party are reference to the Fox series 24.
  • The scene at the end, with the skulls on the ground and the hovercrafts in the sky, is a possible reference to 2029 in the movie The Terminator.


  • Despite being a Little Buddy, Pain Bot beats up the Titans.
  • Dick Grayson is still wearing his Robin costume when he's an old man, even though he's supposed to have become Nightwing.
  • Cyborg is still with the Teen Titans, even though in the future he joins the Justice League.
  • When in their first bad year, as the Titans get chickenpox, Cyborg should have never gotten the disease, for he is half robot.

Running Gags

  • The Titans having a bad year, every year.
  • The calendar showing pictures of the Titans having a bad day every month.
  • Raven singing Danny Boy.
  • Starfire getting stressed out and kissing everything but Robin.
  • Beast Boy not knowing how to count backward.
  • The Titans mistaking a toast for actual toasted bread.
  • The Titans (except Robin) not knowing the lyrics to "Auld Lang Syne."
  • The Titans giving bad toasts to Robin.
  • Robin humiliating himself.
  • The Titans becoming Senior Citizens.


The transcript for "More of the Same" can be found here.


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