"Mumbo Jumble" is issue #31 of the Teen Titans Go! comic book series and is found in Volume 3. 


Mumbo Jumbo thinks he can rob any bank in the city, because he’s got a foolproof plan for scrambling the Titans’ powers. But he's got another 'trick' coming!


Running down the stairs of Jump City Bank, Mumbo Jumbo is hauling two fat sacks of cash (and he didn't withdraw it legally). Before he can pull of his disappearing acts though, the Teen Titans are on the spot, calling him names and demanding that he give up the money. Shrugging off the insults, he prepares to use a spell on them when Raven suddenly stops him in his tracks. According to the Holy Order Of Magicians (H.O.O.M.), of which she is an officer, he can not use any overused magic words, such as abracadabra, hocus pocus, presto change-o, etc. Mumbo Jumbo ironically points out that completely overuses "Azarath Metrion Zinthos", and Beast Boy kind of agrees with him (to Raven's anger). After a ridiculous argument between the Titans, Mumbo Jumbo thinks of a new enchanting phrase: "Mumbo Jumble!"

After the utterance, the Titans just stand around like bumps on a log. They don't feel like anything's happened, so Raven tries out one of her spells. When no magic comes forth, Mumbo Jumble breaks the terrible news to them that he's jumbled up their powers! Beastie suddenly transforms into a cyborg, and nothing could delight him more. Unfortunately for Cyborg (now not so cyborg-ish), he immediately reverts back to a non-injured Victor Stone—a naked one. He then flies away, surprised to see he's inherited Starfire's powers. Beast Boy's changeling abilities have been passed on down to Starfire, who's now in the form of a gigantic Zornian Muck Beetle. Robin is ecstatic to find out he has Raven's dark magic, whereas Raven is disappointed to see is now a powerless loser.

Mumbo Jumble (2)

With these upgrades, Mumbo Jumbo doesn't stand a chance...

Although they've had roll reversals, Robin figures they should still be able to take down Mumbo Jumbo. Not being himself anymore, Robin asks Raven to order them into battle, who in turn gives a heartless "Titans... go." Things don't get off to a good start as Beast Boy's cybernetic head falls off, Victor flies smack into the building (and shows the city his goods), and Starfire disgusts everyone by transforming into a Snervian Blork Worm. Robin attempts using his new demonic power, but he only succeeds in turning Raven into a bunny. Seeing that the Titans are in complete chaos, Mumbo makes a run for it.

Trying to get ahold of themselves, the team heads back to the Tower, but just can't get a grip. Not wanting to endure the havoc, Silkie's outside, hitchhiking to Metropolis. Still in total confusion, Victor can't figure out how to stop shooting eye beams everywhere, and Beast Boy, thinking he's already a master cyborg, accidentally chooms off a rocket at Starfire. While the alien princess-turned-raging Glorg stomps off after Beastie, Raven's sitting in here room, forlorn that she's just a normal girl now. Recalling his powerless days with Batman, Robin tells her that she's gonna need discipline, training, and drive, to still be a hero. To help her out, he gives her all of his Bat-gadgets. After she nails someone outside with a Batarang, Robin suggests starting with the bō staff first.

Accepting her new rule as leader of the Teen Titans, Raven calls a meeting. Although Cyborg has to wear a blindfold to cover his eyes and Starfire is transformed into some unrecognizable beast, Raven thanks them for showing up, regardless of their situations. So, she gives them intel on Mumbo Jumbo; after robbing banks in Jump City (actually, every single one), she has a plan to stop him. They'll meet him at his own base, an abandoned magic house...

Deep within the walls of his closed magic abode, Mumbo Jumbo is gloating to himself in the mirror about his latest exploits. He'll have to hold up on the reveling, though... the Titans have just shown up! Mumbo isn't worried though when he sees Raven smacking her face with her staff and tripping up. Thinking they haven't yet gotten used to their new powers, Mumbo is in for an unpleasant surprise—Raven was distracting him! The Titans go wild, completely wrecking his haven with everything they've got. It isn't hard, either, because not much experience and training is needed to just destroy stuff.

After his home is in shambles, Mumbo offers to turn them back if they'll just let him be. But the Titans have kind've gotten used to their new powers and decline his offer. It's not really a choice, though; after a quick flick of the wand and the magic words "presto return-o", the Titans are back to their normal selves. With her Azarathian powers back, Raven instantly encloses him in a metal box, ready for shipment to the H.O.O.M. court for using too similar a phrase to presto change-o. After sending him away with the "Azarath Metrion Zinthos" spell, Raven clarifies to Robin that that's how it's done. Meanwhile, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire are playing around with Mumbo's magic sawing box, shouting all the banned sorcerous words. Looks like raven has to arrest them, too...


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  • Volume 3 of the Teen Titans Go! comic series is also collectively named "Mumbo Jumble", and it takes its title from this specific comic.
  • Strangely, the title and opening credits of "Mumbo Jumble" appears in the very last frame of the comic. Every other Teen Titans Go! comic features the title and credits in the first frame or near it.
  • Silkie is seen outside the Titans Tower on the small rock where various animals usually make camp. He's holding up a sign, "Metropolis or bust", and his bag has a Superman insignia on it.
    • Also, the cover features him in a Superman suit, complete with the hair.
  • Two magic DC Comics characters, the superhero Zatanna and the supervillain Klarion, appear on advertisement posters outside of Mumbo Jumbo's hideout.
    • Zatanna has made poster cameo appearances in Teen Titans Go! before, but this is Klarion's first ever showing.



  • The overall plot concept is similar to how their 2003 counterparts having their powers switched in issue 24 of Teen Titans Go comics of the original series.
    • In fact, similar to their 2003 equivalents, Raven and Robin gain each other’s powers, respectively.


  • Beast Boy (while having Cyborg’s powers) has his right eye leaking out diesel as tears, but in the series itself, Cyborg’s right eye normally leaks tears, not diesel.

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