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"Mr Butt" is the first episode and season premiere of the second season of Teen Titans Go!, and the fifty-third overall episode of the series.

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Blackfire pays a surprise visit to her sister, Starfire, saying she wants to spend some quality time with her. The other Titans think that Blackfire is playing another one of her tricks, but Starfire is sure that this time Blackfire is serious about reviving their sisterly love.


The episode begins one morning, with Starfire singing and happily watering all of her flowers in the Titans Tower yard. Suddenly, a giant, black robot comes crashing into her garden... Starfire looks up to see her older sister, Blackfire, in handcuffs and fighting robots. Starfire quickly starts fending off the robots in defense of her sister. Once all of the robots are defeated, Blackfire tells Starfire that she came by just for a visit. Starfire becomes filled with excitement and asks Blackfire if she will join her in some sister bonding activities.

Starfire enters the living room and announces to the other Teen Titans that her sister has come to visit. None of them are enthusiastic about Blackfire's presence (considering she's evil), only angry and disapproved, and Robin uses his grapple gun to pull himself and Starfire into the kitchen. He warily reminds her of all the terrible things Blackfire has done to her, and that she's a dangerous criminal on the loose. Starfire protests; she is convinced that Blackfire is here for a friendly visit, and she says she'll give her another chance. Then Starfire pronounces that if Blackfire breaks her heart one more time, she'll unleash a terrible rampage upon the universe. But before she is done with her bold statement, Blackfire interrupts and asks if she can dye Starfire's hair.

The two sisters begin a montage of "sister fun time" activities, such as painting their nails, dancing, brushing each other's hair (Blackfire doesn't enjoy it that much), and lastly, cutting and dyeing Starfire's hair to match Blackfire's hair. Once they finish, Blackfire decides that Starfire needs a different outfit, and changes her clothes right out in the open (yes, she is censored...) into another outfit, exactly like hers. Starfire begins to explain to Blackfire how much their bonding means to her but is interrupted when a robot shoots her in the back from outside the Titans Tower window. The robot snatches Starfire, thinking she is Blackfire because they look identical (because Blackfire is wanted throughout the galaxy [yes, it was a trick]). The robot flies away along with Starfire, who angrily shouts her sister's name. Deep in the void of space, the robot stops at a prison compound and locks Starfire into a prison cell.

Back at the Tower, Robin is just doing his daily exercises when Blackfire comes in, admiring his butt. She compliments him, and the self-conscious Robin backlashes Blackfire, commenting that he doesn't know how Starfire puts up with her. Robin suddenly realizes that Starfire isn't around, and he goes into his usual panic mode. Robin alerts the other Titans, and they begin digging up the yard to see if Blackfire has buried her sister somewhere. Blackfire tells him not to worry and that she is fine... she's just locked away serving her jail time for her. The Titans are outraged, insulting Blackfire about being a horrible person, except for Beast Boy, who quickly calls dibs on Starfire's room. Robin questions how Blackfire could do something like that to Starfire. Blackfire sarcastically explains that she was never taught how to be a good sister, so they should cut her some slack. Cyborg excitedly announces that he and the other Titans will train her to become a better sister while giving a detailed list of necessity utensils.

Cyborg's first lesson is about listening, as he uses Beast Boy as an example, who in turn uses both eye contact and hand-holding. He then lets Blackfire give it a try. Beast Boy tells her that he sometimes thinks that he will never find love, but she screams at him to shut up and be a man, making Beast Boy begin to cry and run off in the distance. Then he crashes into something, and the other Titans are disappointed with Blackfire's lack of effort.

Meanwhile, in the Galactic prison, Starfire is filled with newfound hatred towards her sister. Because Blackfire broke her heart, she decides she will break Blackfire. Starfire rips the sleeves off her prison suit and puts a tattoo on her arm, with Blackfire's name in a circle, and a line crossing it out. Starfire begins a series of pull-ups to get in shape for her revenge.

The Titans begin the second lesson: hugging. Robin hugs Cyborg as a demonstration, then tells the Titans to hug Blackfire. Beast Boy tries to hug Blackfire, but he is met with a fist. Cyborg tries to hug Blackfire but gets punched in the face also. Raven just decides to give up and doesn't even try to hug her. Robin then explains the proper way to do it, and he uses Blackfire as an example. Blackfire is annoyed at Robin, so when he is showing her the hugging technique, she starts to crush him, and he cries for help.

Back at the Galactic prison, Starfire gets a laser knife and then proceeds to shave her head. She then continues to work out.

Back in the Tower, the Titans begin the final lesson: role play. Each of the Titans dresses up in Starfire's suit so Blackfire can practice talking to her. Instead of a positive outcome, she insults Beast Boy, angers Cyborg, and Raven again decides to give up. Robin starts a speech on how to be nice, but Blackfire turns him around and tells Robin his butt is even cuter while he's wearing a skirt. Robin becomes furious and yells that he has no idea how Starfire can still love her after all she puts her through. Blackfire becomes flabbergasted by these words. This puzzles Blackfire; Starfire really loves her? Beast Boy takes off the wig in frustration and passes by confused Blackfire, furiously claiming that she may be the only one who loves her sister. She thinks back to when they were just little kids. She remembers when she stole Starfire's favorite doll, and even though Starfire was sad at first, she just let it go and hugged her sister. Feeling remorseful and guilt-ridden over how much she acts like a bad sister to Starfire and how she has recklessly thrown her sister to the Galactic Prison, Blackfire tells the other Titans that she wants to be a better sister and she now begins to take her kindness lessons a bit more seriously, much to the Titans' joy.

It appears to be too late, however, because back at the Galactic prison, Starfire is now amazingly strong. Her training is over. She finally feels like she is strong enough to damage her sister and smashes out of the prison. She speeds toward earth with nothing but revenge in mind.

Back at the tower, the new kind and friendly Blackfire gives Raven a makeover. Beast Boy asks her if she can give him one, but she replies with "I hear someone who's not happy with himself. But he should be, because he's great." Raven says that she wishes Blackfire was her sister because she has improved in kindness. Cyborg is convinced that Starfire will be so proud of her. As his words can't be taken as truth, Starfire suddenly bursts through the window, glaring at her sister in rage. The Titans are excited about her return, and Robin runs up to greet her, only to be punched in the face as Cyborg and Beast Boy run to his aid. As Starfire approaches her, Robin reminds Blackfire to use the goodness lessons they taught her. Blackfire apologizes for everything she did, but Starfire is not moved, for she believes her remorse is just another trick. She jumps at Blackfire, and they crash out of the Tower and fight in midair while smashing continuously into skyscrapers. They almost hit a window-washer, but he knows how to duck.

The weak and injured Blackfire attempts to be friendly again but gets star-bolted directly in the face. Blackfire reaches into her pocket and pulls out Starfire's doll that she stole when they were kids. Starfire suddenly stops attacking and grabs the toy. She realizes that her sister truly has changed. Unfortunately, Starfire has changed too... She burns the toy with her grasp and does some serious damage to Blackfire with an endless barrage of starbolts.

Later at the Tower, Starfire tosses Blackfire's unconscious body through the door. She happily announces to the other Titans that they have "worked things out," even though it was pretty violent.




  • The chibi Titans dancing in the title theme song have slightly changed. This is due to this episode marking the start of a new season.
  • This was the first episode of the series to use the 2014 Warner Bros. Animation closing logo.
  • Hynden Walch, the voice of Starfire, reprises her role as Blackfire from the original series.
  • This episode marks the first time that Starfire doesn't care that her hair has changed (dyed purple and cut off).
  • The handcuffs on Blackfire when fighting the security robots are the same cuffs worn by Jinx in the Juvenile Correction Facility.
  • Robin comments to Starfire how her sister tries to crush her life every time she reenters it despite her seemingly-innocent introductions, which happens to be the exact case from the original series and its corresponding comic series.
  • Like in the original series, Blackfire develops a crush on Robin. However, unlike the previous series, this appears to be more legitimate, and not just to make Starfire jealous.
  • In the original series, Blackfire was a lot stronger and slightly faster in flight than her younger sister; whereas in this comically childish series the case is quite the opposite, in which Starfire is much swifter and adept in marksmanship. This may be because of her righteous fury toward Blackfire's betrayal, and keeping to her own warning should it ever happen again.
  • Blackfire has the same style hair as she did in the original Teen Titans series, but for some reason Starfire does not.
  • This is the first episode with Starfire barely having any hair.
    • This is also the first time she willingly cuts it all off.
  • A black censor bar is used to censor Starfire's nudity when Blackfire changes her clothes.
  • The reasoning behind the title of the episode is Blackfire's nickname for Robin, Mr. Butt.
  • This is the first episode of Season 2 to have the title mentioned.
  • This is the third episode where blackfire has made an appearance. The first one was ”Sisters” from the original series.


  • This is the fourth episode where Starfire loses some of her hair. ("Legendary Sandwich," "Pie Bros," "No Power")
    • This is also the second time that Starfire's hair is a different color. The first was in "Nose Mouth."
  • This episode marks the first time that a glimpse of Starfire's early life is seen. The other Titans' early lives were seen in both "Dog Hand" and "Dude Relax."
  • This is the second time Robin has worn Starfire's suit. The first was in "Laundry Day."
  • Blackfire's starbolts (or blackbolts, as properly described) and eye beams are the same shade of purple as Starfire's when she became Robin's archnemesis in "Starfire the Terrible."
  • This is the fourth time that Starfire goes into a rage. ("The Date," "La Larva de Amor," "Second Christmas")
  • This is the third time that the planet Tamaran is shown, the first times being "Parasite" and "Staring at the Future."
    • When Tamaran is shown in this episode, the same building that was seen for royalty in Staring at the Future is seen in a flashback as the building in which Blackfire and Starfire grew up in. This can help explain why Starfire was given a royal title as queen in an alternate future.
  • This is the third episode where the title is about a Titan's physical appearance instead of the actual main events. ("Dog Hand," "Nose Mouth")
  • Robin lovey loves Martin so much, as seen in "Mr. Butt"
  • This is the second episode where a relative of the Titans' visits the Tower. The first was "Dog Hand".
  • This is the second episode where Starfire is arrested. The first was "Girl's Night Out."
  • Music from "Nose Mouth" is heard in the flashback of Starfire and Blackfire as kids.


  • The plot of this episode is similar to the original series episode, "Sisters." In that episode, Blackfire sets Starfire up to be sent to prison in her place, similar to this episode's story.
    • In "Sisters," though, Blackfire wore Starfire's clothes, not vice versa as seen here.
  • Six of the aliens inside the prison resemble a Xenomorph, a Predator, Godzilla, Jabba The Hutt, Gizmo and E.T .
  • The scenes of Starfire plotting revenge in prison is a parody of Cape Fear.
  • The fact that kazoo music plays over the "Sister Fun Time" montage is a reference to Elmo's World, where music featuring a kazoo would always play over montages.
  • "Mr. Butt" was the name of a talking pencil holder sold by speaktomecatalog.com in 2004.
  • When Starfire dresses up as Blackfire, it's similar to the New Teen Titans short "Blackfire's Babysitter" when Blackfire dresses up as Starfire.


  • Blackfire puts makeup on Raven before Starfire hurts her. However, when they return from the beating, Raven isn't wearing the makeup anymore. She could have taken it off when she was offscreen, however.
  • Starfire destroyed the mannequin that Blackfire shows her, but it reappears when Blackfire shows Starfire her doll. It then disappears again when Blackfire says that she's changed.
  • When Blackfire and Starfire are battling the Tamaranian Drones, Blackfire has flame shapes at the bottom of her boots. During the "sister fun-time" montage, Blackfire's star shape boots are identical to Starfire's. The same thing happened with Raven in "Breakfast Cheese," when she had the same mark under her shoes.

Running Gags

  • Blackfire admiring Robin's butt.
  • Blackfire calling Robin Mr Butt.
  • Starfire and Blackfire spending time together and Starfire changing her appearance until she looks like Blackfire.


The transcript for "Mr. Butt" can be found here.


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