Mother Mae-Eye's Pie is a pie shop owned by Mother Mae-Eye in Teen Titans Go!.


Mother Mae-Eye's Pie first appeared in "Pie Bros".  It was where the Titans were eating. Later, Beast Boy gets a job there to earn enough money for Cyborg's birthday gift. Later, Starfire planned a birthday party there for Cyborg, but Cyborg is mad at the fact that Beast Boy still had to work there so they both argued with each other and eventually had a pie battle.

Later the other Titans discovered that Mother Mae-Eye baked people in her pies and she took Starfire, Robin and Raven in the back to be baked into pies as well. She baked small articles of their clothing and hair (particularly Starfire's hair) into pies and served them to Cyborg and Beast Boy, who didn't notice anything strange about the pies. Starfire, Robin and Raven somehow managed to escape Mother Mae-Eye's hypnotic grasp and tie her up, and were annoyed with Beast Boy and Cyborg for not noticing the obvious or helping them out while they were confused.