My Book
Song by Beast Boy
Released: Wednesday, October 2, 2013
Venue: Titans Tower
Genre(s): Rap
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Beast Boy's Book Rap

Beast Boy's Book Rap

My Book is a rap song written and sung by Beast Boy in the episode "Books." After Raven shows him what the adventure books are capable of, he decides to write about his admiration for them. After he is done, the other Titans yell in admiration for his amazing lyrical capabilities.


Beast Boy: I love my book so much I wrote a song about it!

My Book!

Has a front and a back!

With paper in the middle

Got a lot of words in it

Some are BIG some are LITTLE

With number on each p-page you can't get lost

So when I got my book open

Man I read like a BOSS

I love the feel of the PAPER,

The smell of the INK

It challenges my brain muscles

And its making me THINK

It's my book baby!

There ain't no other like it

Its my book baby!



  • This is the last song to be aired on Teen Titans Go! of the year 2013.


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